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Libra Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

Saturn in Aquarius has been with you for a while but in addition to this transit, which is itself a source of rationality, pragmatism and stability , from August onwards you will receive the support of Mars in Gemini which will fill you with determination, energy and willpower .

A combination that could make you hard as rocks and perhaps even a little cynical: but sometimes there is, and perhaps, always sometimes, a pinch of cynicism is much more convenient than sentimentalism. It remains to be said of Jupiter in Aries between May and October and of Pluto in Capricorn.

Let’s start with the second, which could still represent domestic and family transformations or perhaps some tensions in these areas. Jupiter, on the other hand, will light up love with a thousand passionate shades : for singles, Cupid will be just around the corner!

Libra love horoscope for 2022

How will Libra’s love for you go in 2022 ? No fear and no room for dreams! In fact, safety grows, with the desire to build, make all your dreams stable and proof of your desires. 2022 could see you very convinced, so sure of yourself that at times you seem almost granite : a solid, pragmatic and stable inner strength, probably distilled from the difficult astral conjunctions you have experienced in previous years. 

The astral leaders of this force in 2022 will have precise names: Saturn in Aquarius and from August onwards Mars in Gemini.

These transits will make you strong, passionate, in search of strong emotions. The tasteless flavors and warm notes will not be for you: you need intensity. 

So, in perspective, a fabulous year for passion is announced , able to make eroticism super lively even in the most boring and bored unions (or, in any case, to help you find the determination necessary to give it a break: if you yawn, what are you still doing together?).

The only discordant note, the one that will send Pluto in Capricorn, still responsible for tensions and family changes , which in this chapter are treated only because they will end up affecting the couple in many ways. 

It remains to be said of Jupiter, which will make a first passage in Aries between May and October. A transit that could give you full-blown love , bring you enveloping realizations and emotions, or exasperate a situation already tense of him.

It depends on what the expansion planet finds: its action is to magnify . If there is love, passion will take off, if there is resentment, anger will increase.

Horoscope for Libra who are Single in 2022

Love will come? The sky of 2022 will surprise many born and bred of Libra to ask themselves questions, questions, perhaps even to daydream. Yet according to the stars you don’t seem tender or undecided at all this year! 

In fact, there are two transits that could make you real Aces in the strategy of seduction and passion: Saturn in Aquarius and Mars, which will favor you very often in the course of 2022, electing you the darlings of eroticism and resourcefulness .

It is therefore difficult to see you remain idle, give up a conquest, even if it is difficult, or hesitate as if in doubt about your potential for seduction.

You will be unstoppable : you will want to communicate, live or on social media, to transmit what you feel, to meet people, even if only to exchange a few words. In short, you will want to live, to make up for lost time, to flirt and to feel seductive and interesting . And certainly there will be opportunities! Beautiful January, despite some emotional contradictions that will perhaps leave you perplexed until the beginning of March.

Between March and April, you will experience perhaps the most passionate and sweet season of the entire year. Nothing happened? Be patient: from August Mars will pass into Gemini where it will remain until the end of 2022.

With his support, certainly the rest of the summer, the whole autumn and the winter that opens in December, they announce themselves hot and very favorable to find what you are looking for. 

Passion could be your characteristic note, along with a spicy and bittersweet note that perhaps will be unprecedented for the most tender and romantic of you. Be careful not to switch from sugar and honey mode to cynicism and disenchantment: some of you may not have half measures!

Horoscope for Libra who are in a Relationship in 2022

What will happen in 2022 for all Libras as a couple? Rejoice and smile because in all probability a constructive and stable year awaits you , perhaps even more than the previous one, which was however affected by the destabilizing transits of 2020 (year to be canceled for many reasons …). 

You could fix a family matter that interfered with your couple’s plans, or solve a housing problem and, for example, happily move together or find a bigger house to welcome a new life project (including children). Or, again, turn the page with boredom and frustration and try to make the usual ménage more lively.

For passion , in fact, as you will have understood this 2022 seems to be particularly favorable. Forget the nonsense about age, about the changing external appearance, about the passing of time and the advancing boredom: they are all real obstacles, God forbid, but if there is love, the spice that can transform everything , they are impediments surmountable with will, imagination and sensuality . 

In short, for the recipe to succeed perfectly, it will take imagination, creativity and resourcefulness! Some possible tension in February and between late May and June.

In these times try to keep love separate from any interference and in case of discussions with your partner try to go to the bottom with sincerity. 

However, very little time, compared to all the other months in which you will be pampered by the stars and incandescent dreams : in short, you will have the opportunity to give a favorable direction to your relationship. Do not miss it and do not procrastinate.

Libra Career horoscope for 2022

How will work in 2022 go for all of you of the Libra Sign? According to Saturn in Aquarius it could proceed in a favorable way, especially if you are looking for more stability. On this concept, however, we need to investigate a little more.

The last few years, between closures and unexpected events, have shown you and everyone else that situations are not predictable. Even a job that you thought was bombproof could end. 

So what do you do? Certainly there is no resignation. But to always stay on track, it is necessary to be up-to -date, competitive, to slide from one role to another with flexibility . In short, true stability is based on your professionalism , which you can spend as you prefer or to defend your work. So, commit yourself to this.

Update yourself, learn, always question yourself and try new directions , even just as a hobby, just to test and experiment. The more you know, the more you will know how to do it, the more you can be sure that in one way or another you will always have a job. 

This long premise to encourage those of you who are looking for work or are afraid for your job. Those of you who have a stable role, however, do not forget what has been said and treasure it.

Overall, 2022 could be a good year for career -minded people who want to expand their reach, perhaps a little less for the money.

Libra Financial horoscope for 2022

2022 could involve some expenses so you will want to fly low, also because it does not seem to be a very favorable year to increase your revenues .

Be cautious with investments and loans, because it will be better to make purchases counting only on what you can spend, and avoid loans and the like , including mortgages, like the plague. At least for now, of course, it would be better to postpone the more demanding projects.

But don’t worry, your situation looks stable overall, apart from some fluctuations over the course of the year.

Lucky numbers and periods

2022 will be a positive year in many ways, much less for luck, which does not seem to be right in your strings. In short, Lady Luck will be really blind to you , so much so that she will almost seem to dodge you! But never say never. If something should work, these are the very few best days: from 7 March to 5 April and from 17 November to 7 December.

Lucky numbers : 5, 16, 22, 40, 80.

Libra health horoscope for 2022

There will be one thing you can count on with your eyes closed in 2022: and it will be energy ! Unstoppable, strong, tenacious and resourceful, you will have a perfect year to get back in shape or recover from a tough period , both for health and internal reasons. 

In fact, strength will be the characteristic note of this year and will push you to practice sports, to move and never remain with your hands.

In fact , physical activity will be indispensable for your psychophysical balance , so never miss it, even in the form of a simple walk, if you can’t do anything else for that day.

Only two moments of uncertainty await you during the year: between the end of February and the beginning of March and between the end of May and June. But in the others you will go like missiles launched at maximum speed!

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