Gemini Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

You have to put your best foot forward to win her affection. You have to be a good player – charming, witty, generous and patient. She needs compliments from you all the time. You have to be filled with admiration for her. She can stand many of your idiosyncrasies, but she never can stand it if you are cheating on her. You should be careful about that. In the intimate relation, you will have a loving and passionate partner. She will look forward your appreciation all the time.

Each Lioness believes, and you must admit it, that the man whom she loves should become her exclusive property. And this should be a reliable friend, no less reliable and strong man, who will also idolize her. This is an extremely high request. Especially when she wants to tame Gemini.

In the Game of Love, just like in the Game of Life, he likes to give advice, and he always has a few extra aces up his sleeve. He knows everything, but inaccurate. He is more comfortable with being a jack of all trades than an expert in just one thing.

He was born under the sign of Air and always languishes with a thirst for change. Unlike the other two astrological players, Leo and Sagittarius, Gemini wants to quickly win or lose and start all over again. A big bet on a career, family ties, friendship or love is not for a typical twin man, at least while he is young. (Of course, you should keep in mind that this can last a long time because Gemini sometimes doesn’t mature at all.) For a typical man driven by Mercury, life is a kind of game where new goals appear all the time and the deft and fast – the one who manages everything. And where does that come from, it doesn’t matter. You managed to hit the target, and it’s so nice!

Take, for example, a woman. He knows — or thinks he knows — with whom it will be easy for him, because she will not interfere with him, clinging to the sleeve, and which one needs to stay away, because she thinks that only birds should fly. (That’s right, but he is also a “bird” – Mercury!) And he can decide that the female Leo belongs to the first category, because she definitely will not cling to his sleeve. Why, if she has other, more subtle, ways to slow him down?

This, as you already know, is one of these fatal relationships of the Solar Signs of type 3-11, long planned long ago from above. Even if they do not end in love or friendship, they are still burdened with karmic obligations or marked by fate. Whether type 3-11 vibration leads to lasting love or a platonic union depends on many things – for example, on the mutual aspects between the Suns of these two, Moon signs or Ascendants, and other planetary connections.

Constant in her affection, the Leo girl will not be easy to tame the Twin. This is not at all like taming any other male astrological beast! This is a difficult case. The man of the sign of Gemini is elusive and also dualistic. He always has an emergency exit or a secret passage disguised as charm, and you won’t even notice how he will leave you. But the Lioness is not afraid of these Mercury tricks, because she does not lose her head because of men. Men themselves lose their heads because of her – do not forget about it.

The fog of charm can interfere with the process of taming – it hides the truth. But there is a more difficult obstacle – that for Gemini all women are similar. They threaten his freedom, suspect him of misconduct, and demand that he love them today just like he did yesterday. Is it possible? So the girl Leo will have to convince him that she is not like the others. So, she will tame him, and he will listen to her steps, her laughter, her voice, to feel that her aura is different from the aura of any other woman in the world. Maybe she will even teach him to notice that the golden glare in her eyes is so similar to amber, so that every time, far from home, when he sees the amber ring, he will definitely remember her warm smile, proud spirit, the sparkle of her eyes and … will return back.

She needs to convince him that she is unique, and she is truly unique. She is a born lady, and there are no more. She can wallow in the grass, climb trees, repair the crane herself and generally do anything — the royal aura is always present. Like a typical Capricorn woman, the Lioness has the appearance of a brilliantly mannered person. Is this true or just seems, but it is obvious. True, there is one weak point that is not protected by armor of great dignity – the tendency to openly succumb to flattery. However, with regard to everything else … The Gemini man, who decided that this woman can be condescendingly called “baby”, will soon find out what the word “lady” means.

He will even get used (perhaps not without pleasure) that almost all the applause will go to her. It doesn’t matter how kindly she speaks to him and how delightfully she looks at him, as if he were the star of this performance – no matter how beautiful, daring, witty and intelligent he is, more heads will be turned in her direction. Something in her restraint, in her lazy confidential manner of speaking, in how she casually throws the mane from her eyes, suggests royal charisma.

She does not want to offend him, she just can not do anything with the fact that all eyes are fixed on her. Fortunately, he is not the owner and, perhaps, will consider her popularity simply as yet another evidence of her uniqueness. And what can we say about him, even if President Jack Kennedy (the sign of Gemini) expressively presented himself in France as “the man who accompanies Jacqueline Bouvier to Paris.” Jacqueline Kennedy, as you know, was a Lioness …

If we talk about the compatibility of such a pair, here from time to time mutual concessions are needed. Nothing can cool the Lioness so much as deception or infidelity on the part of her husband, and this is not only a real betrayal, but also harmless flirting. The twin man will more easily survive her jealousy than the fact that she will not notice that he put on different socks, because just then she does not see him point blank. It’s good that the Twins perceive everything somehow much easier than most of the others, and definitely easier than such a strong sign of Fire as Leo.

However, if she really tamed it, jealousy is not their problem. The problem may be … a simple technique of love. The lioness whom they love is an exceptionally gentle and loving woman, capable of both bright passion and languid sensuality. But when they treat her carelessly, she, like no one, is subject to symptoms of frigidity. She is not one of those who will condescendingly smile at the awkwardness of a timid schoolboy – she expects a man who knows that love is an art. The twin man himself is the personification of art, charm and tenderness. But his touches are sometimes so light, and the seductive overtures are so airy that it seems to her that he can dematerialize right before her eyes before their physical love reaches embodiment. So he needs to double his desires – with his imagination it is not difficult.

And if he lets her know that he cannot resist the magnetic sexual attraction to her … She needs to hear how beautiful and desirable she is to be able to fully reveal herself in love. A woman is beautiful when she is loved. Especially if she is a lion.

Both of them have extravagance – both in the way they speak and in the way they spend money. Both have an exquisite taste, and both love travel, literature and art. They equally possess the art of subjugation: she is with confidence, he is with charm. And you already know that the girl of the sign of Leo can easily tame Gemini, if she remembers how to take these restless, active, but curious “birds”. Want to try? Of course, this requires patience. To begin with, smile at him with his eyes at a distance, just don’t move too fast, because it can scare him. Silent communication at the beginning is best because words, especially between the two characters, often become traps for future misunderstanding. Now every day come a little closer and even closer … And may he never feel

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