Aspen in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Aspen in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Aspen ( Populus tremula -Pioppo Tremulo ), an arboreal plant of the Salicaceae family, is a small and slender tree (it does not exceed 20-25 m), native to Europe, North Africa and Asia.

It has a straight and slender stem, a globular crown ,  large, jagged leaves that tremble and constantly stir at the slightest gust of wind. The ‘ Aspen  blooms in spring and its white seeds “woolly” are carried by the wind. Indicated for nervous and fearful people, it is also useful for anxiety.

Aspen : properties and benefits

Mechthild Scheffer states that “among the Greeks the poplar was a tree of the Underworld, a symbol of the lament of the dead”.

In fact, this remedy refers to vague things that cannot be explained, its key word is the nightmare of unknown origin, it can be a ” bad dream “, even if you no longer remember what it is; it is a state of mind that can often leave you in constant apprehension and panic associated with tremors, difficult breathing, a lump in the throat and tingling. 

This unknown, invisible fear, close to something that is not seen, triggers a collapse of faith in something or someone. In this case, the emotional transformation creates a benefit, which can be classified as a virtue, since faith is found in the journey , inner peace and security are regained, therefore also self-confidence.

In fact, here, the negative precautions, for example after the nightmare, leave room for the desire for adventure, for opening up to new experiences, without the person thinking about any potential difficulties and possible dangers. 

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower ):

“I feel something terrible is about to happen …”.

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

“I am protected in the light and I take my sensitivity as a gift”.

Dr. Edward Bach wrote about this particular flower that “If we come to this awareness, it means that we have abandoned the pain and suffering behind us, that all dangers, worries or fears are long gone and that we said goodbye to everything, except the joy of living, the joy of dying and the joy of being immortal… we are thus able to walk this path overcoming every danger, overcoming every difficulty, without any fear… ”. 

Aspen : uses

Aspen is very good for people who suddenly and for no specific reason get caught up in fear or worry and because of this they are nervous and fearful.

The typical fears of the Aspen type can also occur during the day or after an indifferent nightmare if you are alone or in company, suddenly the sensation generated is an inexplicable fear or precautions of an impending evil that also leads to death.

It is indicated, together with Rock Rose , for children who suffer from nocturnal anxiety and nightmares, fear of the dark and of sleeping alone. 

Aspen proves precious for those who intend to protect their sensitivity , it is suitable for those who want to reach a state of inner peace , security and total absence from fear, making themselves confident and able to assert themselves .

Aspen Bach Flower Affirmation

  • For children: I have a guardian angel
  • Inside me there is light and I am protected
  • I trust my sensitivity and listen to my inner voice.
  • I allow the unknown to come to me with confidence and without fear.
  • I accept and allow myself to feel my fears.

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