Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius + Scorpio = Air + Water

The compatibility between Scorpio and Aquarius is quite low. They both have very different personalities and their approach to life and intimate relationships is very different. On the other hand, where they do resemble each other is their stubborn attitude of imposing themselves on the other, always wanting to be right and the desire to argue. Danger! because they are attitudes that can lead to a break.

The Scorpio man is possessive, controlling and jealous, while the Aquarius woman is a lover of her freedom and independence. Because of this, they have hard work ahead of them if they want to share their lives.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Friendship:

The Aquarius tend to have many friends , yet I none very close; while Scorpios tend to have few but very good friends. Both signs are quite stubborn and have very fixed opinions, which makes a relationship even more difficult.

Both the Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman are good at maintaining friendly relationships. In particular, Aquarius women enjoy being around people and that is why it is essential for them to have a large list of friends, because then there will always be one available for their adventures or good conversations.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility:

Scorpios are very intense, emotional and passionate while Aquarians are much more balanced and practical. Scorpios are carried away by their intuition and instinct, while Aquarians seem colder, more cerebral and distant.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are very determined signs and they don’t mind facing a challenge or pursuing a utopia. This ability to fight and decide can be decisive if both decide, that above all they want to bet on their love and make the relationship work. Thanks to your perseverance, you may be able to adapt to the personality of your partner and move on.

Another factor in their favor is that they are both great communicators and they love to dialogue, which will make it easier for them to understand and tolerate each other.

The Aquarius woman, as a good representative of an air sign, is more intellectual than emotional. She has a hard time dealing with emotions, which is why she feels intense relationships as an obstacle. However, she is compassionate and caring and is willing to help those in need. She is honest, loyal, and committed, so when she makes up her mind, she does so seriously and gets to really get involved.

The Aquarius woman likes to break barriers, she does not like living within the mold, she prefers to enjoy without limitations since she does not care what they will say. Usually, she achieves a perfect balance between fulfilling her responsibilities and enjoying life to the fullest, thus securing her freedom and independence.

The Scorpio man, although he is intelligent, is best known for the passion and intensity of his emotions, emotions that he needs to share with someone who is capable of receiving all that intensity that characterizes him. Therefore, he looks for partners who accept everything he gives, so a partner with these characteristics is essential in his life.

He is a born leader, although sometimes he becomes a persecutor. From a romantic point of view, he says clearly what he wants, without any embellishments, and despite this, it is difficult for him to depart from his peculiar charm.

Being emotional does not distance him from intelligence, because he is extremely intelligent and likes to be with his peers. It is not a good idea to break their trust or their heart, they are unforgivable things for him, so they will see his stinger in action.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman in Love:

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs and this can lead to great attraction . But it will be difficult for Aquarius to understand the air of mystery and jealousy of Scorpio. On the other hand, Scorpio will find it difficult to assume the most unpredictable and uncontrollable part of the Aquarius. For a relationship between Aquarius and Scorpio to work in the long term, it will be important that both understand and value their differences.

As for their compatibility in intimate relationships , this is an area where there should not be many problems, because the passion of Scorpios fits well with the willingness on the part of Aquarians to explore new sensations. The difference between the two is that Aquarians like to talk a lot, while Scorpios prefer to go directly into action. For more information see

But for close friends or love relationships, things become difficult for the Aquarius woman, who is sometimes considered shy or unwilling for commitment.

For their part, due to their great magnetism, Scorpio men attract many people around them. Despite this, they keep most people at bay so as not to expose their emotional vulnerabilities. As her dedication is so great, since she gives everything in a relationship, it is difficult for her to trust to show her emotions naked.

When Scorpio and Aquarius are in a romantic relationship, distrust of Scorpio can be inconvenient. However, since honesty is so important to both of you, you will be able to overcome many problems. Additionally, if the Aquarius woman clearly states what her needs and limits are, agreements will be achieved more easily.

For his part, for the harmony of the relationship, Scorpio will have to control his impulses to avoid that his love is something oppressive and suffocating. Although the love relationship between these two signs is not completely lost, they will have to get used to working to overcome many obstacles.

In Intimacy, they can be an uneven but complementary partner, since Aquarius is capable of enjoying Scorpio’s enormous sex drive. If Scorpios work to maintain arousal and avoid boredom, they will be happy both in bed and out of it. Despite how difficult the relationships between these signs may be, if they are based on the honesty, loyalty and devotion they show, they will achieve it.

What if they should not forget is to communicate widely so that the expectations, needs and limits of both are clear and thus form a successful couple. If they learn to live and love together, they will overcome the bad times and the growing pains, obtaining as a final result a beautiful, honest and sincere relationship. Even if you just want to be friends because there will be enjoyment and fun.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Issues:

When a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman meet, without a doubt, it is a collision between heart and head and it will be difficult for them to have a good relationship. And it is that being in such different places, such as reason and emotions, it is not easy to reconcile. Basically, because what is good and healthy for one is not necessarily good for the other; And because the possessive and controlling of the Scorpio man does not match the free spirit of the Aquarius woman.

While Scorpio is suspicious of everyone, Aquarius is friends with everyone, so she looks for a stimulating partner to accompany her on her adventures. And it is that the negative side to Scorpio plays tricks on her, due to her impulsiveness it is not even easy for her to give Aquarius personal space. Circumstance that can cause the Aquarius woman not to commit and prioritize her freedom over the control that a Scorpio man wants to exercise in his life.

An additional problem is that both are stubborn and life can turn into a continuous power struggle, wanting to go in opposite directions. Scorpio finds little compatibility with the Aquarius woman, because they are separated by the different visions that each one has of life. And in that give and take relationship, neither Scorpio uses his receptivity, nor Aquarius uses his assertiveness.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Professional work:

If they work together in the workplace, they can solve many problems based on their strengths, even if they prefer to do things each in their own way.

If Scorpios become aggressive and demanding, the work environment can turn into a real hell. Well, although Aquarius is not aggressive, it will not allow excesses of control without fighting.

When Aquarius works alone they are successful and prosperous, however, due to their nature of helping others, their efforts can go in other directions. Generally, they are both great employees, because they are very hard-working, not at all lazy and very resourceful.

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Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship:

With her intuition (and she has excellent intuition), the Aquarius girl does not need much time to unravel the secret meaning of the smiles of this man. His facial expressions are under the tight control of Pluto. He will never lead without calculation and with an eyebrow. Every blink, every nod of thought. Scorpio almost never frowns; he uses a clear, gaze. When emotions boil in him, he looks at you with such hypnotic power that you enter a state like a trance.

His smiles are the most complex cipher of all. It is extremely difficult for the uninitiated to understand them (the Aquarius woman is a little easier). This is a smile taking heart, which contains all the innocent delights of childhood: he smiled when he was little. (She is real! Rare and fleeting, but real.) And there is also a quick wide smile (you should try not to miss it) of pleasure, happiness and approval, which so rarely appears that makes it even more blessed … And his laughter? Very brief, soft and quiet, so you can hardly hear it. And loud, funny, but sounding seconds.

Do not forget another smile. In the Middle Ages it would be called sinister, but we are civilized people, we use another word – warning. If she is facing you, I do not envy you. This means that Scorpio is close to teaching you a lesson. He is not in vain warning. But you still have a little time to fix something.

Interestingly, the Aquarius girl sometimes manages to confuse even Eagle, and this is undoubtedly an impressive achievement. She will not send him an insightful look, burning the path directly to his soul. The eyes of Aquarius can suddenly inhale some kind of haze. Like a veil. Or several layers of veil. Whatever Scorpio does then, no matter what he says, she will not react in any way, as if she does not see and does not, hears him. But she really doesn’t hear. When this woman’s gaze becomes so distant, even Scorpio cannot follow the flight of her thoughts. She is somewhere high above the Milky Way, above all the rainbows … This will annoy him, and good. It is time for him to understand what it feels like to someone with whom they hide and seek.

After Eagle carefully examines the Aquarius girl, he will admire her independence, her individualism and her rejection of conformism. He has the same qualities. Of course, she shows them more clearly than he used to, with the shameful lack of subtlety and caution. And yet, secretly, he respects her for her firm decisions to do her job and be herself. Even if she is one of those more shy and calm Aquarius, who has soft feminine manners and a sweet, viscous voice, you will not force the person born under the Permanent Solar Sign to do something that she really does not want to do, and you are not a bit change her behavior by warning her that “people are already talking.” She just gracefully shrugs her shoulders and says: “Let them speak, they are not my decree.” And so it is.

It’s easy to see why she is so drawn to an eagle as independent.

Since they are influenced by vibration 4-10, there may be other reasons for the initial mutual interest of the male Scorpio and the female Aquarius. Issues related to his or her promotions, their families, work, or something strange are not at all common, such as, for example, mutual interest in star travel, frogs, elephants, or Pharaoh Akhenaten.

The love affair or marriage of this couple will always be highly instructive, enlightening and interesting. It may not be harmonious, at least at the beginning, but harmony can always be achieved by applying astrological wisdom, and conflicts between them are usually the ones that make both feelings and intelligence grow.

Aquarius is in front of Scorpio on the Karmic wheel of life and, therefore, she can teach him some lessons, although he will never admit it. Nevertheless, he is wise and receptive enough to feel this, and will silently imitate her in more than he is ready to admit even to himself. Her lighter attitude to difficulties, her ability to forgive and forget, her “airy” escape from grief and bitterness, detachment – all these features Scorpio could gain for himself.

This girl, with all her charming mannerisms of a scattered Genius and Alice’s innocent curiosity in Wonderland, has a character, and what a character! When a Scorpio man first encounters him, he may retreat in surprise (Scorpio retreat? Yes). Not that he was shocked by the holes himself. But it takes so little to make a scene (which happens as infrequently as he does), while he always has a good reason to lose his temper, and then when he can no longer endure. In this regard, she could try to be like him. All Aquarius could have a little more control over themselves. If she wants to maintain his respect, she will have to learn to restrain her character, especially when they are not alone.

The sexual relationship of this couple can be either a constant rivalry of conflicting desires, or a mature message of love to each other. Much depends on the emotional harmony that the aspect of the Sun-Moon shows in their horoscopes. If his Sun is in a negative aspect to her Moon, or vice versa, her “airy” response to lovemaking will only slip on the surface of his deep passion, and his concentrated approach to their proximity will cause her tension when she needs to relax and be happy. However, if their luminaries are in a positive aspect, their love in its earthly manifestation can become beautiful.

One important difference in their approaches to sex: it is that Scorpio tends to be very emotionally involved in the physical act of love, while Aquarius seems to never completely lose the feeling of emotional non-involvement inherent in the sign of Air. It seems to bifurcate, and one part of it remains detached and objective. Aquarius quickly returns to reality, while Scorpio needs a gradual return to earth from the heights of passion. Obviously, in this case, she must make a conscious effort to preserve the unique spiritual closeness that follows physical.

A Scorpio man and a Aquarius woman who love each other will put his career (and her) in the first place on his list of goals, and the reliability of their home in the second. The third place will be taken by posterity, and only then – personal hopes, dreams and desires. This is a general model that all pairs such as any Solar Signs 4-10 follow.

Aquarius woman is always ready to change her leg, change the subject or change her mind. Scorpio does not slide so easily from one option to another, but Pluto gave him enough patience and condescension to successfully follow her in her frequent changes. (Scorpios can do anything if they make a Plutonic effort.)

The Scorpio man is full of contradictions, secrets and unexpected moods. The Aquarius woman herself is in many ways such, with the exception of secrecy. The influence of Uranus helps her to pick up its vibrations intuitively and almost immediately. So they are not as far from each other as it might seem at first. Most of all, they need to monitor the immutability inherent in both of them. It is difficult for both of them to change, and both tend to express their regret not in words, but in actions.

In Conclusion:

At first, a Scorpio may be irritated by the stable and sociable nature of his Aquarius partner, to the point where he spends pricking and popping her, to see her lose control. If the two of you are able to recognize this flaw and avoid it through dialogue, you will have made a big step toward stability and success.

The most compatible Scorpios for a relationship with Aquarius are those who were born between November 13 and 22, while the most compatible Aquarians are those born between February 9 and 18, because they are the most emotional and sensual due to the influence of Venus and Libra.

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