Leo Yearly Horoscope


Leo will be very lucky in the new year 2020: many of you will be able to find your love, especially if they have a clear idea of ​​what this love looks like and what qualities it has. With work, things will not be so bright, however, no negative changes are expected.

The conjunction of Venus and Neptune at the end of January promises Leo a period of hectic romantic infatuation and a chance to make one of the surest choices in their lives. True, at the beginning of March this choice may come into question (yours or someone close to you), but firmly standing up for your own desires will save you from rolling back. Be brave and choose with your heart, this year it will be more loving and loud than ever.

April and May will bring small changes in work processes, you will have to adapt to the new reality, but all these changes will be for the better. The main thing is not to resist and accept them.

In mid-June, the conjunction of Neptune and Mars can negatively affect those Leos who are prone to excessive emotionality. If so, try to be philosophical about the emerging troubles and conflicts: they are an inevitable part of the process, and it makes you stronger and wiser.

November will bring new opportunities in the business sphere, so if you have your own business – feel free to go ahead and introduce new methods of work, everything will work out. For those who are engaged in hired labor, the stars are advised to approach work creatively, not to be afraid to offer new solutions.

The events of December will become a bridge into the new year, so be attentive and aware at the very end of 2020.

Horoscope for Leo women for 2020

Women born under the constellation Leo strive to control everything that happens around. They are sure that no business will be resolved without their participation, and they can abandon all business for the sake of “saving a drowning man.” Astrologers advise Lionesses to pay attention to themselves, take care of their appearance, and feel themselves weak at least once in their life – they may even like it. Sign up for a hairdresser, get a beautiful haircut, change your wardrobe or update it well – the process of such a transformation is incredibly exciting and energizing. Doing so will change your environment as well. Do not be surprised if suddenly many interesting men appear around who bring a lot of new things to life.

In 2020, it will be useful for Lionesses to make a trip – use every chance for this. There is a high probability that it is on the trip that you will meet your destiny.

Horoscope for Leo men for 2020

Leo men are strong personalities, they are used to getting what they want in any area without a long wait. However, the White Metal Rat is a fair creature. She rewards for the diligence shown, not just because she really wants to. If Leo tries to act in his usual manner, insolently and assertively, he will meet many obstacles along the way. But when developing the correct strategy and systematic movement towards the intended goal, the Rat will provide him with protection.

In 2020, Leo should take a firm financial position: not to accumulate measures, it is unnecessary, but also not to waste money left and right. It is worth taking a more responsible attitude towards spending, especially thinking over large purchases. Lonely Lions may have a romantic adventure that will leave pleasant memories. Family representatives of the sign should pay more attention to the second half.

Love horoscope for Leo for 2020

The Year of the Rat is good for starting new relationships. Even short-term romances will be pleasant and will warm the soul with memories. Calmly accept any changes – in 2020 they will only be for the better. Your heart will tell you how to relate to a new acquaintance.

For married Lions, the year will be calm, and family ties will only strengthen. There will be no reason to be jealous of the other half, and conflicts on this basis will not threaten you. Women will receive unprecedented attention from their spouse, he will literally shower her with signs of attention, like on a honeymoon. In addition, he knows not to joke with Lionesses.

For lonely representatives of the sign, there is a high probability of meeting a loved one on a trip, while playing sports, in a word, with an active pastime. This is a hint – if you want to find your love, you definitely shouldn’t sit at home.

Financial horoscope for Leo for 2020

In the Year of the Rat, Lions should be careful when signing any financial documents, otherwise they can go bankrupt or become injured through no fault of their own. Be careful about investing by weighing and checking everything a hundred times. Astrologers advise against lending large sums of money, even to good friends whom you trust. They can get into unforeseen circumstances, then there will be obstacles with the return of debt.

At the same time, if close relatives need financial assistance, it is not worth buying – this money will be returned a hundredfold. Thus, the universe will thank you for your participation and kindness.

Health horoscope for Leo for 2020

In general, Leos have quite good health and good physical shape. They do not need to make too much effort to maintain it, nature has rewarded them in full. But youth is not endless, and after 40 years you have to monitor your health. You should stop abusing alcohol, if practiced, more time to play sports. If you feel tired, take a break, do not work until you are completely exhausted. Observe safety precautions if work is associated with an increased risk to life.

Throughout the year, the likelihood of colds is high, since the lungs are the weak point of Lviv. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, to harden so as not to suffer from coughs and runny nose.

Lions seriously involved in sports disciplines will be able to achieve high results this year. It is worth directing efforts towards achieving the goal, and everything will definitely work out. Powerful resources and incredible energy will open up in you. The main thing is, do not retreat along the path in front of difficulties, and the highest result awaits you.

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