Rescue Remedy in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Rescue Remedy in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

The Rescue Remedy ( Emergency Remedy) is a blend of flowers, initially formed by : Rock Rose , Impatiens and Clematis , to which Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem were added .

Rescue Remedy : Properties and benefits

We can consider this “elixir” as the 39th flower, in reality it is a combination of 5 flowers that Dr. Edward Bach developed it in 1934, starting to use it as a means of therapeutic first aid in all emergency conditions, from physical trauma (for example a headache ) to psychic, and also from mourning, to abandonment, to loss. , to the exams to be taken, to post partum.

There are immediate benefits such as calm , serenity , relief , security, rebalancing of inner energies in stressful or particularly demanding situations . In addition, it helps to reduce fear and nervousness .

Rescue Remedy : uses

The Rescue Remedy is indicated in emergency situations, for those who are in shock or injured , or for people who live next to them. It can also be used for plants (when repotting, moving or transplanting, or even when the plant has suffered thermal stress or water shortage) and for animals (when they have suffered a trauma, are afraid, terrified or before surgery).

This precious floral mix for those who suffer from tachycardia and panic attacks (or shortly before or in progress), who have suffered a shock, who suffer from traffic in the car or for those who feel agitated before an important engagement (job interview , exam, meeting, etc.).

Bach Flower List

1. Agrimony 2. Aspen 3. Beech
4. Centaury5. Cerato6. Cherry Plum
7. Chestnut Bud 8. Chicory9. Clematis
10. Crab Apple11. Elm12. Gentian
13. Gorse 14. Heather15. Holly
16. Honeysuckle 17. Hornbeam 18. Impatiens
19. Larch20. Mimulus21. Mustard
22. Oak23. Olive24. Pine
25. Red Chestnut26. Rock Rose27. Rock Water
28. Scleranthus29. Star Of Bethlehem30. Sweet Chestnut
31. Vervain 32. Vine 33. Walnut
34. Water Violet35. White Chestnut36. Wild Oat
37. Wild Rose38. Willow39. Rescue Remedy  

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