Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Capricorn woman can not do anything with the fact that she is wise beyond her years, just as the Gemini man is not to blame if he sometimes looks like an irresponsible little boy. In our society, until very recently, it was believed that a man should be strong, mature and practical. And the woman is something airy, helpless and unpredictable.

It is a blessing for Capricorn and Gemini that we finally realized her right to be practical and smart along with his right to dream occasionally, to show sensitivity and frivolity. This is happiness for all of us, but especially for these two. They have enough problems because of their differences, why else make them conform to someone’s prejudice ideas about Man and Woman? Exactly them – the Gemini man and the Capricorn woman?

At first glance, the sex of these two solar signs is what it should be. Her sign is feminine, his is masculine. However, all this is not so simple. True, the sign of Capricorn is a female sign, but it is ruled by the old man Saturn, who is definitely a male planet. And the Gemini sign is a female sign, but it is controlled by the cunning Mercury, the Great Pretender, a planet known for its tendency to deceive, capable of instantly changing its gender from male to female, and vice versa. So there will be problems. Of course, they are surmountable, but they make life uncomfortable.

Situations may arise when he accuses her of callousness and insensibility, and she accuses her of inconstancy and emotional immaturity. And in a way, both of them are really like that. However, a loving and faithful woman with a brilliant sense of humor is also her. She just needs to feel that she is standing on solid ground, and not on the unsteady ground of constant changes, which can get out from under her feet at any moment (all Capricorns have a subconscious fear of earthquakes). In the same way, the twin man is able to show sincerity deeper than expected from him if he is not constantly pushed into a corner by suspicions, gloomy predictions for the future … and “sawing.”

There is such a strange insect – a praying mantis, the female of which often bites the male’s head during mating — he read about it somewhere (Gemini read about everything). And he begins to feel like a male praying mantis when the woman he loves literally “eats” him, depriving himself of confidence and believing that her constant disapproval is an expression of her devotion. But criticism and rigor do not help the Gemini to show their best qualities. Nevertheless, their family may well succeed.

Her intentions for the future are always clearly defined, and, probably, it is better to manage her money in the family. It’s not that he is not smart enough at handling numbers – most Gemini can make the computer turn green with envy. It’s just that she will be able to spend it wiser and invest more successfully in the business. True, if his Moon or Ascendant is in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn or Cancer, Gemini will not take money seriously.

Oddly enough, both of these signs astrologers (not to mention friends and relatives) are often called cold. Her – because of the severity of Saturn and his hard influence on her behavior, him – because he belongs, the element of Air, always a little isolated and detached. Nevertheless, she is capable of earthly, even fiery love, although Saturn’s iron control over her emotions helps her to remain rational. She understands that she should not give vent to her feelings until she is sure that this is serious.

As for Gemini, this sign is still given to know (in the spiritual sense, of course) the real delight of love (or its torment). From the secret, karmic side, his true depth is still unknown to him, but is not the premonition perfect? Of course, wonderful; and his enthusiastic dreams can make her rise above reality, while her quiet love is the even flame of a candle that illuminates his path and promises peace in periods of doubt.

Sometimes a Capricorn woman can be too good, too perfect, too reliable for the Gemini man to handle. All these “too” emphasize his own imperfections. Even her loyalty suddenly becomes insulting for him … but only because he suspects that he himself cannot. This frightens and upsets him, and he is even able to … escape for a while, and then return again – another facet of the twin confusion in heart matters.

As you already understood, their sexual relationship will not always be a smoking volcano of passion. However, oddly enough, this may well suit both of them. Even in the most intimate moments, he needs to feel his independence and freedom. And she, too, surprisingly. The Capricorn woman (think of Saturn’s tough power!) Is hardly capable of completely losing her head in a fit of passion. The Gemini man is also incapable of this, whose dual nature consists of two “I”. When one “I” twin experiences, the other calmly watches his emotions. This is how the Gemini Solar Sign learns – at the level of Mercury sensitivity. But the Capricorn woman can in some inexplicable way make him forget about everything except desire.

A typical Capricorn girl lives in a calm traditional and very real world, guided by wisdom in everything. The Twin Man dwells in an obscurely defined space full of fantasies and boiling mental activity, and he is driven by curiosity. From time to time it would be very useful for them to swap places, or rather, worlds – not for the purpose of criticism, but as they travel to a distant, fabulous country to enjoy the unusual and beautiful and then happily return back. By the way, if they really travel a lot, he will be happy. She is hardly, unless her Moon or Ascendant are in the constellation Gemini or Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Pisces. This woman is not one who can pitch a tent and call her home. However, with age, oddly enough, it can become easier to climb, and the thought of the journey will soften her gaze and cheer up, but from any trip she is so glad to return home! Although there is a mass of Capricorn-careerists, nevertheless initially she is a woman who, with great pleasure, sits at her hearth like a cricket. The twin man has nothing against the hearth and can play the role of an impeccable family man for months and even years, and then – well, well! – the wind blew and took him on a new adventure, even if it was just a trip to a neighboring city, where he might get lost for a few days to find himself again. The twin man has nothing against the hearth and can play the role of an impeccable family man for months and even years, and then – well, well! – the wind blew and took him on a new adventure, even if it was just a trip to a neighboring city, where he might get lost for a few days to find himself again. The twin man has nothing against the hearth and can play the role of an impeccable family man for months and even years, and then – well, well! – the wind blew and took him on a new adventure, even if it was just a trip to a neighboring city, where he might get lost for a few days to find himself again.

As is the case with many of the Solar Signs of Scheme 6-8, someone probably introduced them to each other, because Gemini and Capricorn rarely converge on their own (unless its Sun was at birth in trine to its Moon, or vice versa). However, they should pay attention to each other, as the mutual interest of vibration 6-8 makes itself felt.

A twin man can joke all the time, but often it’s just a disguise. He feels that people still will not believe the bare truth, because it is too obvious. And so he disguises her. The changeable truth of Gemini always has two completely opposite sides. But Capricorn believes that honesty should be absolute, and there is no place for bilateral truth. Such a relationship might seem too harsh to the twin, because his free flow of ideas suggests options and freedom of expression. He does not know where ideas come from, but they never end!

She wants him to find a deal with the future and with reasonable payment in the present, and probably decides to get a home. Capricorns do not like to live in multi-room anthills. And he does not really need this kind of reliability, since Gemini, as a rule, does not require the presence of roots. He will be much happier with a million dollars in his head (in the form of ideas) and a hundred in a bank than vice versa. He believes that the first option has much more possibilities. She, as you know, is sure of the opposite. He does not understand her, and perhaps he will never understand. It seems to him that his ideas and his imagination – this is the greatest value. Even a twin man with a strong influence of Virgo, Cancer or Capricorn can suddenly forget about caution for the sake of some new goal or project that occurred to him (in one of his heads!).

If their relationship begins to crumble, the Capricorn woman will not be easy. After she handed over her fate to one man alone, she cannot just take and take her gift back. She can’t take it as easily as he does. When she loves, she assumes it is forever. But when she decides that her “forever” has reached an impasse, there will be no hysterical scenes with sobs and accusations. She will simply leave – and will not return. No solar sign can be so unsentimental when no other solution is possible. But … you see what you see, and her tender heart is breaking with grief, which is also painful because she experiences it alone.

A twin man may exclaim something like: “How little I have achieved – how vastly not yet achieved!” Then he will cry over missed opportunities and lost chances … over love, which was left without reciprocity or wasted in vain … Yes, of course … But tomorrow will be day – a bright, new, promising day! Who knows what magic is hiding in it? Maybe … yes, maybe even reconciliation and a chance to start all over again. And this time he will be more tender with a timid Capricorn girl.

Capricorn, if their romance or marriage is over, begins to smile not so soon, and as for the bright tomorrow – it will not seem to her like that. That is why she will try to maintain their relationship. Her love is able to withstand the hurricane of temporary contention, because Saturn is on her side.

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