Chicory in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Chicory in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Chicory ( Chichorium Intybu s / Wild chicory) is a perennial plant of the composite family. The flower is blue, very common in wheat fields, it grows everywhere in Europe and on calcareous soils. The chicory plant can reach about 1mt in height, the stem is rigid, with branches and white and bitter latex.

The lower leaves are incised while the upper ones are small. Indicated as a remedy for those who are excessively concerned with the well-being and needs of others, it is useful in case of psychosomatic illnesses and coughs.

Chicory : properties and benefits

It is the fifth medicinal plant discovered by Edward Bach and we can represent it through the archetype of the “Latin, Italian mother” with her phrase such as: “ … after all I’ve done for you… !? “

The Chicory person is   hyper-protective , possessive, manifests a great need for control over others (in the case of the mother, over the offspring) and needs to be reciprocated by an inordinate affection, there must always be an emotional blackmail that binds them to other.

Therefore, this typology fails to have any thought of respect towards the freedom of others, this is dictated by the pain of the unsafe return to the “nest” by the children, always in the case of the mother, and automatically this character becomes uncomfortable with himself.

Chicory is not a weak person, he is strong, even if he tends to take offense and feel sorry for himself , sometimes they invent non-existent diseases like an “imaginary patient”, in order to direct attention to himself. Ultimately, they are people who wish to help, in whom love is well developed, but who allow external influences to interrupt its flow, becoming psychophysically uncomfortable.

The transformation with this flower that brings the benefit is intense and strong, it brings the ability to give without asking for anything in return, not knowing if affection will return therefore without reward, it is an unconditional love, pure in its balance, it develops the virtue of ‘altruism; it helps to discover the freedom to help or not to help the other, the right freedom that allows for loving generosity.

This creates a condition of security in oneself, no longer feeling the need to need the neighbor, the dependent and forced love of the other, nor do we ask ourselves how much we are loved. Therefore, people are approached warmly and openly, meeting their needs with generosity and sensitivity.

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower):

Possessiveness, control, overprotectiveness, manipulative self-centeredness, the need to attract attention.

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

 Pure and unconditional love, selflessness, generosity, compassion and self-control.

Chicory : uses

Chicory is a Bach flower indicated for those who are excessively concerned with the well-being and needs of others , who ardently wish to help the decay of the whole world, to practice blessings on anyone, to show compassion, but always in a condition of superiority, power and of dominion, so much so that there is a tendency to always be revered and served.

The Chicory type tends to take extremely good care of children, relatives, friends and often always find something to put back in place, they are hyperactive , loneliness is not experienced as a pleasure, as they expect constant attention from others that the Chicory research and requires forcefully.

Those who express this attitude continually correct what they consider wrong for their point of view and are pleased to do so. Furthermore, they always want to have the people they love close to them, in order to receive warmth and affection.

Therefore, this remedy is strongly indicated for talkative people, who have rigid and firm opinions, who sometimes tend to conflict with each other, meddling, developing psychosomatic illnesses and coughing. It is administered to children who often draw excessive attention to them.

This remedy is precious for those Chicories who often criticize the other, who are intrusive and suffocating , who always expect something in return, those who have a strong sense of will and who expect consistency with their values ​​from others, those who who control and manipulate to keep to themselves , who are afraid of abandonment .

Chicory Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I appreciate what I receive from life and from people.
  • I allow others to be who they are.
  • I let the others go their own way without interference.
  • I nurture myself from moments of solitude or company.
  • I strive to live with what life gives me.
  • I release myself and others from my expectations.

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