Vine in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Vine in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Vine ( Vitis vinifera ), that is the vine plant, is part of the Vitaceae family . It is a climbing liana, a tree that reaches up to 15 m and that lives very long; it is common in Europe, although coming from America. It does not have a real trunk, but it leans on other supports ; the flowers, small and in clusters, are green. It should be noted that the tendrils grow back quickly, suffocating everything they encounter on their soil and to uproot the roots you have to go very deep.

Vine : Properties and Benefits

Vine’s key word is the ” dictator, ” Dr. Edward Bach defines these people as follows: “ … For very capable people, aware of their talents, confident of succeeding. Being so confident, they think it would be good if others were persuaded to do things as they do, or as they are sure it is right to do. Even in illness they continue to direct those in their service. They can be of great help in emergencies… ”.

The Vine are able to realize their ambitions, being unsure of themselves at all, they want to think about others their ideas and that’s it! They are proud and aggressive people, gifted and ambitious, they are therefore strong and uncompromising, they generally tend to exploit these qualities. These characters have no interest in convincing others of how the facts stand, they are absolutely certain that it is right, asking for a blind obedience on the outside! 

In total imbalance, the Vine type can also become a real tyrant and have personality disorders , as he never argues with others, he chooses directly according to his conscience and when he gives up power he experiences deep frustration.

Vine’s remedy helps to combine willpower with love and power with wisdom, not to act for selfish purposes, but to manifest authority and not authority always for the service of the social community.

Therefore, these types also become sources of inspiration and enthusiasm for individuals, who tend to admire their security and trust. 

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Authoritarianism , ambition for power and domination , aggression and bullying.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Wisdom and a sense of freedom, compassion, harmonious service and the ability to lead without dominating to let others find their way.

Vine : uses

Vine is very suitable for inflexible people , for those who want to dominate others, moreover it is suitable for those who have the heart dominated by the head and cannot feel sensitivity, compassion, even denying themselves important emotional needs.

This remedy is used in many pathologies of musculoskeletal stiffness and arthritis , in fact it can be useful in cases of mental rigidity in people suffering from arteriosclerosis.

It also includes the use of Vine in situations of heart attack and cardiovascular problems, autonomic disorders, halitosis and asthma and, in slightly bullied children, who are violent and bullying and who beat their schoolmates.

Vine  is a valuable remedy for those who are natural leaders , for those who are calculators with keen self-determination, who show little of their feelings.

Vine Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I self-control my strength and I allow myself to see you.
  • I put my skills at the service of others.
  • I listen and respect others, and from that place I communicate.

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