Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Scorpio and Sagittarius. Water + Fire

The Sagittarius and Scorpio couple is a very difficult combination because while the Sagittarius adventurer adores changes and the exploration of distant horizons, taking all kinds of risks (physical, emotional and spiritual) to then move on to the next great challenge.

Because she is fire and he is water, at first glance it seems that their chances of long-term love are slim. But, just as water is capable of putting out a fire, it can also generate a large amount of steam.

Although Scorpio and Sagittarius appear to live at opposite ends, compatibility is possible because they are alike in many ways. The enthusiasm and spontaneity of the elements of water and fire have no limits because they share the same primary energy. Therefore, both signs have intense and passionate personalities and any connection that exists between them will be unforgettable.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility:

The Sagittarius woman is impulsive, passionate and optimistic, she is not afraid to take things to the extreme, showing a wild side. She is also a dreamy person, with many high goals and ambitions. Her love of adventure fuels her desire to live life to the fullest, because she is also a social butterfly.

A Sagittarius woman is the life of the party and also, she values ​​her freedom immensely, which is why she is quick to take flight when things get stifling. Basically, because the Sagittarius woman yearns for adventure, she is independent and always has her eyes on what the future holds.

Although the Scorpio man is sometimes dark, mysterious and moody, he always does things with passion and intensity, which is because his emotions and motivations come from somewhere deep, so he does not take anything lightly. He has a strong intuition and is an expert at reading people, which is why he can relate to almost anyone.

However, he maintains a narrow circle of close friends and loved ones. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is one of the most trusted signs of the zodiac as he is an excellent provider and a better protector.

Scorpios crave security, tend to think things over, are nostalgic, and consider commitment essential to being successful as a couple.

Scorpios prefer to go straight to the heart of the relationship , rejoicing in the exploration of commitment and emotional power. Therefore the compatibility between the two is low.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman in Love:

The Sagittarius woman is adventurous and is always willing to accept a challenge, so conquering a Scorpio becomes an extremely exciting goal; Well, Sagittarius women want to break down barriers, but they don’t know that a Scorpio man is an expert at reading their flirtations, so they will go along with it.

It won’t be long until you both know that you can have something stronger and that your first dates will always have special meaning. Scorpio will take Sagittarius wherever she wants to go, be it to an elegant dinner or a snack and also, it will make it very special, so the sparks will fly.

Because you like to give it your all, you will find a way to make it extremely memorable with a touch, a look, or your words – so much so that the location won’t matter. Thus, she will remember their charm and how they fell in love.

Scorpios tend to show their love with material things, so it’s no surprise if you take Sagittarius out on multiple purchases, because they like to show affection by spending their money. This could collide with the independent nature of Sagittarius, because she can buy these things for herself and not be in debt to anyone. But, you have to remember that Scorpios see themselves as providers, so sometimes you have to let them have their way and reap the benefits.

The Scorpio man is intense, magical and powerful, words that describe the intimate chemistry that exists between a Sagittarius woman and her Scorpio man.

In love, they play with each other’s passions and she has no problem maintaining his desires and fantasies, so together they will explore her limits. Without a doubt, very deep emotions can emerge from their sexual encounters.

One of the best things about the Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship is their implicit connection, which they achieve even just by seeing each other. Because they both have a highly developed intuition and this telepathic level of love can blow both minds. Although at first it may seem that they do not understand each other, the compatibility between them is high and if they allow it, they will be a very interesting couple.

There is no doubt that there may be some sexual attraction between Sagittarius and Scorpio, but if this line is crossed it will probably be to get scalded. However, if Sagittarius wants this challenge, Scorpio will accept.

The passionate Scorpio, a Water sign, is ruled by the energetic Mars, God of War, and the furious Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, while Sagittarius, a Fire sign, is ruled by the philosophical Jupiter, Lord of Dance. Since they both have a keen interest in intimacy , this combination can be one of the fiery in the zodiac. However, Sagittarius is impulsive and spontaneous , even capricious, while with Scorpio everything happens under the surface, being difficult to know what is really going on.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship Issues:

Sagittarius is hot-tempered but quickly calms down, while Scorpio can be, burning for days before erupting into a raging volcano. Scorpios can also be very possessive and jealous, something that clashes with the flirtatious and freedom-loving spirit of Sagittarius. Sagittarius’ playful sexuality will soon find Scorpio’s overbearing and intense passion difficult to bear and will tend to run away.

If the attraction is strong, as can be the case if the moon signs or other factors are compatible, both will have to look for a common ground from which to reach a mutual knowledge in the long term. Scorpio should understand, that you cannot have Sagittarius like a caged bird . Sagittarius’ outspoken frankness also clashes with Scorpio, as Scorpio is reserved and likes to manipulate, while Sagittarius prefers to be direct and open. Sagittarius will have to control their tongue and Scorpio will have to put away the whip and spurs, at least while they make travel plans. This is quite a difficult combination.

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Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship:

Astrology often looks condescendingly on Sagittarius’s inherent ability to kill with a word, but sometimes Sagittarius honesty goes beyond sensitivity and good taste, turning into inhumanity and cruelty. From time to time, the Riflemen themselves require a slap of truth. Nice slap.

The female person of the sign of Sagittarius, which crosses the boundaries of what is permitted with a male Scorpio, may find that the sad end of her romance came even before the first chapter was written.

Fortunately, most Sagittarius women belong to the type whom the leadership of Jupiter makes spread around itself more joy and sunlight than pain. And it is precisely this type of Sagittarius personality that can make Eagle happy with its touching honesty and generosity. It is symbolized by a Centaur – a half-horse half-man, and sometimes it stumbles awkwardly, and sometimes gracefully slips into his life, carrying with it brightly colored pennants of hope and optimism.

Her contagiously cheerful smile illuminates the dark corners of his soul, awakens long-forgotten dreams, resurrecting him with the promise of a new life. If only he would let her into his life.

No matter how pleasant and meek the Eagle may seem, it is a man of dull moods, inexpressible periods of depression and self-doubt. He can break her heart, not wanting it himself, when he withdraws from her enthusiasm.

Sagittarius girl needs to travel a lot, she needs to communicate with people and animals. If she is not often allowed to change her environment or surroundings, she will turn into a restless, unsatisfied woman. When Sagittarius’s enthusiasm and sociability are limited by circumstances or something else, Sagittarius experiences mental and emotional torment leading to despair – a very real danger to these people. Sagittarius must exist in an atmosphere of hope and happiness, or his spirit will die, and health at all levels will suffer severely. Only a very unkind person can turn away from the friendly, optimistic look of this girl.

Unlike her, a typical Scorpio man does not like a bunch of people, although he is usually kind to animals, with the exception of some cases of the influence of Jupiter or Neptune in his horoscope. He needs long periods of loneliness and calm – time to reflect and comprehend his essence. He needs privacy. Naturally, this can cause conflicts between them. However, this is a solvable problem. He should make sincere efforts to curb his possessive habits and let her seek out the bright lights of the changing environment and the stimulating conversations she needs, and not keep her on the leash. Even dogs do not like leashes, and especially girls. Of course, she would prefer that he appear in society with her, but if this interferes with his peace, then it is better to let him not change his lifestyle. He should not be afraid of treason, when she goes out for a walk with the dog, ride a horse or wander alone in the forest. A strange pacification comes upon her when she is close to nature, and the loneliness he needs so much (and which she denies) is just as healing for her soul as for him.

For other men, it is unlikely that a typical Sagittarius girl would have a secret connection. Secrets are Scorpio’s business, not hers. If she ever felt that she was in love with someone else, she would most likely tell her Scorpio about this before he would feel something was amiss.

The only thing that can make a Sagittarius woman stop loving quickly is boredom, while the Eagle ceases to love only after deciding that the beloved is no longer worth his loyalty, because in some way it does not correspond to his ideal. Scorpio does not like weaknesses or people who give up easily. He can sympathize with the losers, but only respects the winners.

At least at first they will not be bored during physical intimacy. In this regard, her honesty can become a brilliant virtue: her sexual expression of love is so ingenuous and open that it attracts Scorpio, as if with a magnet. He will readily respond to her fiery passion, and she will respond with sincere and reverent interest to the various facets of his always slightly elusive sexuality, which ranges from soft tenderness to strong sensuality. But if the luminaries in their horoscopes are in opposition or a square, she can rashly throw criticisms immediately before, during or immediately after their physical proximity, which will hit this man’s exceptional sensitivity like a hammer. In response, he can take revenge on the sudden coldness and lack of interest, making her feel unloved, and unwanted. And this will create a scene with reproaches and tears, because she will not be able to keep her tragedy in herself. Belonging to the sign of Fire, she is able to suffer from the tormenting flame of jealousy and can accuse him of anger that he loves another. This is probably not the case. The sense of honor in him is as strong as the honesty in it, and a rare Scorpio can live in a lie.

If they discuss everything, they will reveal the real reasons for their friction and will be surprised to find out because of what little things they torment each other. She is always ready to discuss everything, but he can sulk and think, keeping his feelings to himself, and this is the worst thing he can do with this woman and with himself.

This pair in no case need to talk about money. It is better to let Sagittarius spend his own savings and never touch on this topic. If he wants to save his money by locking them in a safe, that’s fine. If she wants to throw her in the wind – excellent. Unless its Moon sign or Ascendant mitigates this aspect, they will never come to a consensus about finances. Both must have their own money, as was before their meeting.

When they quarrel over something and stop talking for several hours, the sociable Sagittarius girl is much harder than Orla. Scorpions are more or less accustomed to loneliness and easier to tolerate it. And yet loneliness, even not for long, does not give a feeling of happiness. The Sagittarius woman is usually quite predictable. Explosions of her temperament, her impulsive generosity and her readiness to forgive, her serious, philosophical moods – all this can be predicted by Eagle with the help of intuition. But she cannot so easily figure out his emotions. She will never be able to fully understand his mysterious silence, because he is Water, and she is Fire. But they are influenced by vibration 2-12, so that he will learn a lot from her, and she will find unexpected tolerance for his moods.

This is a man who knows how to desire and achieve what he wants if he wants it enough. This woman needs a goal, something to fight for, something to look forward to tomorrow, next week or next year. Her tremendous ability to believe is in perfect harmony with his vast reserves of willpower, so that together they can achieve everything that they want long enough for enough.

In Conclusion:

A love relationship between Sagittarius and Scorpio will only work if Sagittarius can put more weight on his generous caring side than the wild one and is lucky enough to find a Scorpio who is willing to come out of his shell and taste the wild world with him.

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