Vervain in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Vervain in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Vervain  ( Verbena officinalis )  is part of the Verbenaceae family, it is common in Europe, except Scandinavia, it is a perennial plant and grows in uncultivated, arid and dry soils. It is robust and tends to reach about 60 cm in height, not showy, has  small  lilac-mauve flowers , placed along a spike near the top of the plant, they bloom in summer, while the  leaves  are  scarce .

Vervain : Properties and benefits

Vervain is the sixth plant discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in 1930, his key word is ” fanatic “, but he can also be seen as a preacher, informant, missionary or martyr.The characteristic of the Vervain is dictated by an overwhelming enthusiasm, they are often people engaged in social initiatives, they have an idealistic character, they are quick, quick, active, irascible, nervous, while they talk they often move and always look for “followers”.

When these are in non-harmonic phase they enter into hyper-enthusiasm therefore trying to convince others to go towards their cause., They harass the other and convince him of the validity of their ideas; however, they refuse defeat and go on for a long time before giving up. This whole maneuver brings with it a lot of pressure, exhausting the neighbor, being the Vervain very insistent, makes their exaggeration tired their “followers”, who eventually abandon them.

These types here tend to stiffen and hardly listen to ideas outside, fanatically pursuing only theirs. Excessive mimic: fast.

This remedy brings fundamental benefits to build a path and start again, in fact Vervain harmonizes the upper part of the body, making silence between mental disturbances; it generates tolerance and foresight in life, wisdom, relaxation and moderation, creating firm but flexible opinions. Finally, people after administration of Vervain no longer need to impose themselves on the other.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Excessive enthusiasm , the ‘ hyperarousal , hyperactivity and stiffness.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Moderation and calm, the ability to relax, tolerance and flexibility.

Dr. Edward Bach indicated the beneficial effect of the remedy as follows: “ … Great successes are obtained more with the substance than with the action…  ”.

Vervain : uses

Vervain is suitable for those who have well-established ideas and principles that they feel are right and who are willing to change very rarely. These people are therefore totally dedicated to an idea or to work, they have courage and perseverance; Vervain is indicated in cases where the excessive enthusiasm misleads the individual with the consequent onset of fatigue .

These characters struggle with the disease longer than others before giving up, they persist in refusing treatment until they are forced to. Vervains often have nerves on the edge of their skin, do not like to listen to other people’s advice, get irritated easily, are hypertensive and cannot relax.

In hyperkinetic children this flower is used successfully, it is also used in the treatment of headaches due to muscular and nervous tension, for fibromyalgia, muscle cramps and diarrhea . We can often use this flower together with Impatiens .

Vervain is precious for those who tend to be too much and cling to “matters of principle” , who seek the challenge and the goal at the same time, who have a strong will and are rebellious and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the success of their ideals and for the good of humanity.

Vervain Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I channel my actions respecting others.
  • I fight for a better world where everyone counts.
  • I think and reflect before acting.
  • I share my ideas by measuring its consequences.
  • I listen to the opinions of others even if I do not share them.

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