Clematis in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Clematis in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Clematis ( Clematis vitalba  / vitalba), of the Ranuncolaceae family, known as the “wayfarer’s joy“, is a climbing and woody plant that blooms in summer, in bushes in soils where there is limestone and where it finds a temperate climate. It is practically absent of root, its flowers are bushy, light white. Indicated in cases of sleep disorders and anxiety, it is also valuable for children with concentration problems.

Clematis : properties and benefits

Clematis is the third plant discovered by Edward Bach , and is associated with the figure of the ” Romantic “, the one who always has his ” head in the clouds “, like his bushes, and daydreams, detaching himself from reality and projecting himself into the future.

This is a real escape, the Clematis character does not want to see, it manifests an evident lack of concentration ; however, generally his soul is gentle and quiet, although he does not find joy or joy in life as it is.

lematis types can be found   who linger for a long time to think and wander in the thoughts of their own mind, focusing on missing people, who have lost, living completely in another hemisphere of the world and of life.

The transformation is already the case with a few drops, and the benefit that this flower brings is critical to listen to your body, it is a greater presence of itself, an interest in life, managing to the best of their thoughts and the ability to concentrate, the attention to the moment , a realization in the practical part of life and the joy of living regardless!

  •  Initial emotions (before taking the flower):

Indifference, being dreamy, lack of interest in what surrounds us.

  • Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

Concentration and joy, presence, a state of being rooted on the earth, like roots firmly in the ground, in the here and now, observing the surrounding reality.

Clematis : uses

Clematis is indicated for those who do not have much interest in life, who wake up almost wishing that there is not another day to face because life is difficult and hard, with little joy and “verve”.

Therefore, this flower is particularly suitable for those who find no value in anything, who are devoid of practical sense, fleeing from reality to hole up in fantasy, dreaming of an imaginary future.

This remedy is useful to combat all states of drowsiness , anxiety linked to memory disorders and loss of balance , sleep disorders , fainting and unconsciousness; in fact, Clematis patients , as Edward Bach affirms : “… When they fall ill, in general, they do not make great efforts to get back to health and, sometimes, even go so far as to wish for death, in the hope of better times or perhaps to find a loved one that they lost … ”

The Clematis  often loses total interest and does not make efforts to improve his condition, which makes him indifferent to life, having an absence of enthusiasm.

In this sense, there are cases in which the Clematis type , listens only to half of what is said to him, is not present in the body, being most people dreamy, apathetic, distant, who almost always live their whirlwind thoughts.  

Clematis is precious for those children with concentration problems, due to their being dreamy , rather than to an intellectual deficiency and for artists who want to seek inspiration , bringing out their creative potential and exploiting it to the full; for those who are therefore, distracted , careless , to whom accidents and setbacks in everyday life often happen, sometimes more frequently than others, due to their devolution , who have ambitions that they are unable to realize, who are happy in their dreams and in their mind, not living in the present. 

Clematis Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I am interested in the here and now and help others.
  • I become aware of the here and now.
  • I choose to be present here and now.
  • I wake up and connect to take responsibility for my life.
  • I root in the present and live in the moment.

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