Crab Apple in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Crab Apple in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Crab Apple, Bach flower remedy indicated for purification and for those who have an obsession with dirt. When and why to take it.

Crab Apple  ( Malus pupila  or Pyrus Malus / Crabapple) is the ‘ in lbero apple  that inselvatichisce over time, located in the woods and hedges, the maximum height of about 10 cm. Considered a natural antibiotic, it can also be used in the treatment of acne and allergies. Let’s find out better. 

Crab apple : properties and benefits

Crab Apple is the remedy of purification, the psychophysical “cleanser”, its key word is the evil mirror of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, which reflects our image and tells us that you are not the “most beautiful in the Realm!” .

All this means that the Crab Apple character often does not have a good image of himself, always tends to purify himself, wash himself, never manages to accept himself as he is, generally has a low self-esteem and is haunted by a feeling of dirt continues.

It is a person who despairs and discourages, there is always something wrong with her, her body, her mind and soul, in her complete being; he looks at himself, then in the mirror and doesn’t like himself.

The Crab Apple are often uncomfortable with their bodies and they feel no shame, because you do not like (this is different from feeling emotional generating Pine , instead condemns itself to different causes). Therefore, these people focus on the details, without seeing the whole and above all the core of the problem, from which an obsessive-compulsive attitude can also arise .

This flower is also considered as the natural “antibiotic” of Edward Bach’s flower therapy , as it can also be used as a useful remedy in the treatment of acne and , mycoses, warts, skin diseases in general, including allergies and also as an antidote to headaches after abusing food, alcohol (here associating it with Agrimony ).

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Edward Bach defines it as: ” … the remedy of purification. For those who have the feeling of having something dirty in them, a remedy that heals the wounds if the patient believes that there is some poison in the body that needs to be expelled. .. “. Low self-esteem, feeling of imperfection, dirty, shame.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Purity and clarity of thought, beauty, love for oneself, security, full acceptance of oneself.

Crab apple : uses

This flower is suitable for those who always have the feeling of having something dirty in them, often it is something insignificant, apparently, sometimes it is real, but it does not matter, because it will be noticed anyway. They exhibit disgust with food, sex, and eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Crab apple is also used for the care of our animal friends, in particular, in case of tartar and gingivitis in dogs , it helps against infections.

Crab Apple is a precious remedy for people obsessed with dirt, who constantly clean and tidy up, those who are afraid of the contagion of diseases, bacteria and who believe they are not okay with themselves always and in any case.

Crab apple Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I purify myself in body and mind.
  • I accept my dark side and see my light.
  • I accept my physical image and am not ashamed of it.
  • I connect with my pure and clean essence.
  • I get rid of my disgust by taking Crab Apple.

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