Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Gemini has an unusual and attractive quality: it seems that this man remains forever young. I believe it’s not uncommon for anyone who is lazy to be reborn, and yet usually a well-controlled and prudent woman-Scorpio would like to know how it is … And now nothing will stop her until she is completely satisfied your curiosity. And for this she will come closer and closer …

Suddenly she will be between two people, different, like day and night. Which of them is the man who interests her so much? She can’t understand. Twins syndrome, you know! This will violate her carefully crafted plans. What should she do now?

Can she deal with this little boy full of joy and sadness, with this cold and gentle man? It is a mixture of inconsistency, contradiction, denial and affirmation.

Of course she can. She is Scorpio, and she is able to understand any soul, surpass it, defeat it, conquer it. She can? I’m not sure, but oh sure. But the twin man doesn’t care at all. The very idea that he is interesting to this sweet and strong, sensual and mysterious creature is already exciting enough to cheer him up.

And why should he know what is really going on? For Gemini, knowing is losing the meaning of life, while for Scorpio, it’s the other way around. To paraphrase the poor suffering Hamlet, “to know or not to know – that is the question!” For these two, this is, of course, a question for all time, and it must finally be answered.

The twin man is by nature incapable of comprehending that love is eternal. There are twin men who love one woman all their lives (in fact, I have known one myself), but there are very few of them. A typical Gemini man enjoys a pleasant excitement by choosing which of several women to prefer, and is amazed when one of these harmless, small larks suddenly turns out to be an eagle, especially if it turns out to be an Eagle Scorpion. And the eagle is a monogamous creation of nature.

The planet of love is Venus, and the Gemini is ruled by Mercury, whose influence on Venus leads to the fact that feelings become scattered and frivolous. Pluto – the ruler of Scorpio – acts on Venus so that its influence becomes strong and secret. You see here another contradiction. Venus also notices this and is perplexed when the two vibrating forces of Mercury and Pluto cross their rays. The male twins and the Scorpio female cannot notice this at once – they are so busy with each other. The only thing that attracts attention is this form of manifestation of Pluto, as jealousy. This passion in Scorpio is sometimes more fiery than the love that gave birth to it.

It is difficult for a twin to understand this. He, of course, also has experiences associated with the fear of losing his woman, who might leave him for the sake of some man, but the crushing storms of jealousy of a woman Scorpio are incomprehensible to him. When she is hurt or she simply suspects that she might be hurt, her sting can inflict a mortal blow. And the man is to blame for what he is accused of, or not to blame – it does not matter. For most women ruled by Pluto, revenge is indeed pleasant, especially if her Sun was at birth in an unfavorable planetary environment.

Knowing this, the Gemini man, who cannot but be a bit windy and moody, must understand that for this girl there is no such thing as an affair, but only an all-consuming eternal passion. No one (except perhaps an Aries woman) can be so jealous as a Scorpio woman. Taurus or Cancer? No, the word “owner” is more suitable for these signs. They often cry, and suffer deep down, but they do not often stage stormy scenes. Owners and jealousy are not quite the same thing. Any man who once tested this on himself understands the difference.

This is a combination of signs 6-8, where Scorpio represents the sixth astrological house for Gemini and Gemini represents the eighth house for Scorpio, so there will be mutual services, selfless devotion and respect, plus strong sexual attraction (if we are talking about lovers or spouses. When relations are connected by relatives, friends, business partners, then other things will be important for them, not sex). Business offers here will come from Scorpio, and sexual vibration from Gemini. This may surprise you, because sex is not the main interest for this man, if he is not accompanied by poetry, experiments, free from conventions, or complex games. He can surprise with beauty, charm, masculinity, intelligence and romance, but not through measured sexuality, and it will be so with anyone except Scorpio.

Or maybe it was this elusive atmosphere of childishness, the countless tricks of his reflections in the mirror, the transitions from one mood to another that strengthen her desire? He seems to keep a secret, albeit a small one, but at the same time a secret or secret that cannot be solved, and this attracts Scorpio, like a moth beckoning flame. She must know him in order to satisfy her mind and her heart, and this can appeal to her for many years, until in the end she realizes that no one will ever know all the facets of this person, even Scorpio. At about the same time, he will realize that it’s better not to play with her favorite game “guess who I am”. He is simply frightened, thinking that he will probably be recognized more than he would like. And this could be the denouement of their romance, unless, of course,

He can engage in analysis and criticism of what she is silent about, because he sees that she is thinking about something. However, doing this, he may get into greater trouble than he suggests: personal integrity is sacred for her, and he should have understood this. It’s better not to touch some things in relation to each other, because the insult caused by this can grow into a high and thick wall of alienation.

In order to destroy the wall, he uses his entire arsenal: charm, jokes, numerous romantic tricks, as well as a stormy imagination in making love. She will use the most sophisticated manners, cold estrangement and soothing tenderness. They both will try all the aces that are hidden in their sleeves, and these two (or three, counting his twin) have a lot of tricks in stock.

And the most faithful is sometimes the only way that they have not tried: leave more space between their hearts so that love can breathe freely. He agrees, but she may be afraid, as she would be afraid of a black and unknown abyss. This new and unusual space consists of Air, and, in essence, this is its element. But her element is Water, and so that she can breathe, they need unity.

It is always sad when a twin man and a woman-Scorpio realize that they have lost the path to happiness, because he always believed in everything magical and amazing … like her. She believes in even stranger magical powers. But the mysterious, indomitable Pluto makes her silent. And she, obeying these inexplicable forces, can not express in words her most secret dreams with such ease as Gemini. And this is sad …

Unless he is so intolerant of her strong passions, her deep feelings … If only she can find a way to make clear to his restless spirit, that she also wants to unravel all the secrets lying there, among the stars and comets, and also wants to be free breathe, compete in speed with the wind and look for the wonders of childhood, half-forgotten, but half-preserved … The cold night wind undoubtedly refreshes more than the twilight of the raw caverns of concern, where Pluto rules Scorpions.

Too often, these women and men hold out their hands – and cannot touch each other. They are shouting something, but he hears only the music of the wind, and she hears only the sound of waves rushing to the shore. If they stop and hear each other’s secret call, they can fly up so high that they will see everything differently. Even your relationship.

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