Gorse in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Gorse in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Gorse ( Ulex Europaeus / Ginestrone),  perennial and evergreen shrub , is part of the Papilionaceae family and is quite common throughout Europe. It grows up to 3-4 m in height, has linear, thorny leaves with thin branches and a woody stem 

Gorse we find it from the moors to the woods to the hedges, it is very widespread in the wild state; its seeds are toxic and it is a melliferous plain, it blooms in the middle of winter, with an explosion of golden-yellow colors. Indicated for those prone to depression, it is useful for regaining hope and confidence.

Gorse : Properties and benefits

The Gorse are people who according to the words of Dr. Edward Bach : “ … they give the impression of having a strong need in their life, of a ray of sunshine to chase away the dark and sad clouds… ”.

This flower resonates in people who are often desperate , subject to endogenous depression , which at times peak in an attempt to commit suicide, their mood is very pessimistic and manifest possible anxiety neurosis .

Gorse removes the doubt and the expectation of a miracle and offers new opportunities for momentum and the desire to glimpse the “end of the tunnel”. Patients thus desire an active confrontation, try new therapies, open up to the outside.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Loss of hope, hopeless despair , deep depression.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Hope, faith, restore light to those whom Dr. Edward Bach describes it as follows: ” … to obey an imposition or to please someone these people can also undergo various treatments, but they always repeat to those close to them that they have very little hope of recovery …  “.

Gorse : uses

Gorse is indicated, according to Dr. Edward Bach : “ for those who have lost all hope and think that no one can do anything for them anymore .” They are characters who resign themselves and “throw in the towel”, it is indicated for those who have stopped trying and are resigned to their condition (often of infirmity and passivity).

Cases are found in children, often after serious illness or bereavement, in which Gorse supports their mood a lot, often symptoms of depression and severe fatigue appear , which magically transform into joy of living (in this situation it is possible to also match with Star Of Bethlehem ).

Gorse is for those who wish to have hope in their life , who find the light and who feel incurable.

Gorse Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I regain hope and the will to fight.
  • I participate positively in solving my problems.
  • I accept that everything unfolds according to an interior law.
  • I recognize that it dawns every day.
  • I’m still afloat despite the storm.
  • Everything changes.

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