Sagittarius Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

A typical Sagittarius man in his youth does not relate to marriage as much as a Libra girl would like. If she is in love, she imagines a wedding dress and wedding rings. There is nothing wrong with this: their marriage, most likely, would have been successful. But if this person does not exhaust his thirst for wanderings and curiosity before the wedding, he will probably try to do it after the wedding. What’s better?

Let the Libra girl choose. It will take her time to figure it out and make a decision, but we can’t wait until she carefully considers all aspects of the issue, so we’d better continue our study of her relationship with the Sagittarius man. A little later, she will catch up with us.

In general, many Sagittarius men are reluctant to enter into legal relationships as soon as they decide that this is love. It’s not that he is against marriage, but he just broke free from the oppressive power of his family, and he needs some time to enjoy his freedom before losing it again.

It is wiser and safer to let Sagittarius first shoot somewhere his quiver of arrows, so that later, when he returns, be sure that most of his curiosity and some of his desires are already satisfied and that now he is eager to start all over again, but this time together with your beloved woman.

On the other hand, if she gives him complete freedom and he wanders too far, he may forget to return or get lost somewhere, is it not better to hold his hand tighter from the very beginning?

Of course, there are exceptions, but most often marriage is one of the main problems facing a man and woman loving each other of this particular combination of solar signs 3-11. A lone Libra woman is like a scales with a missing thicket, so you can imagine how it makes her feel useless. You cannot achieve complete balance and harmony when you do not have half of what is needed, and the person she loves is for her that other half that she needs to achieve balance and wholeness. (True, there are Libra women who are completely career-focused, but they also need compatibility with a business partner.)

The Sagittarius man, in fact, is not against close relations, because he also does not like to be alone. He is much happier if there is a friend nearby, and if this friend is also beautiful and gentle, and he (or rather, her) can be hugged, it’s even better. If she is smart enough to keep him company, both in a cheerful argument and in philosophical conversation, he has nothing against if she grabs her camera, field binoculars, a small tent, a sleeping bag, a flask and a flashlight and goes after him. But as soon as she begins to start a conversation about buying property or looking for a permanent job, he will begin to break from the leash. When he gets older, he, like everyone else, will accept it. Jupiter in astrology controls the retirement age, and this often makes men ruled by Jupiter retire early and work later. Everything turns out the opposite for them.

So the best thing for a Libra woman who loves Sagittarius is to simply be with him everywhere, not trying to remake it in her own way. She needs to understand from the very beginning that she can never fully control this Centaur with sparkling eyes. He was born with the energy of a male sign, which is also controlled by the male planet – Jupiter, and although Libra is a male sign, it is Venus, an absolutely female planet, that controls them. In a sense, this gives the Libra women an advantage, because she, possessing a masculine mentality, is also gifted with an irresistible femininity. This is a powerful combination, but he also can not drown out the double masculine manly vibration of Sagittarius, forcing him to submit to the skirt. And if this happens, he will be deeply unhappy inwardly, no matter how he tries to hide it. And the meaning of love is happiness, not misfortune, is it?

Of course, he will appreciate her subtle mind, and her optimism is so similar to his own! Often she lives in a world of imagination, so troubles do not seem completely real to her. If this is a reality that cannot be ignored, it still can either solve this problem or move away from it before it escalates into a serious crisis. She has an amazing ability to ignore ugliness if she decides that it cannot be embellished. She needs to be admired, even if she realizes that this is nothing more than flattery. She can persuade herself to believe in anything, true or false, if this allows her to feel loved and needed, and this, by the way, is one of the reasons why Libra girls get married early or mistakenly. But it is her optimism that helps her turn the negative into the positive, because she knows how to believe:

Despite her talent to paint a rainbow on gray clouds and the desire for peace and harmony at all costs, she is very sensitive to barbs and grievances. She admires the wit of Sagittarius, but does not want to be a target or a pillow for pins!

Libra woman respects honesty and idealism, because these qualities are inherent in her. She loves people, big gatherings, art and music as well as reading, studying, arguing and all forms of intellectual communication. The Sagittarius man is tailored just by that measure. His woman should be generous, friendly and sociable, and not only equal in mind, but also close in spirit. He needs a woman who will never saw him, who believes in his dreams, understands the word “freedom” and who will be kind to his four-legged friends. Libra Woman was created just for Sagittarius. However, she was created as it should and in all other respects, yet she is a close relative of Venus de Milo!

He feels her every desire before she herself realizes it. He also instantly reacts to the interest shown to his Libra girlfriend by all men within the range of her perfectly Irresistible Venusian smile. They admire her intelligence and her other virtues, and she loves so much when they admire her! She sees nothing wrong with this, why should she stop this? She is not as hot as he is, and perhaps more calmly reacted to the fact that his enthusiasm simply attracts other women. And since both of them are attractive, full of interest in life and in people, we will not exclude romantic jealousy as a serious danger to their relationship.

Air and Fire combine well, and their love confirms this. She can cause a surge of passion in him when she simply looks at him and when she is passionate about some kind of smart argument. In the first case, this is a tender, but ardent desire – something like Romeo felt, climbing the balcony to Juliet. The second awakens in him an equally ardent desire, but without tenderness, because the consciousness that a woman is equal to him in intellect always causes a feeling of a duel in a man, and on a subconscious level this is so.

She knows how to subdue his rushing spirit, and he is able to wake her imagination. True, sometimes it seems to him that, belonging to him, she elusively eludes him. Let it not bother him, because slipping away is so characteristic of air! She sometimes worries about his ardor, impatience and exactingness in physical proximity, but this is just one of the manifestations of his joyful, honest and direct feelings.

It happens that the relationship of two is built only on physical attraction, and it can pass … Sagittarius and Libra are connected by a lot. She sees behind his bravado the trusting soul of a little boy, and in every Libra woman a school teacher is hidden somewhere inside. In addition, he has a thousand questions to which she has at least two thousand answers. And he, with his instant instinct for what is really important, will also teach her a lot.

– What should I do? she worries. “I think of our future with such joy in my heart, and the mind makes me cautious …

” “The mind is not the instrument by which love is measured,” he says and kisses her. “What do you feel now, dear?”

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