Libra Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Libra and Pisces. Air + Water

Libra and Pisces are an unusual combination, but the attraction between the two can be intense . Air and water don’t mix easily, so Libra will have to be attentive to Pisces’ needs, even if they don’t always understand what they are. It is by no means an easy combination, but when it works, it has a special quality.

The Libra man and the Pisces woman are happy next to a partner with whom they can live romance and joy. The romance between the two is usually passionate, so the union between them has a high probability of success.

The Pisces woman is detached and devoted, she will have no problem adapting to the taste for balance that the Libra man manifests in all areas of his life. Both have an inclination to cooperate and a tendency to avoid conflicts, fights do not dominate in the pairing between these two signs. However, some problems may arise due to the very nature of each sign. For example, once the infatuation rage has passed, the Libra man might feel uncomfortable with the Pisces woman’s desire to be alone, and observing how much she enjoys time with herself.

For the Pisces woman, it can be shocking that the Libra man wants to bring her back to reality and away from her dreams and self-absorption.

Despite potential disagreements, there is a high compatibility between the Libra man and the Pisces woman. If you know how to cope with conflict, you will feel satisfied and happy being together.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman Friendship:

The Piscean is an introvert, but that doesn’t stop her from making friends, even more than some more sociable people, because she exudes empathy. Others tend to like her because of her charm, kindness and trustworthiness, also because of her selfless dedication to her friends and her compassionate attitude.

The Libra man enjoys socializing and is outgoing. He is usually the mediator when problems arise in groups of friends, he is chosen for his conciliatory and diplomatic character. He shies away from people who prove to be troublesome and malicious. He does not hesitate to intervene when he observes bad intentions or some injustice against his Piscean partner, he acts as a protector.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility:

The Libra man governs his life by the principles of balance, cooperation and harmony. He is convinced that it is the way to avoid problems and fix them if they arise. It is characterized by its kindness. He cannot bear injustices so the attitude of a warrior can emerge in him who makes him intervene to remedy them.

The Pisces woman has in common with the man on the scales kindness and calm nature. But the Piscean is pure emotionality, she is not too inclined to put the world in order from a moral point of view as the Libra man does.

Still, Pisces are talkative and funny, so they both have a common ground from which to build. The talents of Libra are in the mind, while the feelings are the strong point of Pisces. You will both have a lot to talk about if you have a mutual interest in arts or cultural activities. They are both dreamers and idealists in different ways.

The structured and elegant Venus of Libra (derived from the exaltation of Saturn) meets the dreamy and romantic Venus of the house of Jupiter and Neptune. The relationship has a high chance of success if the two of you share beliefs. If not, extravagance or waste will be a problem.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign and a leader, while Pisces is Mutable and can easily work with another. Where Libra leads, Pisces follows, but the adaptable Pisces should not be pushed too hard. An excess of control and Pisces will walk away. They are stronger than they appear.

A Pisces couple can understand Libra’s bouts of indecision. They too suffer from fear, worry, and indecision. Pisces have compassion for the state of the world, so they can easily identify with the social causes that drive Libra.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman in Love:

Pisces are charming and eager to please. Venus is strong in both Signs, but Pisces has a delicate beauty or air of mystery, thanks to the Water element and the influence of the mysterious Neptune and the healing Jupiter. Libra can easily appreciate this, which is why they find Pisces fascinating. Pisces, in turn, appreciates Libra’s tender touch, her enthusiastic sense of style, and her ability to grasp the nuances of human relationships.

The intimacy of this couple is full of romance from the beginning, even when the relationship has already gained stability. Physical relationships allow the Pisces woman to express her emotions, while the Libra man is confident enough to hesitate to catch up with the Pisces woman in this aspect of the relationship.

The Pisces woman has to be aware that the man on the scale can never match her emotionally, and that does not mean that he is not given to her. For her part, the Libra man has to understand how much the Piscean needs her protection, and when she needs to be alone.

The patience of the Libra man helps the Pisces woman feel satisfied and happy. He is the Pisces girl’s anchor to reality and stands by her side so that when necessary, she makes rational decisions. Both signs will be happy if they get together.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman Relationship Issues:

They both have a dark side, so they are comfortable in a private world. However, in the outside world, the rules can change. Where Libra likes to debate, mull over and reflect, Pisces keeps its secrets and need for solitude. Pisces doesn’t always want Libra to penetrate deep within. It is a mysterious and emotional Sign, so if Libra does not become enchanted by mystery, they will not have a path to travel.

Libra and Pisces don’t mix easilye, but this bond can be something special if you get to understand each other. However, Pisces is known for choosing the wrong partner. If it doesn’t work, the attraction between the two of you could slowly fade.

The Piscean often takes refuge in daydreams because she fears the harm that the real world can potentially cause her. As she is often trusting and incautious, she falls easily prey to abuse and manipulation by malicious people. The Libra man has a weakness to tolerate abuse out of fear of being left alone, not because he is unable to defend himself.

The Piscean does her best to become the ideal love or best friend of a Libra man, but although she adores the company of other people, she always looks for her own space and solitude to recharge.

The man on the scale could not take this desire of the Pisces woman well, as he prefers that they always be together, sharing all the activities.

The challenge facing the Libra man and Pisces woman match is to act with determination to resolve the conflicts that arise in the relationship. It is because the two signs shy away from confrontation. Both are capable of letting the disagreements and imbalances of the couple pass even though it is not the healthiest attitude.

Keeping silence and not facing problems to solve it, generates greater long-term conflicts. Libra’s indecisive character and the passivity shown by the Pisces woman also threaten the health of the relationship.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Both the Libra man and the Pisces woman are appreciated by their peers and bosses at work. They have in common that they avoid conflicts and dramatic situations, their goal is to be efficient and cooperate with others when they require it. They also share their low interest in competition and in climbing positions.

Regarding the differences in the work area, the Piscean prefers to work alone, while the Libra man loves and brings out his best side as a worker when he joins a team. There will be no problem between them when they work together.

The union between a Libra man and a Pisces woman has the potential to be dreamlike. They are sweet and romantic. The Pisces woman cannot match the Libra man’s propensity for justice and balance, but she does understand and support him, always showing empathy. The Libra man repays her by taking care of the risks caused by the Piscean’s weaknesses.

For this couple, the path to happiness is clear, love will be long-lasting and able to overcome any obstacle.

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Libra Man and Pisces Woman Relationship:

Oh yes … the ringing of golden bells. They both hear them, both the Libra man and the Pisces woman, sitting comfortably by the fire on one of those winter evenings, when frost draws wonderful prints on the windows, and snow falls quietly on the street in the yellow glow of street lamps.

They draw this almost magical picture easily and carelessly, since neither Pisces nor Libra can be attributed to the ordinary children of Mother Earth. He is graceful and dreamy, with a subtle sandalwood aroma of the Eastern Mysteries, but not without the familiar charm of the smell of apple pie and gatherings on the porch. She is also mysterious and dreamy, even more than he … In her eyes, the sound of the surf, softly foaming near the shore. Yes, I said – the sound of the surf in her eyes. This is called “poetic liberty.” All Pisces and Libra have permissions for poetic liberty.

Suddenly, the room becomes cooler, and in some places small icicles even appear: their harmonious conversation stumbles over dissonance. Since Pisces wholeheartedly sympathizes with everyone – both friends and strangers, and Libra is usually well aware of all topical topics, it is natural that they may have, for example, such a conversation. Pisces Woman is seriously concerned that one of her friends is addicted to sniffing cocaine.

Isn’t that awful? He said nothing. Then she told how her friend, instead of gratitude for the warning, coldly replied: “Do not get into your own business,” and this is so insulting, because she just wanted to help. (The Pisces Woman spreads so much sympathy around herself that she has every right sometimes to count on it for herself.) She is waiting for his sympathetic words. He is still silent. But Fish is patient, she does not rush him.

In the end, he sighs and, looking directly into her eyes, strictly says: “Have you ever thought about what your smoky lungs look like? When will you quit smoking?”

This is not the answer she was expecting. How could he so unfairly remind her of one of her few weaknesses when she asked only for understanding and sympathy? And she reacted as people of her sign sometimes act — she turned into a self-enclosed, “cold fish”.

She remembered how, a week ago, she had enthusiastically talked for half an hour about how she liked the plot with the reincarnation in the movie they had just watched. He liked him too. She knew this by the way she acted in the cinema – she did not take her admiring eyes off the screen, did not get up from her place until the credits were over and the light came on. And when she wanted to share her impressions with him, he frowned: “But the film is no good. The plot is too weak, the dialogs are terrible. Although the actors were nothing …”

What about him? He does not sleep at night, thinking how to upset her when she tries to be cheerful and optimistic? How can he change his mind so decisively for no reason? Maybe he is schizophrenic and should be shown to a psychiatrist?

She is wrong in every way. He does not think the night away about how to upset her. He feels pain when he knows that he loves it. But why is he doing this? Isn’t it time to remember that he is Libra and subconsciously forced to weigh everything he hears? The scales should be balanced. It is unfair to recognize one side of the issue without trying to balance it with the other. If she acted differently, she would receive the desired response from him. If she mentioned her warning to her friend about cocaine, and then sighed and said: “But I have no right to warn her, because, it seems, I myself will never give up smoking …” Then the Libra man would say it’s like, “What does it mean to never?” You’ve already quit, dear, and you can again. Besides, from the cigarettes that you smoke, far from that harm, which can cause cocaine. And how ungrateful of her to be so rude to treat you, because you wanted to help her. I’ll call her tomorrow and talk to her myself. “

Now you see: where does Libra have a reputation as “impossible people”? They get it, poor things, just trying to be honest and fair. One of the movie stars Charlton Heston (Libra) embodies all the astrological characteristics of his sign, including a smile that makes you weak in your knees, courage and strength, balanced by soft tenderness. A real man, harmoniously endowed with excellent sensitivity, intelligence, chiseled features – the whole rainbow of Venus! Precisely balanced, sparkling golden Libra, but with Libra’s characteristic indecision and desire for justice.

When asked in a television interview what he thinks of Vanessa Redgrave and Aquarius (she was criticized and praised for giving a political speech when she received the Oscar in 1978), Heston frowned. And when one of the reporters asked him if he agreed with Vanessa’s criticism, he replied: “She has always been a very political lady, but she is also a wonderful actress, and I think that people should not blame her only because …” Suddenly the exclamation of another reporter interrupted Libra in the middle of the sentence: “So you protect her?”, after which Heston ended the sentence with the exact opposite words: “But, on the other hand, I think she was wrong, taking this opportunity to express her views.” Vanessa may still not know for sure what Charlton really thought about it. I will tell her: if that persistent second reporter had not knocked him down, he would have defended her.

Like all the signs of model 6-8, the Pisces man and the Libra woman are not easy to fall in love with – they are so different! However, if this happens, their opposites often complement each other, and this is to the benefit of both, because there is a lot in common. They share feeling and sensuality, as well as love of beauty. Each of them prefers peace and harmony to aggressive behavior and tension polemics. (Disputes with Libra, you understand, are not polemics – just a pleasant discussion!) Neither Libra nor Pisces can endure for a long time the harsh reality of a tense conflict, and if it arises due to a very unfavorable horoscope of one of them, the other will either fly away (Libra) , or floats away (Pisces) and may not return. The good side of all this is that they can also fly away or sail away from external pressure, finding peace and silence in each other’s arms,

Their love is a romantic relationship, and it is proximity that will help them alleviate the difficulties of adapting to each other’s personality and lifestyle. They feel that sometimes this happens at the level of instinct, but at the same time does not lose its height and extraordinary depth – it is a rich passion, with dreamy moments woven into their intimate relationships … and maybe not always, but almost always it reaches the level of ecstasy that even poets cannot express in words. But these two are able to express it in a natural way, composing their own music and words … never repeating, changing with their mood, but always full of new promises.

These two need to be careful, as both are prone to many temptations, be it laziness, drugs, alcohol … or waking dreams. In other cases, Libra and Pisces can become a wonderful couple as their hearts get used to beating to the beat. Her mystical, unshakable faith in him is optimistic, vigorous support, when she experiences bouts of self-doubt, is a strong and wonderful foundation for long love.

Sometimes she complains that he is not insightful enough and does not want to understand the reasons for her distress, that he is often too cold and logical. She herself is not insightful enough to understand that he is not always like that – and if she is patient, she will wait for his sympathy. Sometimes he gets angry that the house is not tidied up enough, that she casually puts aside what he asks her to do now, and his absent glance may confuse him when he tries to explain everything intelligently to her. But it is she who is able to give him peace of mind, and this will compensate for a lot. She is endowed with such natural sympathy, and he is endowed with such natural justice that their disagreements can always be settled.

Pisces woman and Libra man are both wise, but in different ways. His wisdom is mental (despite his sentimental, romantic inclinations), and her is deeply emotional (despite his outward calm). And since both of them are usually willing to compromise, they can make each other very happy. True, if she smokes, maybe she should give up cigarettes? And he will have to stop looking at everything like a judge. She is not a housewife, a washerwoman or a servant to him. She is his partner … his woman. The sea nymph, who so comfortably settles on his lap to sit by the fire when snow falls on the street. Do you hear the golden bells ringing? It seems to me that we have gone full circle and returned to the beginning

In Conclusion:

For a Pisces-Libra love relationship to work, the two of you will have to work very hard to understand each other. Libra will have to get more in touch with their emotions and Pisces will have to respect Libra’s logical point of view on life.

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