Mimulus in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Mimulus in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Mimulus ( Mimulus Guttatus )  is a plant native to North America, it comes from the Rocky Mountains, but is also present in northern Europe. The mimol is part of the Scrofulariacee family, it is about 30 cm tall and grows hovering over water courses and streams; it rests on walls and its flowers, which bloom in summer, are large, yellow with small reddish spots. Note the particularity of this plant that when a lot of wind blows the flowers protect themselves by closing and then reopening with the sun.

Mimulus : Properties and benefits

Mimulus was the first plant discovered by Dr. Edward Bach , who defines it as follows: “ … For the fears caused by the things of the world, such as illness, pain, accidents, poverty, darkness, loneliness, misfortune, fears related to everyday life. The people who suffer from it bear their fears in silence and in secret because they do not willingly talk about it with others… ”.

The key word of this flower is ” the fearful and / or the shy “, they are often people who are afraid of certain things , such as fear of dogs, spiders, disease, people, crowds, etc., are fearful , shy and nervous, frightened by things and situations, they have a tendency to be clumsy when they are among others, therefore they lack courage.

The benefits of Mimulus are enormous, in fact it facilitates communication skills , bringing out their remarkable abilities in those characters that are endowed with artistic talent or quality in general; especially the flower fights all fears and brings out the courage to face the obstacles of life, without fear and with more confidence and a sense of de-dramatization.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Concrete fear of known origin, phobias, shyness .

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Courage , managing your emotions, joy.

Mimulus : uses

Mimulus is indicated for people who try in every way to avoid the problem , the fear, the situation that creates them a strong discomfort, also presenting moments of stuttering and sweating.

The Mimulus is recommended for those who suffer from palpitations and panic attacks, asthma and chronic laryngitis, premature ejaculation and impotence for fear of failing. This remedy can be a good help for overly shy and sensitive children, who blush easily and who are always in a corner instead of playing the game, who are afraid of the dark and the outside.

In this case Mimulus is not to be confused with Larch (which is a flower for those who have no self-confidence), even if the two remedies can be administered together since the dysfunctions could be part of the same character, one is for the fear and the other is for lack of confidence. 

It is a flower for those who are fragile and always afraid , who do not dare, who escape, who procrastinate for fear of facing, preferring to avoid.

Mimulus Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I accept (and transcend) my fear and can find the courage to help others.
  • Even though I am afraid …I try, I get going, I open myself to the experience
  • Despite my shyness, with each step I take I nurture my inner courage.
  • I accept my flaws and virtues and work to improve.
  • The world is not looking at me.
  • I am understanding with myself and I give myself opportunities.
  • My inner fears are possible but highly unlikely.

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