Oak in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Oak in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Oak ( Quercus Robur ) , the oak  is part of the Fagaceae family and is one of the most sacred trees to man. It is common in Europe, it is strong, has a hard, long-lived and majestic trunk , has large and deep roots and can reach a height of about 30-40 meters. 

This grows in the woods and in the fields, it is often found in muddy or clayey-limestone soils, it has both male flowers with yellowish and female catkins which bloom in spring. The leaves are deciduous and with difficulty detach from the branch and fall down, then remain dry attached to the tree.

Oak : Properties and benefits

Oak’s key word is ” strength “, which manifests itself in those individuals faithful to the sense of duty and obligation, who go forward at all costs, facing the “wind in your face”, daily obstacles and not slowing down. never on the pitfalls.

The Oak are personalities in which the tenacity and sense of commitment is preponderant. In situations of imbalance these characters confuse duty with pleasure, even though they are often people who have worked a lot on their “I” and act as a cornerstone in their families or jobs, so they extreme their strength and consequently fall down.

Dr. Edward Bach describes the Oak people this way “ … For those who struggle and strive vigorously to heal or solve the problems of everyday life. They persist, trying one thing after another, even though their case may seem hopeless. They are dissatisfied with themselves when a disease interferes with their duties and with the help they want to bring to others. They are courageous people, who fight against great difficulties without ever losing hope or decreasing their commitment… ”.

The benefits that this flower brings are the recovery of the sense of one’s limits, the flexibility at work, the restoration of strength in general. In addition, Oak brings out that awareness of one’s own needs and requirements, in order to find spaces for pleasure, despite being able to keep the appointments and deadlines taken.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Extreme tenacity , tireless effort tending to a rigid attitude (not to be confused with Rock Water and Vervain).

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Flexibility, energy recovery , proportion between duty and pleasure.

Oak : uses

Oak is indicated for those who continue to move forward despite difficulties, generating in them a state of chronic fatigue , just like the oak that is strong but never breaks.

Oak is also given to those who are always striving to do more …, thus losing their spontaneity in intention and exchange relationships. 

On a clinical level, the disease is seen by the Oak as a failure and efforts to cure them are usually superficially made. It has often been observed in these individuals the manifestation of autoimmune diseases with characteristics that lead to the chronicity of the disease itself, as d ‘crisis asthma , where one is forced to abandon the undertaken obligations,’ arthritis rheumatoid arthritis, the cervical , otosclerosis and arteresclerosis.

Oak is precious for those who see life as a hard struggle and also for those who exaggerate, for those who seek simplicity.

Oak Bach Flower Affirmation

  • Joy generates energy.
  • I can allow myself to rest and make mistakes like everyone else without feeling guilty.
  • I accept that life is not a fight but an agreement.
  • I allow myself to listen to others.
  • I allow myself to feel vulnerable.
  • From rest I get new energy.
  • Nobody is essential in this world.
  • Working as a team I enrich myself.

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