Gemini Woman and Leo Man: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Gemini Woman should remember that her Leo Man needs to be surrounded by attention and recognition for the lots of virtues that he possesses. For example the generosity with which he makes presents and the magnanimity with which he forgives your mistakes. He won’t learn to put up only with your changeability and duality of character, because he is an immobile sign and needs stability in your relationship.

If you stay together for a long time you will mutually kindle the fire of passion and enjoy a harmonious combination of the vibrations of the elements of the Fire and The Air

Leo can assure that he does not have a complex of superiority and that he does not need universal respect; but he can fool anyone, but not the woman who loves him and, moreover, Gemini. So, one of my acquaintances once convinced friends that her husband Leo did not have the characteristics of his sign. “He is not at all conceited,” she insisted, “he is a humble man and does not put himself above others.”

The humble Leo agreed. “I have no desire to dominate people,” he muttered quietly, “I’m just an average guy.” And his twin wife quickly added: “He is more than just an average guy. He is very special. I mean that he has absolutely no power or selfishness.”

It deceived everyone present. Of course, I could enlighten the guests, but my Gemini friend so cleverly brought her Leo into a state of contented purr, that my hand did not raise my hand to upset the little Mercury game.

What do you think this “average guy” does when he doesn’t sit relaxed and accepts his wife’s compliments with a modest look? He is engaged in a special tricky part of the laws – the rental of foreign oil developments. He makes a lot of money by telling whole firms what they can and what not. When you give advice to millionaires and sometimes click on the nose of oil kings, do you really need to entertain your vanity with something else?

A lion who has room to practice vanity and demonstrate his wisdom can be allowed to be humble in society. Especially if he has a wife who knows exactly when and what to say so that he does not need to stoop to vulgar boasting.

The relations of Gemini and Leo are formed according to the model 3-11 – often there is a karmic connection behind this, bringing to this life memories of past incarnations. Such an alliance is predetermined by fate, and one cannot but yield to it. And not only in love or friendship, but also in business and family relationships. A Lion man can consider it his duty to teach the Gemini girl what can change her life for the better. Well, if he feels obligated to instruct others, then she can expect more than the usual number of lion lectures! But the very memory that makes him constantly learn it brings both an unconscious feeling of gratitude for past help and a desire to offer her his protection.

She also wants to protect him from resentment and all that hurts his pride. Something inside her receptive heart tells her what and when to say, to show his tenderness and generosity. Of course, it flatters him. And the fact that both of them enjoy, can be a mutual admiration.

In the main, they are compatible, but this does not at all preclude a riot from one side or another. Her “airy” indifference can inflame Leo’s anger, and this flame flames up slowly, but it can be very difficult to calm it down. Then she can use a quarrel to practice sarcasm, which hurts the lion’s ego. If hobbies and interests outside the house distract her from the daily veneration of Leo, like any monarch who is deprived of the usual attention, he can immediately suspect treason. The poor woman just doesn’t understand

Since Leo is more permanent, and therefore more practical than the volatile sign of Gemini, much can annoy him. For example, the fact that she is able to forget about lunch because of a new book, or to borrow a phone when he needs to call, or change her mind to go to the theater when he already bought tickets, or lose keys … He would never have allowed such a carefree , and it is true. But he really is a real man, because it is he who can treat all this truly with royal generosity!

Although the Gemini girl admires his perseverance, integrity and intelligence, one day she may become bored and distract him or make him feel bankrupt. For example, she is able to insist on expensive entertainment when he is unable to do this, but too proud to admit it.

He will growl, but this will end, because she will remember the saving flattery in time and will quickly switch from the windy, capricious twin to the sensitive, faithful and feminine. As for her interests, he will not mind if she makes a career, practices ballet, jogs, collects mummies or pricks butterflies – the main thing is that she does not surpass him in anything. The Twin Girl should never tease her proud Leo, hinting that real kings of nature allow their friends to hunt in the jungle while they bask in the sun, because they can recall her from the hunt home and permanently return to the pride, that is, to the family, and which twin is able to limit it? But, thank God, they are not in the jungle, and there is truly royal nobility in it.

She, too, must have a real purpose in life – for example, to ensure that he is happy and satisfied. Still, the woman whom the King loves definitely has its advantages! Leo is generous and strong, noble and magnanimous, and if you send him “wow” in the right direction … Moreover, he is a wonderful lover, and he is not going to be a sexual conqueror – he is a loving monogamous monarch.

The Gemini woman has light touches and an “airy” approach to sex, and this can blow the flame of his desire, at least in the beginning. Over time, he may feel that he is missing something. While he makes love with one of the twins, the other calmly watches this. Such a “particularity” can lead him to injury!

For Leo with his warm heart, sex is a synonym for tenderness and passion, and in the love of Gemini there is something detached. He can seduce her and possess her, but her mind does not allow her to submit to him completely. The inability to conquer it entirely may make him doubt his own masculinity. Then she will complain that he is losing interest in love, although the truth is that he is hindered by her cold detachment and duality. He is very afraid to be bankrupt, but does not want to show it, because nothing hurts Leo more than even a hint that he might not be a perfect lover. She must remember that in love this man is an idealist, and play along with him, using all her Mercury imagination. Their love needs romance and sentimentality – for example, quiet music during their physical intimacy. And if sometimes he is too powerful or seems arrogant. Twins need to remember their linguistic abilities in time and translate Leo’s commands into the language of passion and love.

“You talk too much. Is it sometimes possible to shut up?” “It’s all about his hurt vanity, because his twin girlfriend with her quick, sharp mind was again brighter than him.”

“Do not feed me. I’ll go and eat somewhere” – this means that he lacks attention and his pride needs comfort.

“Refuse the invitation on Saturday. Tell them that we can’t come. Apologize somehow and let’s stay home,” which means that he prefers to be with his Gemini, both of them. And for Leo this means love!

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