Walnut in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Walnut in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Walnut, Bach flower remedy that works on the sense of protection, acceptance and the ability to be flexible. When and why to take it.

Walnut ( Juglans Regia ) is  a common tree in Europe, native to Iran, is about 30m tall . As a Bach flower remedy it is considered the  remedy for the growth and transition phases. Let’s find out better. 

Walnut : properties and Benefits

In the Walnut flowers, Dr. Edward Bach discovered that: “… Walnut is the remedy for the stages of growth and transition : teething, puberty, the moments when you decide to change your life; for big decisions, such as changes in religion, work, of the country.

It is a remedy for those who have decided to take a step forward in life , breaking old rules and overcoming old limits, to take a new direction. All this involves physical suffering, due to regrets and sorrows that are felt in breaking old bonds, old associations, old thoughts …

For those who in life have very specific ambitions and ideals and realize them; sometimes, however, the enthusiasm, the convictions, the strong opinions of others can distract them from their ideas and their goals… ”.

It is a ” nutshell ” that protects the fruit, that is understood as an individual who can be put to the test in certain periods of life, having difficulty in adapting; this state of mind can be caused by remorse, abandonment, separations, changes in habits and established routines.

The Walnuts are willing to go forward on their path, they have specific goals, they are strong and determined personalities who allow themselves to be influenced, however, by the problems of others.

Walnut gives a great ability to see and follow one’s own path, therefore it brings freedom of adaptation , to radical changes in life; making them stay true to themselves and bringing enough strength to protect themselves from the outside. Furthermore, this flower brings out the gift of determination and integrity while strengthening the conditions of others. 

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Difficulty in adapting to novelty and change.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Adaptability , consistency and protection. Dr. Edward Bach defines the healing properties in this way: ” … The remedy provides constancy and protection from external influences … “.

Walnut : uses

Walnut  is suitable for those who also want to evolve spiritually , in fact it helps to strengthen their beliefs, it is suitable for people extremely sensitive to influences, external ideas and psychophysical and social change.

In pediatrics Walnut is indicated when children go through a very specific phase of maturation or growth , as in the case of the child who has fixed teeth and removes milk ones, or is used in puberty and adolescence to facilitate the change of the body.

It is a remedy recommended for therapists, psychologists, etc. in order to reintegrate the inner energies that are very much solicited, to help patients more easily; while in flower therapy it is a remedy used to recreate a habitat for a transplanted or moved plant.

Frequently this flower helps the stress for very sudden passages, improves the states of depression , facilitates the gradual withdrawal from drugs, however in these characters there are various types and types of discomfort.

Walnut is for those who have very sensitive reactions to certain life perspectives, who are still persevering and who want to open up to novelties, cutting a clean cut to a past or present bond and improving adaptation to new living conditions that have arisen.

Walnut Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I free myself from the influences that limit me and go on my way.
  • I accept the change as a positive opportunity.
  • What I need for my evolutionary process happens.
  • I protect myself from what hurts me or deviates me from my path.
  • Inheritance is not sentence.

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