Water Violet in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Water Violet in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Water Violet ( Hottonia palustris )  is a plant belonging to the Primulaceae family that blooms in late spring. The water violet belongs to the family the only aquatic , lives in stagnant or slow-flowing waters and is found in northern Italy. This plant appears slender, but upright it can reach 40 cm in height, has five-petaled pink and purple flowers, are spirally arranged, are elegant and the stem has no leaves that are feather-shaped and remain under the water.

Water Violet : properties and benefits

This plant was the tenth to have been discovered by Dr. Edward Bach and his key word is ” the lonely princess “. Water Violet is defined by Dr. Edward Bach thus: “ … For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people, who move around without disturbing, speak little and in a polite way. Very independent, capable and confident in their means. They are almost totally free from the opinions of others. They stand apart, live alone and go their own way. They are often intelligent and gifted. Their tranquility and calm are a blessing for those around them… ”.

This flower attracts aristocratic characters, who stand on their own and are a bit snobbish , even apparently. Often, they are proud and detached people, they appear cold and detached, they prefer to listen rather than speak.

These guys have a form of pride and conceit, mixed with arrogance; there is also an ad hoc posture in them, they do not blush in the midst of people, they stick to etiquette or rigid educations, they feel good about themselves in this haughty way. When all this exceeds, the Water Violet remains isolated , is in solitude and experiences a deep sense of misunderstanding, is therefore unable to show affection and warmth, which in reality are her primary needs.

The transformation that this remedy brings is impressive, it manages to restore humility, and brings to the light a profound wisdom , positivity, introspection, reflection and capacity for growth.

Therefore the Water Violets become reference points for advice, suggestions and help; they regain confidence in themselves, thus being able to glimpse where others do not see. In conclusion, the Water Violets teach us that we can maintain our individuality by maintaining relationships and living the group, this is the highest degree of individuality, that is, being able to live in the community without losing one’s essence, which remains in harmony.

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower):

Highness , pride, a feeling of superiority and reserve, emotional distance.

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

Humility , sharing and wisdom, capacity for open relationships, with affection and warmth.

Water Violet : uses

Water Violet is very useful to proud people, who distance themselves and defend their territory, keep their business to themselves, are reserved and disdain others, would like to live without being disturbed in anonymity, esteem themselves a lot, they know they can do it.

In fact, Water Violets often suffer from eating disorders , hypertension , stomach pain, headaches. These characters are unable to express their feelings even though they are a primary necessity; consequently, a small confrontation with Agrimony can be seen , he too hides the problems and is reluctant to externalize his true feelings, but for other reasons.

In children, these characters are found in cases where they do not want to play and mix with others out of pride.

Water Violet is a precious remedy for those who are loners, who have elitist and exclusivist pride , who have emotional coldness.

Water Violet Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I learn to share with humility and wisdom.
  • I participate and I get involved.
  • I need the world and the world needs me.
  • I open myself to the joy of sharing.

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