Mustard in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Mustard in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Mustard ( Sinapis Arvensis ) is an annual, wild and weed plant, common in Europe. The mustard is part of the cruciferous family and grows on roadsides. It is about 30/60 cm high and along its pods, there are very bright yellow flowers in the shape of an umbrella that bloom in the fields between spring and summer, giving a lot of color. The “mustard sauce” is prepared from its seeds.

Mustard : properties and benefits

Mustard’s key word is the ” black cloud “, which suddenly appears on the person and darkens everything, causing him to sink into a state of acute melancholy, for no known reason. Dr. Edward Bach describes this remedy as follows: ” … For those who are subject to periods of melancholy or even despair, as if a cold and dark cloud cast a dark shadow over them, obscuring the light and the joy of life. . It is not always easy to find a rational explanation for these crises… ”.

They are pessimistic people at times, subject to periods of darkness with a deep state of dejection, which can sometimes lead to despair, in fact a classic example is the person who suddenly throws himself into a corner and bursts into tears.

For these types it is not always easy to find a rational explanation for these moments of black crisis full of sadness, for them there is no solution. Since there is, therefore, a lack of energetic fluidity, Mustard awakens the light that is in us, bringing the serene, harmonious centering, without letting us be misled and freeing us from the wave of cold and darkness that has enveloped our personality.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Deep melancholy, unpredictable and sporadic depression .

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower) :

Inner stability , the joy of living. Dr. Edward Bach states that: ” … Mustard removes sadness and brings back the joy of living … “.

Mustard : uses

Mustard is used for those who carry spiritual suffering in , have severe and severe sudden depressive states with or without triggers. It is a flower for those who are always on the “thread” and who periodically go into crisis.

Mustard characters often suffer a sense of malaise and psychophysical exhaustion, failing to react, in fact there are cases in which these individuals have insomnia , inapectance, sexual disorders such as the total absence of sexual desire, in women menstrual pains , personality disorders of obsessive-compulsive type and mental confusion.

Mustard is invaluable to those who are cyclothymic and humoral, meteoropathic and passive, who would like to find a way to keep their cheerfulness constant.

Mustard Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I leave the darkness of sadness and go towards the light.
  • I welcome my painful and sad days.
  • The dark night of the soul announces the morning sun.
  • After each storm comes calm, peace and sunshine.

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