Virgo Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign of the zodiac. Pisces is the 7th sign of the zodiac. Virgo and Pisces zodiac signs have a 7-7 relation. This means that, though they may be very different, they are very well compatible with each other.

The Virgo Woman – The Rainbow of the Zodiac

It may be worthless for an astrologer to reveal the secrets of Neptune, but this will help the Virgo man to better understand the Pisces Woman, this angel-like creature, so timid and fearful. You see, this cherub knows well what he is doing. She is the real daughter of Eve, a gift of nature to the male sex, enclosed in a seductive package and tied with pink ribbons. Only now, the Virgo man does not suspect that he is hiding under the captivating shell.

Twelve women – that’s what he will discover when he carefully (Virgin does everything carefully) unties the ribbons. This naive, deceptively submissive lady is a whole harem, because the sign of Pisces carries the seeds of all the other eleven signs of the Karmic ring. That’s why she can listen. (This, by the way, captivates the Virgin first of all.) She listens attentively, because she is wise. Her subconscious mind stores the experience of previous incarnations.

The Pisces Man, although he experiences a double female influence (the female Solar sign and the female influence of Neptune), is often inferior to the Female Pisces She’s more variable than a chameleon. She becomes assertive and arrogant, like Aries,she is penetrated by the stubbornness of Taurus. Then all the arguments of reason bounce off her like a rubber ball. 

Finally, it seemed to the Virgo man that she succumbed to soft charm, but she had already fluttered away, like a Gemini butterfly, slipping away so quickly that the fleeting Mercury, the Virgo Man, seemed like a tortoise in comparison with her. Then she accepts, crying, tears give way to laughter, the elusive anemone becomes a troublesome mother hen. This is the phase of Cancer. Then a strange week will come when she arrogantly expects to be given royal honors. Stage of the Lion. It is followed by a month of humility and prudence, when it vaguely seems to him that he is looking in the mirror. The way it is. This is Virgo’s exit in the twelve-act drama of Pisces Woman.

Calm and contented, the Virgo man decides to show his girlfriend with timid pride the old “Ford” model, which he restored after a long, tiring fuss. First, she agrees to ride, and then declares that she hates black. Should I repaint the car? Let her be crimson, like her new dress. This is the oscillation of the scales.

Once he forgets to call her before bed, as promised. The next day, he cuts off her phone, stands at the door for half an hour. All in vain. Scorpio does not forgive insults. When, as a sign of reconciliation, she kisses her lover, his knees tremble and darkens in his eyes from the scorching touch of a Scorpio passion.

One morning, she advises him to change his hairdresser, to better clean his shoes, to throw this disgusting tie in the trash and not to say anything stupid. And all this in the presence of his mother and two best friends. So Sagittarius pulls a bowstring …

Suddenly she gets tired of stepping on his favorite corns. She announces with a stone face that she decided to get married, because she is going to study art in Europe. He huddles under the icy breath of Capricorn’s ambitions.

Only Virgo begins to hope that everything has returned to normal, became familiar and comfortable, as his girlfriend Pisces suddenly changes his apartment, forgetting to tell him about it. She leaves the address with the old mistress, confuses the house number and street. And it takes three months to find her through her mother, who finally returns from Ohio. Pisces Woman was the victim of one of the annual Aquarius attacks of amnesia and eccentricity.

In the end, she will find her true self. What scared and puzzled was just fleeting. Most of the time she is charming, calm and full of compassion. However, it is better that her lover be ready for the variety of guises that she sometimes puts on.

When they offend her, she hides in a corner, like a little girl. Why is she doing this? He wants to cry secretly from everyone, complain to spiders? Or does she intend to eat alone the candy she was about to share? Of course not! She went into the far corner of the room. Remember I said she was wise? Her subconscious senses the power of the polarity of the solar signs, the gravitation of opposites. And she retreats so that they are separated by space, so that the Law of Attraction works faster.

And this law always works. After ten minutes of suppressed silence, her beloved rushes across the room to hug her and ask for forgiveness.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Relationship and Love

The signs of Earth and Water almost always merge in ecstasy. She enjoys finding safety, he relishes the new vivid impressions. Often a Virgo man loses control of himself, and this is the best thing that can happen to him. This man, who is desperately seeking salvation in solitude, does not suspect what strong feelings doze in him, waiting for release.

He is so smart, and she is so wise that it will be easy for them to reach an agreement. Moreover, both belong to the Moving Signs and do not experience difficulties in communication.

Perhaps he will be unpleasantly struck by the success she enjoys in men. Flirty in her blood. He just need to come to terms with this, as well as with her willingness to listen to other people’s confessions. 

You can try to convince her not to litter with money and not give everything that has been postponed for vacation, to the first who asked for a loan, but one should not be zealous in stifling generous impulses. She cannot love a miser who is stingy with money and feelings. Disappointment often makes her cold and can even push her into the depths of drunkenness and a dull depression.

If he wants to see all twelve of her faces happy, he must learn to relax, look at everything easily, not to crush her when she tries to please, to be generous and natural. As for his girlfriend, she should not shove his favorite magazines and sweaters at the desk when the guests arrived, lose his socks and forget to set the alarm clock.

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