Gemini Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

In spite of that she loves cracking jokes, it is easy to hurt her feelings. For that reason you have to be careful with her. Similarly your daily meetings with friends will hurt her and she will feel out of things. You hardly will reach in perfect harmony in the bed. You will try hard but it does not work for you.

You both have sense of humor and eloquence.

The twins understand human nature well with the help of sharp and precise intuition, and the Crayfish are very insightful, so together (along with the signs of Libra and Pisces) they make up a great team of detectives. It is no coincidence that almost all Gemini and Cancers love Detectives! (Scorpios, too, although they are more prone to mystical murders and ghost stories.)

And yet, with all his intelligence and psychological agility and with all her talent, drawing secrets out of people is the only mystery that they seem unable to solve, – they themselves. There is always something missing. Ask the twin man what bothers him most about the Cancer girl, and he will answer: “I never know what she is thinking.”

Ask Cancer what bothers her the most in her favorite Gemini sign, and she will say: “I don’t know

This happens when these two meet for the first time; it will be so when they part, in a friendly or angry manner, for whatever reason; and it will always be so if they stay together. Her mysterious behavior, her habit of shutting herself up and refusing to speak when she is offended, will bring the Twin to a rampage, and this is not a natural state for him. From time to time, she will reveal to him what is on her mind, but just as often she will slam the sink in response to his questions, leaving him alarmed completely helpless. She just feels safer when she does not give out her secrets. Sometimes the Cancer girl will weep and pour out her fears, but even then she will not tell the real reason for her suffering. There is no “why” and “why.” The twin man won’t calm down until she understands her every complaint and considers all the motives, and still her mysterious behavior leaves him with a feeling of vague anxiety. Perhaps he will try to figure it out again and again. But he may never know what she thinks between sobbing, laughter and serenity, unless she sometimes opens a small corner for him in his heart when he helps her find an old, lost memory of her childhood …

As for her, she would give him the moon if she could. A loving Cancer woman only wants to cherish, protect and squander the tenderness of her man (although his share of devotion can be halved when their children enter the heart). She will stuff him with food and tenderness and entertain him with a slightly mysterious “moon” humor. But how can she prepare for him a perfect dream that will satisfy his whole hunger when the recipe for his happiness is so fickle? The way he subtly changes every time she thinks she has understood what he is striving for, plunges her into tears and anger. She may never understand what he wants, because he does not know this, and if he does, she will only share with her second self.

It’s not that he does not trust her. But only his twin is able to decipher all the difficulties of his Mercury dreams and lead them to a single goal. Since the Cancer woman is so thoughtful, so emotionally receptive, she “absorbs” something from his behavior, just being next to him. She will know everything about his psychological tricks – except how to do them. This is because they live at different speeds. In spite of her outward business vivacity, she is prescribed: slowly and carefully. He is prescribed: quickly and tirelessly. And nothing that he is one of those Gemini who seems calm and cold from the outside – he has a reactive mind, always ready for an immediate start.

This is a combination model of solar signs of type 2-12, in which the sign of Gemini stands after the sign of Cancer. Therefore, she secretly understands his zealous nature, thanks to an unconscious memory of how it feels to be carefree, unstable and free from strong emotional connections. In fact, this memory can pursue it to the extreme – to a desperate cling to reliability, preferably emotional, but not financially. The man of the Gemini sign semi-consciously understands that she can teach him this attitude to life, which he never experienced, and since he learns quickly, his wisdom will surpass it in many ways, but not without some growing pain.

Typical Gemini does not store anything superfluous – from the torn off roots of receipts and dull razor blades to contacts with people who have become unnecessary. He cannot understand her needs to cling to things. Looking at how she stocks up canned foods that the whole family will be able to feed for months if aliens suddenly attack us, you might think that she survived the horrors of great need.

He does not understand that even interplanetary war is always possible for Cancer. Anything can always happen, and she wants to be ready for it. The wrinkled notes she holds in the box alleviate her fear of a leaking roof on a rainy day sometime in the future. And the old dresses that she kept sprinkled with mothballs are in fashion again, and if she cuts off the top, she will get a new wardrobe of evening skirts without spending any of these crumpled notes. In the same way, she is not so hasty as he leaves old friends and connections.

Gemini negligence in human relationships puzzles Cancer. Her long-standing relationship gives her a soothing sense of feeling the past – that day when the world was young, cheerful, reliable and safe. She feels something similar in a deeper relationship called love. The love of a moon girl is not based on causality or logic. She cannot destroy her. Others can drive love away by desire, will, anger, reprimand it or throw it away. Her love has been hatched for many years, even if she has to sew patches to worn places. This is one of the most valuable lessons her heart can teach him.

You may also meet the fickle Cancer girl, but do not believe her: this is a pose. Somewhere under a hard crab shell lurks an old, worn out love, gently darned and neatly folded, and she hopes longingly that this love will return to fashion and will be needed again. The fictional image of a sentimental prostitute who is “nursing” with her clients is a portrait of a “moon” woman pursued by her thoughts, who is still, as usual, waiting for him to return.

When a twin man has a romantic vacation, you can’t keep him in one place, and luggage in the form of memory of past love reduces speed. He travels light. It does not belong to any place or person: Even to his relatives. He knows that they love him, but still feels somewhat aloof, and not only from them – from the whole world. Until he finds a woman who knows how to “cling” to his heart. Clinging is a special talent for Rakov, but her crab sense of ownership will scare him away, unless she disguises him as tender tolerance and expands him to give him space and an appearance of freedom. Then it will attract and warm him when he is cold and lonely. If she learns to let him go, trusting in love, she will discover for herself that with this person free can mean faithful.

In their sexual relations, the purely physical may be less than the passions of the spirit and some emotional eroticism. Her exceptional tenderness and vivid imagination will be a good balance for his soft touches and sensitive sexual nature. When they physically experience their love, they can find in each other the missing that they are always looking for, and become one … for short minutes. Since she needs continuous and tangible proof that she is truly loved and desired, his airy hugs can embarrass her. She wants him to hold her tight (and longer) – the only way she can be sure … The most ideal sexual unity they can have with the full moon, when the “moon” woman seems to be

Her old economic habits can annoy him. She will ask: “Do you know what it feels like to be poor? It’s a nightmare. If you continue to be scattered about with money, you will know it. Have you never been told that embezzlement leads to need?” But he simply shrugs his shoulders and replies as an archetype of the Gemini sign Mike Todd: “I will never know this. I have been ravaged but never been poor. Ruin is a temporary phenomenon. Being poor is a state of mind.”

The “lunar” woman will understand him better than he suggests: no matter how he appears to the world, for himself he is forever a little boy who somehow managed to somehow fly a plane into the sky. And now from time to time he is amused by sudden spikes and spins, fascinated by finding a more beautiful cloud, sunrise or sunset … all the time excitedly realizing that the great Universe and its brilliant galaxies are lying, seductively unexplored, in front of him … and beckon. If she truly loves him, she will be ready to pack her bags and hit the road when his free spirit becomes restless. And every halt, even the shortest one, she can turn into a warm, cozy and sweet shelter, as only a Cancer woman can do. She manages to turn any new place into a garden filled with the colors of traditions.

A twin man can linger in the sky after sunset until the moon rises to try to uncover the secret of his beloved Cancer. And wouldn’t it be funny if her secret turns out to be this: in a changing world of changing truths that glance for a moment and again disappear behind the clouds of running time, each soul must find its soul mate in order to know – to understand – to be! The same secret as his own.

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