Cancer Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

He almost hates them. Indeed. They are cruel and insensitive, these astronauts with their space exploration program. She shivers Cancer, although he never said a word about it. And how to explain to people why he felt so lost and lonely after the first landing on the moon, when his self-confidence was dissolved in the depths of irresistible disappointment? The second time it was even worse …

He was crying. Of course, alone when no one saw. He carried his silent burden through all these months and years, unable to share it, because there was no one to count on understanding and sympathy with. Until she appeared and he fell in love. It was a virgin.

Gradually, he came to the conclusion that she would not laugh at it. Maybe she will even help him get rid of his fears. Maybe she will put an unexpectedly happy ending to his nightmares on this cosmic theme. In the end, she is so calm and quiet that she herself looks like a secret. And at the same time, she’s so clever – for a woman (Cancer men are biased towards women, and there is nothing to expect from them that this will disappear completely until the image of Mom goes through a full cycle of metamorphoses, which can take many years). In addition to the mind, he mused, she was still gentle and soft, and so could show sympathy. True, he noticed that sometimes she behaves like … well, a little grumpy; that sometimes hangs appear irritability and criticality, detachment and indifference. But these are such rare moments, and, in the end, Isn’t he moody himself? Who can understand better than him that a person does not always mean what he says when he is not comfortable? And so he gathers all his courage and trusts all her elegant ear. He trusts her with his horror, his trembling and awaits comfort. And – lo and behold! She really sympathizes! She really understands! She did not laugh at him at all, she even has an answer! Moreover, a very logical, reasonable and very real answer, into which the thread of esoteric and mystical truth is surprisingly interwoven.

You see, he was worried about these moon landings for a perfectly rational reason. It belongs to the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, for all centuries myths and legends, writers, poets and prophets, not to mention astrologers and metaphysicists, portrayed the Moon as the mistress of the Secrets, sending enchantments, wielding all the magic of Merlin, considered her the personification of all magnetic and hypnotic. He was filled with awe when he watched her grow, become round, and then wane, beckoning him with elusive promises. On the new moon, he always made a wish. And then this terrible space program appeared and these curious astronauts, who defeated his dreams, decided to reveal the face and body of his ruler. The magazines were full of their photo-blasphemy. She was so vulnerable there, streaked with craters, covered with dreary sand and boring cliffs, without the slightest sparkle or even flicker! No magic. No secret. Only miles of absolute, cold emptiness … This shook his faith in himself, although he could not explain how.

This girl Virgo listened to him calmly, without interrupting, like the other in her place. He looked furtively if she thought it was funny. Not. She understood absolutely everything. Her clear eyes were full of unmistakably sincere interest. She told him that it was logical for a man of his sign to be indignant at such a rude and unexpected invasion of his world and such prosaic descriptions of the image of his patroness. She said that people naturally identify with the planets and luminaries that govern them. And the man of the Aries sign could have experienced the same loss of self-confidence if he had to listen to the reports of astronauts who landed on Mars, his ruling planet, and reported that the Red Fire star is populated by crowds of little green men and filled with jellyfish and swamp ferns. Mars? Great warrior, brave and courageous, – all in jellyfish and ferns ?! (He laughed and was relieved.)

Then she told him that Mercury was only her teacher, and mentioned her secret feelings for the real ruler Vulcan, which finally must be discovered. Sometimes she looks up at the sky and wonders …

She told him firmly that she personally believes that the stories about magic and moon secrets are true.

The ground on which astronauts walked is also inconclusive truth. Did rocks and craters explain the magical and still mysterious for scientists power of the moon, its ability to attract ocean waves and magnetically influence all processes on Earth? Not. And the earth itself? Looking at this planet from space, you might think that it is a sparkling delightful star. But if you land on it and look at all these kiosks with hot dogs, dirt, television, cruelty, wars, profiteers, poor and starving, criminals, drunks – all this ugly mishmash – can you not be disappointed? (He nodded readily.)

She told him that the moon reflected the light of the sun. She is a mirror. It is not like any other star or planet in this planetary system: it is unique. She is still mysterious and has the same power as before. Even oysters open and close in exact accordance with the phases of the moon. The truth of the moon, she said, does not lie on its surface, it can only be seen with the third eye or heart. The moon should be considered as the absolute cause of certain effects. And the full truth may be seen later. Then she asked him if it had ever seemed to him that the Earth, which sometimes seems like such a booth, could itself possess a strange power, which we do not know about, the power to change the fate of the entire Galaxy? Finally, she quoted him as Aunt Esther’s favorite saying: “Trust only half that

A Virgo woman almost always manages to return a sense of reliability to a Cancer man: everything is going as it should, everything in the world is moving in a proper orbit. So he felt when he was a child. When mother, he told him to calm down, and everything was in order. His fears were stupid and unrealistic. Tomorrow morning will come, and everything will be, as always. The woman of the Virgo sign allows him to feel comfortable and cozy, as in an old dressing gown with drawn pockets, which is always at hand. He is so familiar with her sense of duty and her composure. All this is almost like his. True, it happens that the Volcano suddenly makes her stand on her head or change the situation, throwing caution into the corner. Then he may have reasons for unrest. But a typical loving female Virgo in a normal situation is unlikely to do anything that can offend or alarm Cancer. It is so reassuringly predictable (excluding these rare “eruptions” of the volcano) that it would not hurt him to resemble it in this. But is it possible to talk about predictability when all these craters and attractions exist and the Moon controls the mood of this man, his laughter and tears, depression and charm, jokes, compassion, gentleness and irritability and the desire to do everything in spite? But Virgo has practicality and common sense, and hence the ability to quite successfully cope with all this – with a thirst for wanderings and periods of loneliness, which he himself can not explain, with fears, because of which he sometimes becomes stingy, with sudden generosity and caring attention to others. She has nothing against his caution, because she is careful. She also shares his dislike for unnecessary spending, his sense of responsibility and that refined pleasure that he finds in home life. Most likely, she will diligently cook for him, having discovered that good food is associated with a sense of reliability, but not because she likes it (except that she herself has the Moon or the Ascendant in Cancer).

As for his possessiveness, there may be disagreements. Perhaps he will not like it if she wants to devote herself to work, unless her desk will stand next to her own or they will do business together. He is a Cardinal sign, and she is Movable, so that she will favorably accept his desire to be at the helm and go a little ahead. He is a leader (even if hidden), and it is easier for her to adapt, and she will not defiantly seek independence, but she will not allow strangling her freedom either. If he leads it gallantly and with an old-fashioned charm – as he knows how – it will not be offensive, and she will not be indignant. However, she only agrees with what she likes. If something does not suit her, she will honestly tell him about it and continue to do her own way. Kindly (like him), but quite decisively.

They fit together. Their attraction is so natural and calm and at the same time as strong as it is with Earth and Water. The Virgo woman may seem cold, but the sentimentality and sensitivity of the Cancer man reveals in her hidden reserves of passion. He is able to let her blossom with that special feeling, pure and tender, like herself, in which there is no burden of excessive emotionality. She may be surprised at her own deep sensuality, which she never suspected. She is cold and restrained (especially with strangers), but when Vulcan wakes up inside her, this woman is able to surprise with a combination of love, sensuality and tenderness. And she and he have a special, deep understanding of passion,

Despite the sensitivity and sentimentality (which he successfully hides under his rude carapace). Cancer is endowed with a tenacious and observant mind. He is a skilled tactician when engaged in business, and a brilliant strategist in any human relationship, and she admires his qualities. Virgo cannot love a man whom she does not respect. But there are also those unreliable “lunar” men who are immersed in their baseless fears and deceive themselves with drugs, booze, fantasies, delaying decisions. If this is revealed, she will be extremely upset, annoyed and, although in the details, will express her dissatisfaction. For example, nitpicking. Very polite, but nitpicking. Small reminders. Frowning eyebrows. A show of martyrdom of humility. Or he’ll just leave when he least expects it, leave without emotion, who are not reasonable and not practical, and will start a new life alone. His acute sensitivity to resentment and her natural tendency to criticize can put an end to their relationship if they do not understand what is happening in time. He is receptive enough to feel the situation, and she is able to analyze it. So there is no excuse for them if they went too far.

Her eyes (a special gift of Mercury to Virgins and Gemini) are so clear and they have so much mind, in her face there is so much tenderness and virgin purity … When he sees her in the moonlight, in the radiance of love, he sometimes thinks that she is his lost Sorceress, his goddess Moon.

Having believed the tenderness and reliability of her beloved, the girl-Virgin is transformed, becoming the embodiment of femininity. In the end, she was born under the female Solar sign. As for restraint and some alienation, this is for the time being … until He appears – faithful and patient. A strong attraction of vibration 3-11 will not let them not notice each other.

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