Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility (75%, high)

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Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility
Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

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Cancer and Virgo = Water + Earth

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility
Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

A Cancer and Virgo combination has very high compatibility . This is a rich and fertile combination of two feminine signs of the zodiac, ruled by the Moon and Mercury, respectively. The combination of Cancer and Virgo produces great results at all levels.

The sensitivity of the Moon that governs Cancer, and Mercury, intellectually brilliant, constitute a wonderful combination.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman: Love Compatibility

Virgos can be quite reserved, so it may take some time for your Cancer partner to achieve the level of mutual understanding and rapport you want in a relationship. However, if they manage to penetrate Virgo’s natural defenses and get to know its interior, both signs will develop very strong emotional and sexual ties.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman: Friendship

A great friendship and understanding can be expected from this recipe, although Virgo will sometimes have trouble understanding Cancer’s frequent mood swings. 

However, because Virgo is receptive and capable of analyzing things, he will tend over time to become more responsible for the needs of Cancer, who, in turn, will learn to be more reasonable in his demands.

In Conclusion

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility Percentage – 75%

Cancer and Virgo Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage90%
Cancer and Virgo Emotional Compatibility Percentage60%
Cancer and Virgo Communication Compatibility Percentage60%
Cancer and Virgo Trust Percentage90%
Cancer and Virgo Intellectual Compatibility Percentage70%
Cancer and Virgo Common Interests80%
Cancer and Virgo Overall Compatibility Percentage75%

The Virgos most compatible with Cancer are those born between September 3 and 12, and the Cancer most compatible with Virgo are those born between June 22 and July 3 and between July 14 and 22.

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