Larch in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Larch in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Larch ( Larix Decidua ) is  a deciduous tree, exactly a conifer with deciduous leaves, present in Europe above 1000 m in mountain areas and its height reaches about 30 m. The larch has needles that become visible in clumps and that fall in winter, while in spring it blooms with both male and female flowers.

Larch : Properties and benefits

Larch’s key word is ” insecure “, that is a person who has a profound lack of self-confidence , who never dares, who doesn’t believe in himself, who normally doesn’t think he can do it in any situation of the life, so he gives up before trying and feels terribly inferior, often fearing bad figures.

This flower helps those who basically avoid any situation in which they have to get involved and who generally say: “I would like to do this… but I can’t…”. Dr. Edward Bach describes Larch people this way: “ … those who consider themselves inferior to the people around them, and less capable than them. They expect to fail and feel they will never achieve success. So they do not risk or try hard enough to succeed in life … ”.

The benefits that Larch brings are almost magical, in fact, it restores confidence in one’s abilities, creates self-esteem and reactivates the initiative , thus accepting the risks and not caring about them, whether they are positive or negative. Furthermore, this remedy leads to a healthy self-critical spirit, thus acting without any concern for the outcome. Thus, Larch transforms his critical skills which are used wisely and constructively.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

 Not enough self-confidence and self-confidence, an inferiority complex , helplessness.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Audacity , self-esteem and confidence , restoration of initiative. 

Larch : uses

Larch is suitable for those who are excessively worried about their health , who consider themselves incompetent and have depressive attitudes, because they simply believe they are not suitable. A Larch person can also be a Mimulus .

However, the two types should not be confused; they are characteristics in which both fear and lack of trust coexist at the same time.

This flower is particularly suitable for those children who are so sensitive, who are treated by their parents and / or relatives by diminishing or shaming them in front of everyone. The flower can also be used for those who always tend to get sick in order not to face situations.

There are also examples of patients suffering from tachycardia and arrhythmia, caused by self-doubt and here Larch is a cure-all. Finally, there are also cases in which the administration of Larch has helped those who have sexual disorders , doubting their strengths, such as performance anxiety, danger of failure.

Larch is invaluable for those who no longer want to remain anonymous, who feel “… below …” and who have the constant thought of failure .

Larch Bach Flower Affirmation

  • Every step I take on my way is firmer.
  • I accept that I have defects and virtues like everyone else.
  • I stop comparing myself to others and work to improve.

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