Leo in Love

Leo in Love

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Ruled by the Sun and the elements of fire, Leo is the source of life for his partner. Many want to bask in its rays, to be charged with optimism, nobility and generosity. In any relationship, Leo strives to take a dominant position

. Just as the planets revolve around the sun, he wants to be at the center of a crowd of fans. Flattery, compliments and admiration are his main sources of pleasure.

Leo in Love

Leo is one of the warmest and loving signs of the zodiac. They invariably generous to their loved ones, they like to give them richly, even for no apparent reason. As companions, they choose active and positive people who are able to appreciate and emphasize their dignity.

Leo in love is romantic and sensual. Their attitude towards the chosen one will be chivalrous and a little old-fashioned. They are not one of those who forgets about an anniversary, birthday or other significant event for a couple. The romance with Leo is full of adventures and vivid impressions. It’s almost impossible to refuse them. They are admirers of risk and passion, ready to perform unexpected spectacular actions. An affair with a Leo will be remembered for a lifetime.

Leo often falls in love, while seeing each new partner in a rainbow light. But soon the castles in the air collapse, and they begin to realize that the image they invented is far from perfect.

When Leo is in love, they forget about pride and is ready to compromise, or even completely give up their position. Around the object of love, they are ready to walk on tiptoe, providing their partner with all kinds of benefits. Leo in love never disappears from the radar, they always calls at least once a day.

Leo tend to feel that they are ideally compatible with every person they like. Unfounded optimism often turns into a broken heart. If Leo is defeated on the love front, they are inclined to look for the culprit in anyone, just not in themselves. They consider it beneath their dignity to ask forgiveness for their mistakes, and even more so to correct them.

Leo’s love fiasco is going through very hard, but this does not prevent them from seeking solace in the arms of another partner. Early marriages are not uncommon among Lions.

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Leo in Relationship

Advantages of a Leo Partner


Leos are particularly generous. They do not mind the money for the people they love. They are ready to please and pamper their loved ones. Lions themselves value beauty and luxury, so they want the person who was next to them not to need anything either. In general, it is very important for Leo that close people do not feel the need for anything.


It is safe and comfortable next to the Lions. They know how to create a favorable atmosphere in a relationship. Lions will willingly help in a difficult situation, come to the rescue and become your main support and support. By being close to Leo, you will always feel protected and safe.


Leos are willing to take responsibility and are not afraid of commitment. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign are used to controlling everything, being aware of everything, and therefore not being afraid to take responsibility. In addition, Leos are very serious about relationships, no matter if the relationship is of friendly, business oriented or a relationship.


With representatives of this Zodiac Sign, you will definitely not be bored. Lions know how to cheer, make life bright and eventful. They are very romantic and funny natures. Lions are used to living to the fullest, getting all possible pleasures from life.

Disadvantages of a Leo Partner

Among the unconditional advantages of this sign there are qualities that can complicate the path to well-being in matters of the heart, of course, if Leo fails to curb them.


Most people are selfish in love, and Leo is a prime example of this statement. Unlike others, he does not consider this trait a disadvantage, rather the opposite. Leo likes the feeling of superiority over others. In relationships, he feels himself the first among equals. If he is elevated to the podium, he is happy, cheerful and generous. But if the authority is questioned, he shows an animal grin: growls, snaps, raises the fur on end.


This quality increases the competitiveness of Leo in the business field, but in his personal life it can play a cruel joke. “He will not die of modesty” – this is about him. Flattering speeches are pleasing to the ears of a lion and can melt his proud heart. By exalting Leo to the skies, you can easily conquer him. But will he be comfortable going through life with such a two-faced person?


Relationships with Leos often do not work out due to the fact that it is difficult for his partners to constantly play on the sidelines. To keep the king of beasts sympathetic, you need to admire him 24/7, while forgetting about your own needs and desires. The Lion Majesty requires the fulfillment of numerous whims and whims as a matter of course. Leo’s companion must learn to love him as much as he loves himself.


Lions are naturally aggressive. At the beginning of their acquaintance, they can skillfully disguise themselves as a plush kitten, but when brought to the handle, a white and fluffy animal turns into a real tornado. Representatives of this sign do not know how to hide anger and other negative emotions. Getting rid of negativity, they receive a portion of adrenaline, after which they calm down. This is the nature of Leo.

Are you Compatible with Leo ?

You are Compatible with Leo if …

  • You strive for a beautiful and luxurious life;
  • You would like to receive many gifts and surprises;
  • You love to invite guests, arrange holidays;
  • you are ready to give compliments and admiration to your beloved;
  • You are ok with a domineering partner;

Zodiac Signs Best Compatible with Leo are:

  • Aries (82%)
  • Gemini (77%)
  • Leo (72%)
  • Libra (75%)
  • Sagittarius (75%)
  • Aquarius (85%)

Are you Incompatible with Leo ?

You are Incompatible with Leo if …

  • You don’t want to obey and receive frequent instructions;
  • You don’t like it when a partner treats you as their property;
  • You cannot bear partner’s dictatorial habits;
  • You don’t like it when your opinion is not taken into account;
  • You want equality and mutual respect;
  • You do not like it when your partner points out and orders;

Zodiac Signs Incompatible with Leo are:

  • Cancer (33%)
  • Scorpio (33%)
  • Capricorn (32%)
  • Pisces (18%)

Leo Compatibility Percentage

LEO and ARIES Compatibility82%90%90%80%70%90%70%
LEO and TAURUS Compatibility41%50%20%20%70%50%40%
LEO and GEMINI Compatibility77%90%80%90%40%80%80%
LEO and CANCER Compatibility33%40%30%10%40%50%30%
LEO and LEO Compatibility72%50% 90%50%80%70%90%
LEO and VIRGO Compatibility42%30%10%50%60%50%50%
LEO and LIBRA Compatibility75%90%90%80%40%90%60%
LEO and SCORPIO Compatibility33%10%10%30%60%50%40%
LEO and SAGITTARIUS Compatibility75%90%80%80%80%80%40%
LEO and CAPRICORN Compatibility32%10%10%60%40%60%10%
LEO and AQUARIUS Compatibility85%90%90%90%70%90%80%
LEO and PISCES Compatibility18%10%10%30%10%30%20%
Leo Compatibility Chart (detailed table)

Leo Compatibility

Leo Compatibility Chart
Leo Compatibility Chart

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