Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The union of the Virgo and Sagittarius – this vibration 4-10 – cannot be called initially harmonious. But if they try, they can sing a duet without being fake. Of course, you need to practice. As a New Yorker told a tourist who asked how to find Carnegie Hall: “Practice, practice, and practice again!”

Speaking of who and how gets to Carnegie Hall or any other place … Virgo will probably prefer the subway or bus, or even go on foot. Sagittarius’s first motivation is to catch a taxi or rent a car. Maybe even buy it – a racing sports model. Here is the first reason for quarrels. He is inclined to waste money, she counts every cent. No, Virgo cannot be called a miser, but if only her Moon or Ascendant are not in the Fiery or Air sign, she can be stingy. Virgo calls it frugality. But the straightforward Sagittarius may well call her a squalor. Do not hesitate to say it in the eye. What love is there?

Suppose he realized that he was somewhat tactless and broke firewood. How to return the location of Virgo? The most reliable way is to ask for advice on money matters. (By the way, when talking with Virgo, you need to look her in the eye, because the Virgo does not trust people who look away.) He just won’t put his mind around how to place part of the income. How much, in her opinion, should be set aside for a rainy day? What to prefer – municipal loan bonds, a block of shares, a deposit in a bank or maybe a chubby porcelain piggy bank?

Virgo loves when asked her opinions, and she will give a lot of practical “advice. If she already knows Sagittarius well, the idea of ​​a piggy bank will be discarded immediately, unless Sagittarius leaves the piggy bank with Virgo.

Most people choose their field, make a career, and only then, having secured old age, do what they like. Sagittarius from the very beginning and always do only what they like. If work infringes on their freedom, they abandon it without regret, not thinking about tomorrow. This usually horrifies the hardworking, rational, and responsible Virgin woman. First, she gently reproaches the carefree Sagittarius, then methodically and tirelessly bakes him.

Frustrated by the quibbles, the Centaur pulls the bowstring and sends several arrows in revenge: she herself is no better, pulling the strap out of habit. And all for the money. Maybe she likes it, but he is sure that a man should love his work. He could work for free if the case attracted him. Just for the sake of self-expression, so as not to feel empty.

I do not like to take sides in a dispute between lovers, but I tend to agree with the philosophy of the Centaur. Yes, golden rain does not always spill on those who obey calling, not calculation. But luck is whimsical. She can substitute a leg to the one who pursues wealth. Both people and fate chuckle at cranks who are obsessed with work. However, they are not getting smaller. I know a painter who will not exchange his work for the presidency. It is very difficult to go against yourself.

Since the intentions of the Virgin are initially pure, she can be moved by the disinterestedness of Sagittarius. It is possible that she will look at the world through his eyes. It is more than possible that Sagittarius will also appreciate her patience, commitment, accuracy. If so, Virgo and the Centaur will appeal against the sentence that Providence delivered to Union 4-10.

Of course, they are too different for their life to be completely smooth, without a hitch. But there is a powerful alchemy of love that heals wounds. In the arms of Sagittarius, Virgo forgets all his attacks, and he forgives her reproaches and doubts. The flashes of its fiery nature and the calm impulses of its earthly element can give them unforgettable experiences. But the Virgin must be aware that detachment and restraint in expressing love is not at all what the ardent Sagittarius is waiting for.

Sometimes, probably, a Victorian joke comes to his mind: the bride bashfully asks her mother how to behave on her wedding night, and she answers: “Just lie and think about England.”

What should he do? Reproach her with coldness? This is tactlessness that never solves anything. He needs to be patient and tender in order to defeat her stiffness and secrecy.

And the day will come when she simply cannot think of England. And this thought suddenly visits his head. And once at midnight, tired of love, he suddenly asked: what if they forget about caution and practicality, pack a couple of suitcases and fly to London? They will be there just in time to hear Big Ben’s chimes at noon. If she is smart, as Virgo is supposed to, she will not hesitate. She smackes his nose, flips a switch, smiles and says, “Well, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and call the airport while I take a shower.”

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