Gemini Woman and Cancer Man: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

You must have much common interest, except for the mutual attraction and they have tied you together. These may be your fondness for history, movies of photography, for example. But while the Cancer man is able to dive into an issue and devote his life to it, for you it will be just another animation. A similar scenario may act itself in your relationship ( I hope not be too prophetic)

The attraction between you will lead to the satisfaction of your desires, but will be like the tide, up and down – to which you will adapt if your relationship turns out to be longer. In that case romance and love will be the factors which will bring you back together whenever the thought of separation comes to your mind.

He constantly kindles your ideas and imagination and tries to follow you in the numerous initiatives that you undertake.

Cancer Man lives by his sensations, emotions and imagination. He loves history – he is interested in Byzantium, and the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. But in his attitude to the past (his own and other historical figures), he is rather romantic and does not like to be reminded that the knights of the round table had some flaws, that their horses had a burdock in their tails, that they wore sweaty shirts under chain mail (knights, not horses), they ate with their hands and could, on occasion, sleep with a pretty girl on dirty straw.

In the sentimental view of Cancer, the knight behaves impeccably at the table and rides a snow-white horse with an audible, carefully combed tail. He returns from a great campaign not soiled and not sweating in order to demand a fragrant handkerchief from his lady’s heart. Then, with the Cancer man, who treats his Gemini girl in accordance with his concepts of chivalry, everything is in order. But she must know that, hiding this perfumed scarf under her armor, many knights were reaching for the modest lady of the heart behind the key to the iron chastity belt … and sometimes they got the wrong one.

That is, the Cancer man always has in mind something more than just hiding his handkerchief in his pocket, no matter how slow and courteous his initial approach is.

In the vivid imagination of the twin girl, his gallantry can continue with a romantic scene. She can easily imagine herself with fluttering golden hair, climbing over a moat and running along the clover towards her knight. Here she gracefully crouches and sits on a snoring stallion in front of him. All this is almost real. She blushes, then timidly holds out a scented handkerchief … And at that time he might have grabbed her graceful handle and is not going to let it go!

When Cancer’s possessions cross swords with the demand for Gemini freedom, the clang of this clash can brutally invade their dreams. When a Cancer man discovers that in fact there are two women in front of him and one agrees to happily make a nest with him in the tower room of the castle, and the other is determined to wander along the slopes, playing with antelopes, hunting with hounds, he can pout. He may snap, or may retire into a crab solitude in a dark and damp dungeon, expecting her to go down the stone steps and again lure him out. If she had anything else in mind, he would have to wait a long time for her there. And not because she forgot about him, just other interests take precedence even over love. So it will be until she feels alone. Then she will definitely return in search of forgiveness and comfort. And their story can have a happy ending, because with a Cancer man she can be as comfortable as possible. Nobody knows how to be more gentle, gentle and understanding! Even a cute, patient and reliable Taurus.

If their lights were in a harmonious aspect, we can leave them alone, astrologically confident in a happy ending, because even if she wanders somewhere again, and he again sulks, she will definitely come back, and he will cherish and forgive her.

If the Moon-Sun aspect between their horoscopes is not harmonious, we can’t abandon them yet: we will need our help to keep them from dying in a ditch with water or from disappearing behind hills on different horses and in different directions.

They can find mutual happiness together, but it will require patience on her part and the ability to adapt – on his part. This is not easy, because Mercury, its ruling planetary, propagates the vibrations of patience, and the Moon that controls it changes too often to understand which of its moods it will stay for a long time. Although the mood changes to which both are exposed are not their only problem, they can be the basis for everyone else. Both the Twin Girl and the Cancer Man change their positions and their moods so suddenly that when they are in a quarrel, no one knows for sure whose fault it is.

Here he is cheerful and resigned, and suddenly this is replaced by a dark period of contemplation. While she tries to tune in to his fun, his mood changes. Now he is subject to the influence of the moon in the third quarter, calling him to calm and solitude. But the full moon will come, and he will again turn into a laughing “moon bird”, but now Mercury is pushing her to sarcasm and harsh criticism of his jokes. This deeply hurts his feelings. She makes another effort to … well, it can last a long time – right up to a nervous breakdown in both. They need to put an end to this and revise the schedule of their moods. There are several solutions.

They can return to the start line (say, on the day when their planets work in the same rhythm) and try to coordinate their changing moods. Laugh together, cry together, mourn together, hope together – and deal with it together. If they cannot do this because their stars “sound” on waves of different lengths, they can at least avoid contradictions by promising themselves: if he is cheerful when she is depressed, he will try to cheer her up; if she is calm, and he is anxious, she will try to ease his torment instead of sawing him and dropping him even deeper into the sink. When she is happy and he is annoyed, why should she let him upset herself? When he is calm, why should he allow her to be jolly and annoy him? Each of them needs to be adored, not offended.

Since we are talking about Model 2-12, Cancer will usually be tolerant of the twin Gemini flaws – indefatigability and detachment, and the representative of the Gemini sign will probably try to imitate Cancer’s virtues – patience and sensitivity, realizing the whole necessity of this. But she did not dare to learn one lesson from him, and this applies to money. Most Gemini sprinkle money like bird food. Crayfish usually accumulate them, like Midas .. And its stinginess, and its whims in relation to money are, of course, extremes. The best way to financial consensus is somewhere in between

Cancer’s trend toward hoarding is motivated by fear of hunger and a desire for reliability. If his hunger for tenderness is satisfied, he will not need such financial strength. Her tendency to get rid of money is motivated by the fact that she has more pleasure spending it, rather than accumulating it. When she has enough emotional freedom and food for the mind, she will not have to spend cash on these basic Mercurial needs, and she will not behave so extravagantly. Gemini loves society and must be active mentally or physically, preferably both. She loves restaurants for two reasons: she doesn’t like cooking too much and she needs a frequent change of scenery! Cancer prefers to eat at home, which reminds him of the comfort of his childhood, or dine with his mother, which further reminds him of the same … All this may be somewhat “

Both of them live in a world of fantasy and dreams. He brings sensual attention and tenderness to their sexual relationships, she is imagination and diversity. Gemini has sudden ideas. Her concepts of passion can change. But the Cancer man is receptive enough to drive his own desires for them, it is impossible, he has several of his romantic ideas about this, not lying on the beaten path of boredom. In love, they will not be monotonous – their desires can change along with the phases of the moon, because they respond to the ebbs and flows of their emotions. She will notice something warm and reliable in his relation to their sexual union, and her heart of the “lost child” will become more trusting. And he will like that in the way she searches for his tenderness, there is something elusively delicate and delicate.

Often a Cancer man respects his beloved so much that it seems he cannot completely surrender to passion: what if it is so fragile that it can break this flower? But she is not as fragile as he thinks, despite her gentle, delicate manners and airy, light touch. She wants to be treated as an adult woman, and not as a charming child. When she is next to him in the dark, she will cling to him, and all fears will melt. Many Gemini girls do not like to sleep in total darkness, but with this man she can forget about it.

Many Cancers also do not like to sleep without a night light. But when she is next to him, darkness will become a friend. The nightmares that haunted him so often would seem distant while she sleeps on his shoulder. And he will become calmer, find peace with him, with himself, with the whole world … after they together experienced their physical unity. Obviously, this is so – until her twin calls her again and she does not have that distant look again … Then he needs to keep her.

Shy-looking Cancer loves parties and people, music and dancing, although he may refuse to admit it. And it is this woman who can persuade him, seduce and lure him from solitude into the light of God. She can take him to dance, wander on foot, ride horses, sail or go to some faraway country, recalling how they once lived here during the past civilization … And maybe he raised this very goblet , and she put on this necklace from the British Museum when they passionately loved each other in Egypt?

The girl of the Gemini sign is able to persuade the Cancer man for almost anything, but it is easiest to seduce him with a journey. Places such as ancient ruins and old museums secretly attract him. He lives in yesterday, and perhaps his sweetest dream, from which he hopes to never wake up, is to get there again with her. Everything can happen this way, because Gemini lives in the wind, where dreams are reality, and reality itself is a dream. He will probably understand this wherever they go. Almost always, she would flicker in front of him with her hair fluttering in the wind, looking falsely to see if he was here. She does not need to look back: she knows that he is here. She knows that his love is strong, his devotion is unshakable. What she has been looking for all her life are eyes saying, “Get home,” just like he was looking for a pair of eyes saying:

So, everyone sees in the eyes of the other an unexpressed desire – from that first time when they looked at each other through a crowded street … or a room … and their eyes met directly and unexpectedly. They did not even know each other’s names, but this is not important: they called each other by secret names that their hearts knew.

She can shower him with gifts, and he, by nature cautious, can be stunned by such impulsive extravagance. But in his eyes there will be pure tears of delight – after all, he is so loved! He will be timid, but proudly showing her gifts to friends. You see, this proves that he is loved, and she with her immediate, lightning intuition will feel it. She longs to reimburse him all those Christmas mornings when he, a child, was disappointed … How does she know? He never told her. But she knows – because she loves him. Love is so amazing! She is even capable of magical changes in the character of Cancer. Then he will relax … and tie some blue and silver or lavender and sunny yellow ribbons on gifts for his girlfriend. When he is loved enough, his reciprocal tenderness is limitless, bottomless, she comes back a thousandfold, and he,

He will always treat her like a lady. She will behave accordingly. For her, he is a gentleman, a gallant gentleman in whom a little boy sometimes appears, and this touches her. Then she cries, because he is so sensitive to resentment, despite the firm shell of external serenity. Because he is a poet, and she was the first to unravel it.

The female girl of the Gemini sign is realistic, despite the changing masks, which is always captivating for the Cancer man. And she herself loves to look at the expressions of his face when they reflect the different colors and tones of his moon emotions …

No matter what the true age of the “Mercury bird” is, it is always young and thirsty, thoughtful and tender … her skin and eyes are clean, like a child … filled with magical dreams, which are nevertheless logical. She carelessly loses some of her dreams along the way, others forgets because of some new excitement. She holds deep and holy dreams locked deep in herself. The persistent Cancer man can persuade her to share these dreams with him, if she hurries, because it is so difficult to keep her in place! It may take some time, but he can wait.

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