Cancer Zodiac Monthly Horoscope

December 2022

Cancer Zodiac Monthly Horoscope

December starts well, between serenity and clear thoughts . But the closer the holidays get, the more upside down you’ll feel, confused, undecided and maybe even a little irritated .

Who or what caused all this? The sky certainly, which in the meantime has changed colors, putting on the colors that don’t suit you. And, perhaps, a request from a family member, a friend, or something you think might materialize.

Try to be serene and you will spend the holidays as you prefer .

Cancer Zodiac Monthly Horoscope: Love

What a strange time ! Even the most sensitive, tender, and romantic among you may feel like you’re in limbo . A neutral zone in which to carry on tepid emotions.

Perhaps you are focused on something other than your heart. It happens. But be careful not to become cynical, especially if you are already quite disenchanted and aggressive! Maybe this attitude will be good for the more sensitive ones, because it will help them protect their tender little hearts.

But from mid-month onwards you will be able to experience a more lively climate , albeit confused and perhaps even nervous.

Horoscope for Cancerians who are in a Relationship

December could distract you, make you lose sight of what matters most in a relationship. Busy with work or family duties, household chores, and perhaps even upcoming holidays, you may demonstrate a detached attitude .

As long as the sky does not create problems for you, it could therefore only be a neutral phase. But after the middle of the month, your partner may misunderstand or you may be feeling unhappy and dissatisfied . Try to draw a positive lesson from all of this.

Horoscope for Cancerians who are Single

Maybe you have something else on your mind . Or perhaps you have experienced so many disappointments that you have now dismissed this topic as dated and useless. Yet this feeling always finds a way to amaze you and you can be sure that sooner or later you will have to find out.

Maybe not this month, dull and not very encouraging, but never say never and who knows that just when you’re not looking for him, Cupid is ready to amaze you. After all, it always happens like this: when we stop looking, we find !

Cancer Zodiac Monthly Horoscope: Career

Get in on it at the beginning of the month! If you have unfinished business , interviews or company presentations, don’t put it off until after the holidays. Especially for economic issues, it will be better to carefully evaluate every detail and try to catch what you can.

Shortly before the holidays Jupiter will no longer be your ally and you will have to pay attention to the evaluations, which could err by excess or by default. You will tend to exaggerate things, in short, more or less, and you may have a less objective view . Which doesn’t help in business!

Cancer Zodiac Monthly Horoscope: Health

December will also start well for energy , on levels that are not excellent but certainly sufficient to allow you to do your daily tasks and arrive in the evening refreshed and ready to enjoy your favorite pleasures.

It will be just before the holidays that you will be quite tired, perhaps a little nervous. Stress and too many things to do: that’s why. Better to lighten up and limit yourself to the essentials.

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