Wild Oat in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Wild Oat in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Wild Oat ( Bromus Ramosu s )  belongs to the Graminaceae family; it is an erect and threadlike plant, it can reach from 60 to 120 cm in height, it grows in England and is found in humid and shady woods; for this he seeks the light and the way. The ‘ wild oats has panicles of flowers still pending in various directions, of both sexes that are hidden among the inflorescences and go unnoticed, blooms in late spring.

Wild Oat : Properties and benefits

Dr. Edward Bach defines Wild Oat as a person with great talent through these words: ” … for those who have the ambition to do something important in their life, they want to gain a lot of experience, enjoy all that is possible and live fully the own life. The difficulty for these people lies in deciding which occupation to follow, because, although their ambitions are strong, they feel no particular inclination compared to others. This can cause waste of time and dissatisfaction… ”.

Wild Oat is the other catalytic remedy that Dr. Edward Bach points out, it should be used mostly in cases where it is not clear which other remedy to administer, especially in front of passive people. This flower is typical of unconventional and unconventional, often successful people who do many things, but who never give themselves totally.

The Wild Oat waste their talents because they can not clearly define its objectives, following the current, tire easily of a job, keep changing because they can not decide what to do in life, but they are aware that time is passing and deep frustration and dissatisfaction arises in them (not to be confused with Cerato and Scleranthus).

They are character types that look for special things on the outside, they want to enjoy the years, but they fear excessive commitment: the effort to marry or marry something.

We therefore note in a Wild Oat that indecision is generalized and not between two things, but between many things and therefore choosing between a multitude of possibilities is difficult; a classic example is that of the young person faced with the choice of the right school when all or many seem suitable …

Here, the benefits that Wild Oat generates are to help you take your own path , find your own direction and allow you to get in touch with your skills and intuition. Therefore, the flower is able to identify its goal and achieve it, consequently the person is able to do whatever he likes, even if the interests are multiple.

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower):

“ … I have skills but I can’t find my way… ”. Uncertainty, decision – making difficulties in front of a crossroads, existential doubt on one’s path.

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

Clarity of one’s path / vocation, direction , satisfaction, fulfillment.

Wild Oat : uses

Wild Oat is very useful to people who are talented but don’t know how to use it consciously; valid remedy for dissatisfied and unsatisfied people.

These characters often suffer from respiratory and hepato- biliary disorders, irritable bowels , they are irritable subjects, with anemia , insomnia , often apathetic and sometimes anorexic with frequent sexual disorders .

Wild Oat is a valuable remedy for those who are self-centered , outgoing and original , talented . Useful flower for those who are confused and dissatisfied, lacking clarity and for those who do not find their place in life.

Wild Oat Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I identify my path to fulfill my destiny.
  • My inner wisdom allows me to define what is best for me.
  • I surrender to the dictation of my soul.
  • I connect with my essence and discover its message.

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