Leo Yearly Horoscope


Leo Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

The heavy shadow of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus may shed less light into your heart . It will be up to you and your resourcefulness to look up, towards the sun and trust.

Equip yourself with patience, enthusiasm and hope: the sky will also give you the smile of Jupiter in Aries between May and October and that of Mars from August onwards.

With their support you will see that among those gray and heavy clouds the sun could peep very often, in the form of pleasant moments , new loves or even better opportunities in the practical field.

Hold on: you are building something new, but first you have to make a clean sweep to lay solid and stable foundations over time. That is why you will need trust: in yourself and in the future. But roaring and gritty as you are, you will certainly do well!

Love horoscope for Leo for 2022

This 2022 will be challenging , but between one effort and another it will repay you with truly engaging moments. In fact even this year (as for the previous one) you will have Saturn and Uranus against, transits complex enough to manage for the heart and for the passion (but never impossible, always remember …).

On the other hand, however, always compared to the previous year, you will have from your prominent allies, such as Jupiter between May and October and Mars from August onwards.

All this will mean more linear emotions , great passion, sensuality and gluttony of sensations , and also greater elasticity, perhaps the result of the publications taken in recent months! Certainly, you will feel more yourself, you will be available, open to news , you will live with determination and tenacity what your heart will propose to you. 

Not always and not everything will go as it should and also for 2022 you will have to take into account destabilizing feelings, or even unexpected events that could put all your projects and intentions into play.

As a fixed point, as a compass capable of guiding and helping you, always keep one thing: love . If sincere, authentic, profound and shared, it will justify every effort, every attempt and every renunciation by itself. 

True, the sky will still remain cloudy, and at times it will threaten rain, but you will enjoy ample flashes of clear sky in which the sun will warm your senses and your best dreams.

Horoscope for Leo who are Single in 2022

Do you think that with Saturn against, Cupid shuns you as if your breath smelled of garlic and onion soup? Wrong! At least for 2022 Cupid will find you irresistible , scented with dew and rose petals, smelling of passion and soft like a pair of full and inviting lips! In short, the new stories could be born under the sign of sensuality , as you have already understood.

This is stated by Mars, which will be with you in January and again from May to June, and, on a permanent basis, from August onwards. This is reaffirmed by Jupiter, who between May and October will fill your heart with positive emotions and help you to bring out the best in you and your availability. 

The periods mentioned above will be those able to give surprising emotions, the moments in which luck could smile at you and give you a special encounter .

Whether it is a flirtation that will leave you only the memory or a lasting story, learn to accept with gratitude what fate will bestow on you and not ask yourself what it will be for the future. 

Seize the moment and think that you have to be happy now, not tomorrow: if you are, he is the right person, if you are not, turn the page and move on to the next. Nobody changes and you need lightness, fun, passion, to feel desired, certainly not sacrificed.

Therefore, away from the traps like this person does not make me feel butterflies in my stomach but has a solid position, or this person attracts me but some things have to change and so on. If there is attraction paid now, if you feel happy right away, then it will be enough and it will advance. The rest? You will find out only by living!

Horoscope for Leo who are in a Relationship in 2022

Saturn in Aquarius will point the finger on everything that does not work in the relationship and if the warning is not clear, Uranus in Taurus will think about it to reiterate the concept. 

Some of you have already experienced this aspect, so if you are still happy owners of a love story, you can explain to all the other Leos who will live it this year that you can resist! Indeed, if there is love, we must: we must fight to improve , to understand, to grow, to share even the bad things, not just the good ones.

It may be that these transits will only concern the practical sphere, the family for example, or work and money, or in any case a material problem. In this case, be careful to manage choices and decisions in complicity with the partner : the problems will certainly be annoying and never desirable.

But at least they bring the consolation that if lived together with the partner they have the power to increase the couple’s strength and make you leave. as a stronger and more stable couple.

In particular, watch out between early March and part of April, when emotions could play a tricks on you, make you feel under scrutiny or make you misunderstand a partner’s attitude. The best way to approach this period will be to be sincere, direct and clear , and, at the same time, respectful and gentle. 

It will be enough to solve your worries, if there is reciprocated and sincere love. If there is love, but the outline is really challenging (for example family members who are against your union, previous children and unwillingness to the news and so on) you will have to evaluate with attention and foresight.

A nice surprise will arrive between May and June, when the sky will be colored with passion , emotions, luck and much more. It could be a memorable time when a dream could finally take shape. Beautiful also the summer full of emotions and surprises, and above all of a lot, a lot of passion ! Be patient in the fall. On the threshold of winter everything will settle down!

Career horoscope for Leo for 2022

Bureaucratic delays, unexpected events, complex situations to be carefully evaluated : even if this 2022 does not seem to be promising to be a restful year, hold on and don’t let go. In fact, despite the obstacles threatened by the irritating transits (Saturn and Uranus, always them!), You will have the support of the sky , even if intermittently.

So start the year with patience, because this first part may not be a walk in the park. If you have to sign contracts and documents , companies and collaborations, before acting, it is better to ask for clarification from an expert figure you trust. Until May you will have to pay attention to details , have patience and avoid facing every obstacle.

It is true that several times you will want to make your famous roar heard, but also true that a conflict at this stage of the year could be more unproductive than helpful. In May the sky changes and will finally give you optimism, clear views, even excellent opportunities .

You will have about a month and a half, between May and June, to assert yourself. Then between July and August, you may run into some unpredictable situations or want a break. 

If so, put yourself on stand-by: from the end of August a smooth phase begins for you, in which it will be easier to assert yourself and in which business will run smoothly as oil

A few stops in the heart of autumn, but between November and December the protagonists return to being you, your tenacity and your determination. Come on, the turning point will be really near!

Financial horoscope for Leo for 2022

Also this year the stars suggest you to moderate your expenses . You will need to have a reserve fund for any eventuality and any unforeseen event, always lurking with unfavorable Uranus and Saturn.

However, this 2022 promises a decidedly more advantageous economic condition than the previous year. Most likely between May and October and from December onwards some good news will come to visit you.

It may be that it will concern work, a raise, an extra job, an overtime or the possibility of being able to conclude a purchase at an advantageous price. On the other hand, keep an eye on financing and investments and carefully evaluate conditions, clauses and legal and bureaucratic conditions.

Lucky numbers and periods

2022 seems to be a little luckier year for you than the previous one . However, if you want to try your luck at the green table, bet little and occasionally, not continuously. When? Jupiter will dictate the calendar of the lucky months, when it will be in Aries from 11th May to 28th October and again from 20th December onwards; special days: from 26 June to 3 July and between 27 August and 5 September.

Lucky numbers : 11, 28, 35, 41, 84.

Health horoscope for Leo for 2022

Your energy will go on the swing until August . Several months, in which to carefully manage the bad moments, which will alternate with others in which you will feel at the top, full of energy and desire to do . The periods yes? January, between May and June and from mid-August onwards.

Those no, between March and April and between July and mid-August. In short, the account in the end will remain in your credit , especially if you are skilled enough to optimize the times, to pamper yourself when there is a need and to let go of annoying thoughts, negative ones such as anger, resentment etc. able to suck energy and serenity from you . 

From August 20, Mars will pass into Gemini, where it will remain for the rest of 2022 and beyond, in 2023.

An unusually long transit that will give you energy, determination, willpower . Perfect for recovery, a convalescence (in case of previous problems), still excellent for everyday life, playing sports and enjoying life (and eroticism…).

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