Centaury in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Centaury in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Centaury  ( Centarium umbellatum  / Centaurea minor),  of the Gentianaceae family, is a common herbaceous plant that grows in the shade of other plants, about 60 cm tall, with a small and weak stem. 

It grows in Europe, except Scandinavia, and blooms in the summer months; the flowers are fragile and pink with capsule fruits, while the leaves are arranged in a rosette. Indicated  for those who want to express their personality, it is also useful for fatigue and anemia.

Centaury : properties and benefits

It is the seventh medicinal plant discovered by Dr. Edward Bach who describes its characteristics with the following words: “ People who are kind, quiet, good and extremely anxious to serve others. They abuse their strengths to do this, and their desire to help others grows to such an extent that they become more servants than willing helpers . Their natural goodness leads them to do more than is necessary and in doing so they may neglect their own particular life mission ”.

Metaphorically we could define this typology as the “ Cinderella”Of Bachian flower therapy, since it is too weak to resist external solicitations, which is why it accepts all the rules, which is trampled on by everyone and exploited.

This flower is the symbol of not wanting to reach freedom, of denying one’s most intimate desires or vocations, of being weak. Centaury  types are also pale in the face , without strength , consequently I end up looking like a weather vane in the wind, that is, servants of all . 

The benefit that comes from this is a great willingness to be of help to the other, asserting one’s opinions, getting along with the world. All this creates the right terrain for discovering one’s desires and needs, thus being able to undertake one’s own path with strength and energy , bypassing any obstacles posed by others .

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower) :

Lack of willpower, submission, easy influence, passivity.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower) :

Action, energy, will, less obliging attitude, altruism.

Centaury : uses

Centaury is suitable for those who find it hard to say “no!” , who are crushed by others, who are obedient, submissive, with a tendency to cancel themselves out for the other. This remedy is indicated for those who are hypersensitive to the needs of others, who are docile and compliant. 

Manifestation of inferiority or subjection complexes , all this often leads to the manifestation of cases of asthenia, apathy, chronic fatigue up to anemia.

In Centaury children we find taciturn, resigned characters; they are those who do not create any problems for their parents, the so-called “good children”. 

Centaury is precious for those who want to develop benevolence towards weaknesses and ambitions, from passive to active, express their personality with delicacy and sensitivity, but without being abused by third parties .

Centaury Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I am for myself.
  • I work to take charge of my own life.
  • I deconstruct my weakness to set limits.
  • I learn to set limits without feeling guilty.
  • I help others without losing my dignity.
  • I respect myself by setting limits and I reaffirm myself in my decisions.

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