Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Whatever he tells you and no matter how denied it is, the Cancer man adores when he babysit. If his girlfriend is Capricorn, she has such a developed sense of responsibility that she will therefore already struggle to please her beloved man without complaining about anything. True, sometimes he gets a taste, believing that she should indulge all his volatile moods. She will refuse, even if she loves him very much.

Honestly, both of them can be very, very selfish, although looking at them you can’t say that. With women, and especially with his girlfriend, he is gentle, respectful and amiable, and Crabs value their property highly. Moreover, he is able to demand much more than he can give, believing that his every snort or grumpy statement will be accepted with reverence, and if she does not, then she simply does not love him, that’s all.

If she is a typical Capricorn, then she will react to it restrained and calmly. Of course, she is always ready to help. And yet she will not allow herself to be used beyond a reasonable limit even for the sake of love. She will not allow her to wipe her feet – with all her attractive and outwardly soft behavior, the self-identity of the person is manifested in her. She will not clap her eyelashes and express herself exclusively in hints. What she likes, she just takes, what she doesn’t like, will quickly be removed from her life. When something upsets her, she does not complain. She simply copes with this, and then makes sure that this does not happen again. In this regard, she is very similar to a Scorpio woman, only she does not perceive everything so emotionally.

The Capricorn woman does not suffer from excessive sensitivity, and she needs to be careful with Crab, because this is what distinguishes him, and it is very easy to offend him. If she begins to criticize him or expresses her displeasure, he will not calm down until she “takes her words back”, says that she loves him, and does not admit that he has practically no shortcomings. First he will try to joke about this, then he will go on to transparent hints and in the end he will resort to the last resort – he will pout. If she allows the quarrel to go too far, it will be more difficult to make peace: he will hide in his carapace and will stubbornly cling to his own arguments, opinions and insults. What can help here is praise and approval. A Capricorn woman who loves him must constantly repeat what kind of person he is and how she admires him, it was exactly what his mother did. She always told him what a good boy he was and how his enemies did not understand him. In difficult cases, he will translate it as if everyone who does not agree with him is his enemy, even the woman he loves. As an adult, he wants the same understanding relationship that he met when he was a child. This is entirely justified on his part. Don’t we want to be understood? The difference is that most of us quickly “outgrow” this dream. Only Crab is waiting for this, as something due. Respect Understanding. Love Tenderness. Raptures. which I met when I was a child. This is entirely justified on his part. Don’t we want to be understood? The difference is that most of us quickly “outgrow” this dream. Only Crab is waiting for this, as something due. Respect Understanding. Love Tenderness. Raptures. which I met when I was a child. This is entirely justified on his part. Don’t we want to be understood? The difference is that most of us quickly “outgrow” this dream. Only Crab is waiting for this, as something due. Respect Understanding. Love Tenderness. Raptures.

The typical Capricorn woman is not sophisticated in such things. She is practical and prudent. But he knows that she loves him, and if they quarrel sometimes, should he really doubt her love because of this? Excessive sensitivity and strong emotions make her nervous. It is not that she is heartless – she simply, poorly imagines how to react, what to say or do. And she would rather not do anything than accidentally offend him.

She is too modest, because she has enough intelligence to find answers where others fail, she knows how to concentrate and reflect on the problem until she solves it, and her judgments are always justified. She just needs to learn how to use all this in emotional situations – this would make their life much easier.

His need for approval and appreciation is not the greatest difficulty in their relationship. He just needs to show a little less touchiness, and she – a little more tenderness and sympathy. Of course, to tell the truth, she also needs a high mark. True, I’m not sure that he will guess it himself, because it didn’t occur to him to approve or pat her mother on the shoulder – he simply accepted her gifts. And the best present these two can give each other is an extra hug or kiss, an extra pair of kind words, more frequent smiles. Both of them equally need attention, the difference is that he is not ashamed to ask him, and she does not even want to admit it.

Capricorn, while she is still young, may even be inconspicuous, but over the years she becomes more beautiful. And this is a special gift of Saturn, as well as very clear thinking, which also comes with age. And in this girl there is strength and fortitude, which is enough for two.

Crab in his youth is shy, but with age becomes more confident. Over the years, he develops his amazing sense of humor. He is full of charm and delicate – but at the same time he has a quick mind, and he also has clarity of thought. With a clear mind and solid memory, he has a soft heart, but the Capricorn woman not only has an iron mind, but her heart sometimes resembles a stone. This is bad, because her heart is the heart of a woman. In addition, it is a stone heart that is easier to break into pieces. Maybe that is why it is so sensitive to resentment?

There is no doubt that her Capricorn wisdom, caution and self-defense are the influence of Saturn, but above all she is a woman … with all the feelings, all the dreams and desires of a woman. Femininity is not necessarily synonymous with guilt. Her feelings are timid, but they are not random and not false. They are real because they live in a real heart.

For Cancer and Capricorn, sex is as serious as anything else, and yet it’s hard for them to show each other what it really means to them. They do not know how to say that their love allows them to better see and understand the beauty. She should have said: “After our hugs, I feel so that the whole world seems brighter!” But she will say: “Look how the sun touched the top of the pine tree. I seem to feel like the bumps smell there. Let’s go for a walk?” He will answer: “Yes, let’s take a walk. You’re right. It’s a beautiful morning,” whereas in reality it would mean: “You’re beautiful! And I love you.” Their sexual relationships (especially if the aspects of the Moon and the Sun in their birth charts are harmonious) are expressive and full of feelings, they have that deep experience,

Sometimes both yearn for the past. But the Capricorn girl is prudent enough to understand that in the dreams the past looks much more attractive than in reality. So she is more interested in how to create a real present) that would be what the past seems to be. In the end, they met in the present, and they must have a future. And she turns his vivid “lunar” imagination from past to future, and both of them move in a spiral in a circle that carries the answer to the riddle of love.

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