Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Taking into account everything: their seriousness, inquisitiveness of nature, directness and independence, and especially the fact that both of them are influenced by the elements of Fire, were born under the male sign of the Zodiac, and the male planet Jupiter leads their words and actions, you understand that their relationship never will be boring.

Double Fire. Double masculinity. And last, but not least, double variability. This means that they will find pleasure in word games with each other, mostly based on a desire to find out which of them will lead the elephants in the parade in the circus, and who should go behind with a broom and dustpan and remove the dung.

Do you find this little innocent allegory to be vulgar? If so, I’m sorry, but in the end, this chapter is not written for Virgo, Libra or Capricorn. It is important for Sagittarius, and not a single Sagittarius is scared away by the mention of elephant dung. Shocking Sagittarius is even more difficult than Aquarius. In fact, I have a Sagittarius friend, a girl who can exclaim in her hearts: “Shut up! So that a cow will pile on your head!”

The Sagittarius man and woman will take turns checking each other “for a lie” or, more or less, with jokes and riddles, what is the position of the other in terms of morality, ethics, philosophy or intelligence.

She. Listen, a man drove a car, and his son was sitting next to him. There was an accident, my father died on the spot. The boy was taken to the hospital, and an immediate operation was needed to save his life. But the chief surgeon, seeing the patient, exclaimed: “I can not operate this boy: he is my son!”

Is he. It’s simple. The boy was adopted. The man who died in the accident was his adoptive father, and the surgeon was a real father. Right?

She. No, wrong. How stupid you are!

Is he. Wait. I understood! This boy was confused with another child of the same height and age, and he was taken to the operating room, and the second patient was really the son of a surgeon.

She. Come on! You will never guess. The surgeon was the mother of the boy. It just never occurred to you that women are smart enough to be surgeons! Do you think all women have brains like chicken? And until now I have not divorced you!

Is he. Not all women have brains like a chicken, but sometimes you behave that way. Firstly, this is a stupid riddle. Secondly, I thought you did not approve of surgeons and surgery. Besides, if you hadn’t said, I would have guessed it myself. How can you think when an ear pops all the time? Well, and since you started this conversation yourself, I think divorce is a great idea.

She. Do you think I’m talking all the time? Ha! Hearing this from you is really funny! And this is not stupid at all – a mystery. This is a fictitious situation, so there is nothing wrong with it. As for my disapproval of surgery, I just said that ninety percent of all operations are not necessary. This does not mean that I do not understand that there are accidents like fractures, appendicitis, and so on, when the help of an experienced surgeon is required. I am only against sadistic surgeons who unconsciously enjoy cutting people, and against those who buy luxury cars and homes for fees for supposedly treating appendicitis, tonsillitis, hysteria and even mastitis. I am absolutely sure that our doctor is an intelligent, subtle, compassionate person … The trouble is that you never listen, you interrupt all the time.

Is he. With you, too, since you started to get fat last year.

She. Enough is enough! You have twenty-four hours to pack and get out of here. And don’t forget your dog.

Is he. You have twenty-four hours to pack your things and get out. And you can pick up your dog when you leave.

(Since they are Sagittarius, each of them has its own dog and, perhaps, also a horse.)

Advice to other signs of the zodiac: do not be irritable. The two reconciled a few hours later, when both were packing (each of them decided that it was more humiliating if they left him than to leave himself). He embraced her ardently, admitting that she was not fat, she was just too thin earlier, and that the few extra pounds that she put on her hips only benefited her, and in general he only teased her. (He took a chance when he mentioned her hips, but nothing happened.) She lovingly stroked his hair and told him that it only seemed that he was balding, but if he even bald, he would become more beautiful – for example, how Yul Brunner. And in general, in her opinion, bald and balding men look very sexy.

Often, Sagittarius only makes things worse when they want to settle a quarrel by purposely fooling around, or trying to return to their former happy times and behave like cute but annoying puppies (or foals). Both of them need to monitor their habit of exaggerating, because Jupiter sometimes encourages Sagittarius to do more than it actually is. Leo and Gemini (for completely different reasons) also like to exaggerate a little, but they are far from Sagittarius, and it is to Sagittarius that it is so important to tell the truth! Therefore, I remind them for their own good: do not you think that you need to be careful that Jupiter does not tempt you to say a little more than the truth? This is an astrological test for whether you allow your truth and honesty to be distorted by exaggeration even with very strong feelings. Note that temptation may appear in the form of a selfish desire to achieve one’s own, to defend one’s position at any cost. But is it worth paying honesty for a victory?

Sagittarius doesn’t do anything at all, and when they are together, their enthusiasm doubles. Their double male vibration, passing through the bold and provocative essence of Sagittarius, leads to a close-knit relationship, in which there is both good and bad … Housewarming and battles, laughter and tears, defeats and victories – their relationships seem to be “sewn” from different colorful pieces, like a large quilt, which in some places was wiped at the seams, but did not lose its brightness. Sagittarius is unlikely to keep her Centaur from adventures called the search for happiness. Often the greater the danger, the more he likes it. Perhaps he will enjoy the sport as a participant and as a spectator. The vibration of Jupiter is sometimes so strong that it suppresses most other influences in the horoscope. I will give an example. He cannot prove anything to Archer about her Sagittarius, but the purpose of the example is to explain things, not to prove them. This, at least, is more than just a hint at the impudent character of the man of Jupiter if he hid it from her.

Clive Baxter, the guy who caused such a hurricane of controversy, opening up broad prospects for research in the field of perception of a simple cell (science called it the “Baxter effect”), was not Sagittarius at all; he was born under the sign of Pisces. However, in the horoscope of Cleve, the Moon and some other planets are very harmoniously located in Sagittarius. His horoscope also contains the “great favor” of the element of Water and exactly the same aspect in the signs of Fire.

Cleve grew up with a fear of water, a fear of fire and a fear of heights. He lived with these three phobias and was generally a true Fish. Once, when he was seventeen years old, his many planets and the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius informed his subconscious mind that the only way to overcome all these fears was to defeat them by accepting their challenge. Neptune’s vibration made him tremble with fear and self-pity, but the planets pushed him in the back, and on the lake in New Jersey he did what he then did many times two years in a row in front of a large audience at the Flushing Meadows Amphitheater in New York. Evening after evening, Cleve set fire to his swimming trunks, and then dived like a torch-man from seventy-five feet into a flaming pool of water (they poured gas there, which was set on fire a few seconds before the performance began).

Well, what do you say now about the double “great favor” of Fire and Water in the horoscope? It is also a beautiful illustration of Sagittarius’ irresistible craving for risk and recklessness. True, Cleve does not know for sure whether it is cowardice or courage (modesty of Pisces!). You understand that the jump itself would be enough for the public, but there, and New Jersey, when Cleve stood seventy-five feet above the water and looked down at the water and the fire, he was afraid. And it was then that it occurred to him to wet the swimming trunks with gasoline. When his ass caught fire, his unwillingness to dive immediately disappeared. He had no choice: only down, and soon! In fact, his decision to set his ass on fire is the influence of the loving rally of the “Streltsy” moon.

The same strange mixture of Sagittarius’s curiosity and Pisces’ susceptibility in Baxter soon made him light a fire in a place that could be called the “backside” of boring science …

A Sagittarius woman should better prepare for her beloved Sagittarius to hardly make their life monotonous, and prudent to leave him the right to humor and excitement.

If at least one of them does not have the Moon or the Ascendant in the Water or Earth signs, they are unlikely to be careful with money. They will spend, borrow, or play on them with the same joy with which they earn them. A rare Sagittarius, male or female, will work where he is not interested. He will quickly give up a bored occupation and will take care of what fascinates him. Sometimes he changes his job due to the fact that he was treated unfairly, and more often due to the fact that he himself said too much to his boss – Sagittarius does not choose expressions. However, he is not too upset about the temporary period of unemployment. – Centaurs look to the future with optimism and rarely lose heart, thinking about a black day. Figuratively speaking, Sagittarius always expects the sun and almost always waits for it.

Their love cannot be dim, because their union is a double Fire. If there are no adverse aspects between their Suns and Moons, which may be the cause of some disharmony in sexual terms, these two are gullible and open in their feelings. There will be no fear of disappointment or fear of rejection. They feel a similarity in understanding and readiness to fulfill the desires of another. This is not necessary to express in words: humorous fuss, laughter and throwing pillows are often part of a love ritual. There is fervor and joy in their love, and they feel calm in each other’s arms. Their problem may be jealousy, resentment or anger when one of them talks about his old affair, and the other is afraid that it is not all over there. They both require personal freedom, but do not always think of others (this is called “egoism”).

At first, they may have religious differences, but if they do without unnecessary disputes, it is religion that can give them an understanding of what life is in general and bring them closer together. And it is unlikely that one of them will stand aside when the other decides to go in search of adventure. Therefore, they need to agree to do everything together when it’s possible and even when it’s impossible …

Holidays apart for these men and women (especially if one of them was born with the Moon or Ascendant in the sign of Air) may end in a surprise when one of them forgets return. But if they are together, they can be sure that over the years they will become even closer to each other.

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