Libra Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Scorpio and Libra. Water + Air

The couple formed by Scorpio and Libra has the great advantage of being a very balanced relationship because the compatibility between these two signs is very high . Libra whose planet is Venus represents love, sensuality and pleasure. On the other hand, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which represents action, strategy and ingenuity; and for Pluto, power, the underworld.

Libra and Scorpio are compatible signs and have the potential to establish a successful relationship if they know how to take advantage of the traits they have in common and the differences that complement them.

The Libra man yearns for balance in all areas of his life, and has a tremendously developed sense of justice. The Scorpio woman is as intelligent as she is touchy and unpredictable. When it feels threatened, it goes on the attack.

They both share qualities like loyalty and passion. But there are also differences. One of the main ones is the intensity of the Scorpio woman that contrasts with the relaxed temperament of the Libra man. This difference helps to strengthen the bond between the two because it provides a certain balance to the relationship.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility:

They are very complementary characteristics because they are opposite. Usually opposites attract, but in this case the important thing is that they complement each other. Scorpio helps Libra make decisions, which is a difficult task for him, who thinks about everything a lot. And Libra helps Scorpio to deepen their love and make sense of their feelings and emotions. Scorpio, who always lives in an amalgam of emotions and sensations, is helped by Libra in living those passions by naming them, within an elegance and forms, that Scorpio does not have. The two will attract and like just seeing each other, and they will enter into a very sensual game of innuendo.

Ideas will not be lacking among them. They can become a successful couple, because they can start businesses together and earn a lot of money. Libra is a cardinal sign, so it is creative and always up to date and very knowledgeable. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so it has a flair for business and is driven. What they have in common is that they love risk, they enjoy it (if they are not bored) and they seek it because they want to succeed. Libra wants to innovate and Scorpio wants to consolidate and launch, so they will be perfect partners.

The Libra man is characterized by his balanced and relaxed temperament. He is able to look at all angles of any situation and see the world with a committed sense of justice. It stands out for its ease of making friends and for its romanticism. 

They are attractive characteristics in any person, but they can be frustrating when in a relationship the other party understands that the Libra man is not easy to convince, much less to manipulate, because he has a broad vision of things and faces them from different perspectives. This quality leads him to examine all situations thoroughly and makes it difficult for him to make decisions.

The man on the scales is loyal and values ​​beauty. He is in search of the ideal partner and makes the commitment once he has found her. His handling of conflicts is not the best, as he avoids confrontation, and is capable of keeping quiet for a long time even knowing that the relationship is not going well just for fear of conflict and being alone.

The woman born under the Scorpio sign is enigmatic, honest when communicating and possesses a developed sense of intuition. It is intense and enigmatic, and is aware of its intuitive ability and applies it exactly when the situation calls for it. Although she is passionate and her personality is often complex, she does not express her emotions to everyone, so she can come off as cold. 

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman In Love:

The Libra man and the Scorpio woman are loyal and committed in their relationships. These qualities are a strength in the pairing between the two signs.

Libra and Scorpio have different ways of dealing with a failure in the relationship. When the man on the scale feels despised, he leaves, and when the Scorpion woman feels disrespected and offended, she seeks revenge. In the union between the Libra man and the Scorpio woman there may be a clash as a result of his need not to be alone and of her self-sufficiency and independence. These characteristics, however, also bring balance to the relationship, as long as both parties understand and respect the other’s needs.

Intimate relationships is where the Scorpio woman expresses her harmony with the person she loves and desires. The two signs demonstrate passion and romance in sex and fit together when the Scorpio’s innate intuition understands the desires and intentions of the Libra man’s laid-back temperament.

She tries to unravel what is in the heart of the Libra man, and although it may seem too inquisitive at times, it is an action that can make the intimate relationship between them flow much better.

The Scorpio woman and the Libra man also know how to complement each other when she stimulates in him the desire to know new things, which she does not always do due to her somewhat passive character. The scorpion can give the man on the scale the impetus to explore the world together and try new things. 

Libra is elegant , knows how to be, good manners, style, diplomacy. For a Libra, the fact of looking for a partner becomes a search for perfection characterized by romanticism, beauty, balance. For them, a relationship is something creative, to which you have to mix the style and face everything together. In contrast for a Scorpio, it is based on a deep and intense physical union . They take it very seriously and for them it is a comprehensive transformation. His passion knows no limits. It is as if you were to discover the secrets of life and death through sex and your partner.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship Issues:

The Scorpio is persistent and stubborn, if she sets a goal she goes after it until she achieves it. Of course, if she feels they are disrespecting her, she will not remain calm, she will take revenge as soon as she has a chance.

The union between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman can go well if both feel mutual support and maintain loyalty. Problems arise when the Libra man perceives that the intensity and complexity of the Scorpio man does not always fit into the calm and balanced environment that he wishes to maintain. 

Scorpio is very jealous, because he needs to control his partner, but with Libra he will not have problems, because once he has a partner he will never flirt with anyone else. When Scorpio is selfish and is not attentive to the needs of Libra, he will make you notice it without any problem and with beautiful words, to collect his fair share. A Libra would never allow anyone to mess up the idealistic concept they have about love and they will know how to fit Scorpio.

When it comes to dealing with people, Scorpio lacks tact while Libra is all subtlety . Scorpio has a lot of strength, decision-making power, intuition, determination and endurance; On the other hand, Libra even having things clear and knowing where he is going and what he wants, it is difficult for him to decide. But no problem, because Scorpio will give you that push, which you lack. On the other hand, sometimes Scorpio is at a loss for words and does not know how to express what he feels and in that Libra will help him.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

The Libra man is the perfect team worker and is excellent in dealing with his colleagues and bosses. As a leader he does not stand out because he is usually indecisive and has trouble making decisions.

The Scorpio woman demonstrates self-reliance at work. The obstinacy and perseverance characteristic of the sign make it be used thoroughly to achieve the goals. If she feels that someone has attacked her or feels despised, she will choose to take revenge, which is not exactly good for maintaining peace in a work environment. The Libra man, on the other hand, behaves more conciliatory, but even if he does not like to confront, he will not remain silent if he is witnessing a great injustice.

The calmness and balance that Libra always seeks can clash with the intensity and irascibility of the Scorpio woman. However, both can form an efficient and unstoppable work team if they manage to combine the initiative and balance of the Libra man with the determination of the Scorpio.

The Libra man and the Scorpio woman can establish one of the most successful unions in the zodiac due to their high compatibility. They will achieve this if the Scorpio understands the needs of the Libra-born man and makes him feel valued, understood and secure in the decisions he makes.

For his part, the man on the scale must always be loyal, committed and understanding with the intensity of the woman born under the sign of Scorpio.  

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Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship:

It is softer than most men – more delicate and more vulnerable. In the same way that a woman of this sign has more strength and internal stamina than many other women. This contradiction is characteristic of both sexes of any male solar sign ruled by a female planet, and Libra is a male sign ruled by Venus. The fact that a man is sensitive enough to cry does not make him less courageous (Jesus cried), and the fact that a woman knows what she wants and courageous enough to have her own convictions does not make her less feminine.

Scorpio, of course, is a female solar sign, but there is also Pluto – the ruler of Scorpio. The unusual power and explosive energy of Pluto is the energy of Mother Nature itself, but does anyone dare to call Mother Nature a man? Although such power and energy that Pluto possesses is usually associated with masculine qualities. It’s worth thinking about, otherwise how do you understand the true reason for the power over the minds and souls of people that Scorpions possess?

The Libra man can argue on this subject for a long time and convincingly, and the Scorpio girl will only look at him more closely and say: “I just know this, but you are not,” – this will be followed by the characteristic silence of the Permanent Sign. One way or another it happens when they argue or quarrel. Libra puts forward new arguments in her favor, and the Scorpio woman stubbornly clings to her inner convictions, not succumbing to either his logic or insinuating persuasions.

His smile and charming manners can thrill other women, but this one sees him through and through. She immediately understands whether he is starting a game with her, as is characteristic of the Air Signs, or is he seriously attracted to her. In other words, she will always know whether his intentions are honest or not. This does not mean that her decision depends on the degree of his honesty. She just loves to know the truth. Even if his initial intentions are not entirely honest, she will still be intrigued: Scorpions of both sexes enjoy intense emotional situations. And then, she knows the power of her magnetism well. Thus, Libra men are warned: what begins as an occasional flirtation with a Scorpio woman may well end in something very serious. True, he will not understand how this happened …

If he is a typical representative of the sign of Libra, he was born for a partnership, both in business and in marriage. For this person, marriage is quite attractive. However, the trouble is that, as Christopher Marlet once noted, with marriage you get too many bonds, and the Libra man married to Scorpio can, unfortunately, be convinced of this. Since she takes everything to heart, her possessive instinct and jealousy are not momentary moods at all. She at all costs needs to know that he is faithful to her. She suffers painfully, only suspecting treason, and yet she, perhaps, is the most suspicious of women! Libra man is so attractive, romantic and courteous that women often look for an excuse to engage in intellectual conversation with him, wanting much more. What is there to do?

But you need to do something if he is connected with a Scorpio woman, because it is impossible to even imagine how she can settle accounts if she was really offended or hurt by her pride! She is able to sting and revenge implicitly, but sensitively, and he will feel helpless. “Don’t try to charm me – I know you,” she will coldly tell him. And it is true.

Her sexual urges are so deep and exciting! She will teach him many lessons of pleasure, and he will accept it with joy. He is receptive and sentimental, romantic and gentle, and she likes it, because Scorpio really needs to completely own the adored man. At first, maybe she will feel the main thing in their love, and this can offend him, but in the end he will find a way to delicately explain to her that their intimate life will become more exciting if they play equal roles. In the feelings of the girl-Scorpio there is impertinence, which in love almost approaches the spiritual beginning, because every Scorpio subconsciously understands: sex and faith are somehow mysteriously interconnected …

His honesty is worthy of her sense of justice; and yet he should take care not to offend her self-esteem – the Scorpions do not forgive this. As for the really inherent peculiarity of arguing or discussing everything out loud until the decision is made, she will take part in this, and even with pleasure. But when the dispute reaches its climax, she will shut up so she will look at him intently, that he will immediately understand: from her point of view, everything has already been decided. And then he had better not go on.

Although occasionally she is able to give vent to her anger, she has enough patience for everything, and she, like all Watermarks, knows how to adapt to his mood when it suddenly changes. If one of the women knows how to restore his lost balance with the help of soft persuasion, then this is her. Consider this a cunning or not entirely honest trick, but she knows it perfectly. He himself feels that it is easier for him to deal with difficulties with her and that she can do something that others cannot do. Why would Scorpio know that it is in her power to inspire him with thoughts that will help overcome the obstacle? The result is important.

In Conclusion:

The relationship will work if Scorpio leaves room for Libra to breathe and not feel burdened. Nor should you remind him of everything he is capable of sexually and how far he has come, because Libra needs to feel that at no time has he stopped being elegant and clean. Scorpio will stay with a Libra, if he is sexually active and allows himself to be carried to the depths of the most intimate. The secret is communication, because one is very frank and open and the other is all secrecy. They must learn to communicate and trust each other, to form a perfect tandem.

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