Capricorn Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Capricorn man looks lonely even in a noisy company. This immediately touches the heart of the Aries girl. For her, sentimental and egocentric, the reason for his loneliness is obvious: there was no one to show him how wonderful life is. And she immediately gets down to business – Aries never beat around the bush.

However, the Capricorn man can deceive her enthusiastic expectations. If the fiery Martian charm does not immediately melt the ice of his indifference, she will find him dull, cold, distant. Why waste time on this dull careerist who cannot take a step without the permission of his adored family, including cousins ​​and all cousins ​​and cousins? Would such a one lose its head? There is nothing to say about marriage – he is already “married” to work, ambitions and relatives.

So can end without starting a relationship that could give a lot to both. She is too impatient to search for cracks in the shell of his estrangement. He clearly enjoys his isolation from the world and would not know the beauty, even if she fell on his head, Aries thinks, and he is clearly in a hurry with conclusions.

Capricorns value beauty. True, he never admits that he liked to draw as a boy when no one saw this, and for hours listened to music, also secretly. However, this was before he began to build a fortress to hide from the madness of the world. He will never confess … unless he believes that she really loves him.

How can he open himself, how to hint that in the depths of his timid, funny goat’s heart lies a dream – like a pearl in a dark rough shell? Well, if she prefers the fascinating to the exceptional, she is not the girl he needs.

Although he really expected her to come and teach him how to draw a rainbow … They could succeed, but she turned out to be a little unceremonious, and it is difficult for Capricorns to be given carelessness and ease. They are not those who climb into the water without knowing the ford.

Suppose Capricorn and Aries nevertheless threw a bridge over the abyss of differences. What then? Their views on life still diverge. He will try not to notice what she will try to overcome.

He injured his knee and could not walk for at least three weeks. (Capricorns often hurt kneecaps, break bones, suffer from bouts of arthritis and toothache. Otherwise, they have excellent health.) A knee bruise puts an end to the trip to the mountains that they had been waiting for.

Aries. I’m so sorry you can’t go, honey. But you will not mind if I go?

Capricorn. Do you know who you are? Selfish!

Aries. Is it better to sit here and hold your hand? I have been waiting for this weekend all year. Well, make an effort on yourself and also go. You just won’t ski.

Capricorn. Are you kidding me? How will I go in this condition? If you loved me, you would have stayed here.

Aries. Do you know who you are? Egoist.

In fact, both are right. Both are selfish. And here is another situation. She was temporarily aground and borrowed money from him for car repairs. Why not? In the end, they love each other. He is just lovely: he so willingly loaned, without asking or evasion. Several months passed, and she still had not paid the debt. Spin, forgot. He softly recalls, but she does not take his words seriously. After all, she showered him with gifts: an expensive color TV and a silk kimono for Christmas, a gold watch and a St. Bernard puppy for his birthday. He is deeply moved and grateful for his generosity, but not so much as not to send her an unofficial written notice (some Capricorns may well add a few dollars of interest). And love flies out the window with an explosion of Martian fireworks.

Aries. How dare he put our closeness on a vulgar financial basis?

Capricorn. How dare she insult our closeness with disrespect for mutual obligations?

And boom, boom, fuck-tarara !! Their path to physical harmony is also thorny, for the elements of Fire and Earth are difficult to compatible. Eternal captive of home and permanence. Capricorn would rather prefer longing for love all alone than rush into the fire of short-lived passion. Aries, perhaps, will risk getting burned, but will not retreat without a fight. Therefore, it is she who usually takes the first step. If the stars favor them, and Capricorn is not afraid, his passion will be strong and surprisingly deep.

Only a miracle can bring these two together. This happens if he has the Moon in Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini or Aquarius or she has the Moon sign of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio. Then the differences (and they cannot be denied) will be more likely to attract than to repel: she, instead of losing her temper due to his caution, conservatism and restraint, will appreciate these qualities; he will not stop, frightened by her pressure, envy of decisiveness and freedom of her feelings.

With a harmonious combination of the Sun and the Moon in their horoscopes, the love between Aries Capricorn can be deep and long-lasting. However, if their Sun and Moon are in opposition or in a square, Aries and Capricorn will either be knocked down by horns all the time, or they will bore each other so much that they part without regret. Regardless of planetary positions, there is always a danger that his incredulous restraint at the very beginning will cool her romantic cheerfulness and they will never go beyond holding hands in the cinema or looking with their eyes to promise each other a heavenly bliss that never happens.

The Capricorn man and Aries woman are not immune from the mistakes of all lovers who look at the world through glasses of different colors: first they get carried away, and then they try to eradicate the very qualities for which they fell in love.

So, he admires her optimism and impetuosity. Even her carelessness is charming. He smiles at her extravagance and chuckles condescendingly at the mistakes. But then … Then he tries to melt her personality, to give her the usual, acceptable form. But it was not there.

She admires the silent power emanating from him: it intrigues and excites her. His patience pacifies, his heart beats harder when she anticipates intimate, everyday communication with this calm, full of quiet humor, wise and firm man. Then everything that delighted her, for some reason, begins to oppress. She is trying to overcome his caution. What a bliss to run in the summer rain, breathing in the sweet smell of wet clover! But this bore and nose will not stick out from under the umbrella …

He does not understand the enthusiasm with which she rides on the carousel of life. He is dizzy from this. She loves music in the square and the wind fluttering her hair. And he wonders why he locks his heart. For safety’s sake? But in the heart there is nothing that can be stolen – only that which can be given.

When their paths diverge, the sounds of the lost melody will haunt them for a long time. She will vigorously pay her grief, gradually it will fade, although, perhaps, a bitter aftertaste will remain. She will not show her pain – why? The rams are proud, and he is so cold and aloof, barely greeting him at a meeting … like the time they collided at the corner: The movement was so strong, and this noise … They just waved to each other. He didn’t even smile.

She doesn’t even know that in the depths of a lonely soul, perhaps, he repeats after the poet: “I was born at the time I met you, and died today.” Of course, she does not hear his soundless confessions.

But remember the message of the stars? Patient rewards Venus. Only she is able to soften two hearts controlled by male planets – Mars and Saturn. Venus … And music, and poetry, and memories …

And why didn’t she stay at home to hold his hand when he injured his knee? How can one be so selfish? And why didn’t he go with her then? It would be great to just watch her move out of the snowy hill and know that she belongs to him. Damn egoist!

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