Star of Bethlehem in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Star of Bethlehem in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

The Star of Bethlehem  ( Ornithogalum umbellatum  )  is a perennial plant common in Europe, belonging to the Liliaceae family (like onions and garlic); this grows in the meadows and in the grounds, it is a rare ornamental plant, about 15-30 cm high, of which the leaves have a white line that divides them in half and traces them along the entire extension. 

The  green and white stripe Star of Bethelehem flower  blooms in April / May and is characterized by a  regular six-pointed star  (like  David’s ), which allows it to come out into the lawn when it’s sunny and even without water. in the ground. It is also defined as the ” star of golden milk “, it refers to the place of origin of the plant itself and to the Christian legend, according to which these flowers formed the crown around the head of  Jesus .

Star of Bethelehem : properties and benefits

The keyword of Star of Bethelehem is ” trauma “, in homeopathy it could be Arnica Montana , here the person is afflicted by a recent shock, but also an ancient one which still suffers the consequences, in fact the wound of the trauma is bleeding in the soul and in the body, with psychosomatic manifestations and disorders.

Dr. Edward Bach describes these characters as follows: ” … For those who find themselves in a state of great distress due to situations which, in a given period, have caused so much unhappiness: the shock of bad news, the loss of a loved one, the fear of an accident and other similar events. This remedy brings relief to those who refuse the comfort of others… ”.

The people to whom this flower would benefit are often in a state of inner daze and closure in themselves, here Star of Bethelehem brings a great recovery intended as a benefit, therefore softens the soul, the pain of the wound that is still felt, therefore brings subtle but fundamental recovery.

Therefore, Star of Bethlehem dissolves both physical, psychological and emotional blocks, finding oneself and neutralizing the negative effects of a shock already in everyday life by constructively processing situations.

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower):

After-effects of a trauma

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

Resolution , consolation , pain relief and processing (of bereavement, accidents, mistreatment, loss, childbirth, abortion, various shocks, etc.). Dr. Edward Bach defines the qualities of the flower in this way: ” … the consoling remedy, which comforts the soul and soothes and mitigates pain and worry …  “.

Star of Bethlehem : uses

Star of Bethelehem is indicated for those who are in a state of great distress due to situations that, in a given period, have caused so much unhappiness.

This remedy brings relief, unlocks stagnant energies, manages to make emotions flow and face pain without repressing it to those who especially refuse comfort from others. It is a flower suitable for psychosomatic diseases, for an asthma crisis caused by stress , for insomnia , for amenorrhea and hysterical pregnancies, often these subjects also manifest strong ailments such as sore throat due to tension.

Star of Bethlehem  is a precious remedy for those who find themselves in an anesthetized and forced state of mind , for those who are therefore stuck in growing and gaining experience, who however want to detoxify and embark on their path with harmony.

Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I dissolve every blockage and rebuild myself.
  • I detect and heal my traumas.
  • I open myself to the flow of life and I gain the strength to continue.
  • I break free of my blocks and reconnect with flexibility.
  • I find the strength that helps me continue despite the blows of life.

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