Capricorn Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

At first, the Libra woman might think that the Capricorn man is too old-fashioned and dull to fit the image of the ideal lover, woven from the silk threads of her imagination. She decides that he is conservative, stubborn, prosaic, devoid of a sense of humor and generally makes you sad. Moreover, he is unreasonably pessimistic, self-confident and cold. She will put all these conclusions on one bowl of her scales, but now the second must be balanced by its merits. And sometimes Capricorn, astrology and I will accuse her of being unfair to the potential possibilities of this person as a loved one or husband.

Yes, he is stubborn. There is nothing to be done about it. He was born under the sign of the Earth, and this is not your intellectual sign of Air, dear Libra, but it has reliability that you always liked. To some extent he is old-fashioned. But very cute old fashioned, don’t you find? Behind this quality is calm. And if you are true Libra, you have nothing against calm and peace.

Boring and conservative? Well, it depends on the situation. The fact that a person is boring does not necessarily follow from his conservatism. To remain faithful to your mark, you will have to review your charge. The meaning of the word “conservative” is generally relative. If you are going to measure the circumference, it doesn’t matter where you start from, so what was progressive yesterday will be conservative tomorrow, and after some thought, you might decide to define “conservative” not as “boring”, but simply as a “lesser degree of something.” So, perhaps, you should change the decision and shift its conservatism to the positive side of your Libra, as the beginning of a future balance.

Yes, Capricorn, of course, is self-confident, but on the positive side you can add the opposite quality to it – he is not weak-willed. Of course, he is sometimes cold, but he’s not reckless and reckless and will not be torn down by you in anger – remember how you do not like this. Of course, this can be, if there are very difficult moments in his horoscope, but this happens with any sign, not only Capricorn. Even with Libra.

Now, if you do not mind, remove the term “devoid of a sense of humor” from the negative bowl of your scales. Because here you are wrong. You just need to get to know him better, and you will find that he has an amazing sense of humor. It is very subtle and infrequent, but his sense of comic is magnificent. He is also reliable and faithful. Soft and honest. He is hardworking and not lazy or inactive. He has a flair for music and for art, which he rarely talks about. And he does not advertise his deep, instinctive wisdom in all that relates to human nature.

Well, what about your scales now? Almost exactly – flaws on one side, advantages on the other? But you still haven’t decided anything about his pessimism, which just depresses you. But did it ever occur to you to look at it from the other side? Maybe you will see that this man also wants to slightly raise his pessimism – closer to your optimism – he just does not show it. He really needs a magical touch of your sunny nature and your calm mind, and this will free his feelings and fill the void that he often feels, but which he does not even admit to himself. He is too timid to tell you that tears come to his eyes from your smile. Watch him the next time you smile at him. See how he quickly turns away, pretending to be busy, and you distract him? And then it gets even sharper, even rougher? This is all because of self-control. The Saturnian self-discipline given to him from birth envelops him with a cold halo, which pushes people away from him, who do not suspect how he wants their participation and attention!

Somewhere in the depths of his eyes you can see a flickering passionate desire to free himself from this unnecessary restraint, but he is still not sure that you can trust your feelings. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. If one day you take him by surprise, you will see a warm fire in them – there, behind the frosty winter shell of the severity with which he sometimes hides.

Sexual compatibility between Libra and Capricorn does not always appear after the first hug. She may be offended and frightened off by his unpleasant coldness, which she would incorrectly regard as a lack of interest, and he might also think that her restrained reaction to his courtship means indifference. Just as in nature the earth is the earth, and the sky is the sky, the natures of Air and Earth at Libra and Capricorn are incomprehensible to each other. But cautious mutual interest in each other will give their physical intimacy an extraordinary charm. The attractiveness of the unlike is a powerful magnet, especially for sexual desire. They always discover something new in each other. His restraint, which so bothered her at first, begins to attract her: she wants to break through his calm, to measure its depth. The evasiveness of her free air behavior enchants him – there is something tantalizing and relentless in this. They can live together their whole life, and she will not fully recognize the inner essence of this person – just as he will not be able to catch all the changes in her feelings.

Thus, an incompletely satisfied desire can add to the acuteness of their intimacy, making it exciting and promising, and this feeling will arise again and again. Or their love will have a different plot: gradually they will begin to avoid intimacy, having lost faith in their ability to understand and satisfy another. How everything will be depends on the aspects of the Sun and the Moon at their birth, as well as on the relationship of Venus and Mars in their horoscopes. But even more it depends on them … on how much they love each other.

Libra woman is elegant, gentle, unsentimental … But at the same time, she always remembers her independence, no matter how well hidden her ambition and brilliant mind, behind a velvet Venusian smile. This smile, these dimples on the cheeks – and any man will be willing to do everything the way she wants! But the realist Capricorn, with his earthly habits, can resist her charm when “as she wants” conflicts with the way he wants.

A man ruled by Saturn can do nothing about the inviolability of his rules or beliefs, but his girlfriend, Libra, led by his Air element, is more flexible in this regard, and it is easier for her to change her position. So the main share of responsibility for the success of their relationship lies with her fragile, but strong shoulders. And perhaps her loving and grateful Capricorn will rightfully reward her with a romantic honorary degree for “the art of making their union happy.” And maybe they will decide that their happy combination is 4-10.

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