How to identify blocked chakras

How to identify blocked chakras

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Malfunctions in energy centers affect the work of internal organs, emotions and the general condition of a person.

The word “chakra” in translation from Sanskrit means “wheel” or “circle”. The chakras are interconnected creating a circular flow of energy.

If any part of your body hurts, this may indicate a blockage of some chakra or its weakness. By knowing which parts of the body each chakra is associated with, you can better deal with physical and emotional ailments.

1. Root chakra

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Location: Base of the spine

Block signs:

  • It seems to you that you are at a dead end. You cannot force yourself to do anything.
  • You are constantly having financial problems.
  • It seems to you that all your relatives have turned their backs on you.
  • You hate yourself.

2. Sacral chakra

Orange color

Element: Water

Location: Under the navel

Block signs:

  • You have problems in your sex life.
  • You are confused and feel like you are constantly being bullied.
  • You think that sexual intercourse is bad.
  • You look at yourself in a negative way.

3. Solar plexus chakra

Yellow color

Element: Fire

Location: Above the navel, about 5 cm below the sternum

Block signs:

  • Whatever situation happens, you always feel like a victim.
  • You give too much energy to the people around you.
  • It is difficult for you to follow your dreams and succeed in what you love. The reason is low self-esteem.

4. Heart chakra

Green color

Element: Air

Location: In the center of the sternum

Block signs:

  • You are afraid of a serious relationship.
  • In past relationships, you have already been hurt, now you constantly strive to protect yourself.
  • A weak heart chakra can be the cause of heart disease.

5. Throat chakra

Blue color

Element: Sound

Location: At the base of the throat

Block signs:

  • You are afraid to speak and defend your opinion.
  • You try to please everyone and everyone, put up with absolutely everything.
  • It seems to you that the people around you are not listening to you. Because of this, you are very worried.

6. Third eye chakra

Color: Blue-violet (indigo)

Element: Light

Location: Between the eyebrows

Block signs:

  • You find it difficult to define the meaning of your life. You often ask yourself the following question: “Why do I live?”
  • You don’t think you have intuition.
  • You find it difficult to make decisions.

7. Crown chakra

Color: Purple

Element: Thought

Location: Top of the head

Block signs:

  • You adore material goods. It seems to you that you are completely cut off from everything that concerns spirituality.
  • You do not feel like you are being guided by a higher power.
  • You often have headaches and migraines.

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