Beech in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Beech in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Beech  ( Fagus sylvatica – Beech) belongs to the Fagaceae family, and is a European plant, from which the branches bearing young leaves are collected. 

It blooms in spring, has male and female catkins, and reaches even 20-30 meters in height; it rises above the other plants, with massive and branched foliage, with long drooping branches and large, wavy and alternating leaves. Indicated for people who are intolerant and critical of others, it is useful for nervousness. 

Beech : properties and benefits

The representation of the Beech type is the “shrew” , full of intolerance for anything, person and situation, is uncompromising, rigid , we often find in this typology on a character level forms of exhibitionism , on a physical level rheumatic pains, joint disorders and hemorrhoids .

Beech , the “shrew”, is the person who gets angry about nothing and is also firmly convinced that he is always right, while everyone else is wrong; the attitudes he has by nature are devoid of understanding towards those who have behaviors different from his own, full of superiority .

Such a character risks automatically generating counterproductive irritation and is faced with an all-encompassing intolerance, not to be confused with the impatience due to the frenetic rhythms of those who tend towards Impatiens .

All this clouds the outward vision and makes the subject harsh in expressing opinions, since he uses only his own yardstick and comparison. The benefit that comes from this disharmonious state of mind by taking on the flower of the beech is already asking oneself how one can develop tolerance and accept more easily one’s own imperfections and those of others.

Consequently, the transformation magically appears in one of the most hidden and rare virtues such as tolerance , frequently accompanied by sincere communication, imbued with profound joy and self-acceptance .

  • Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Non-acceptance of the different, intolerance, superiority, hardening.

  • Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Tolerance, open-mindedness, respect for what surrounds me, therefore elasticity to perceive qualities and gifts in every person or circumstance.

From the Gospel according to Luke (23, 24) Jesus on the cross says: “… Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing …” .

As Edward Bach states in the book “The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies” : “… To be more tolerant, more forgiving and to better understand the different ways in which each individual and all things strive to reach their final perfection …”.

Beech : uses

Beech is very useful to people who are constantly critical and intolerant towards the defects of others and who are unable to make permits and concessions, much less openings.

This type can’t stand the habits of others, their addictions (even in the way they dress), the things they do and what they say, believing that everything is stupid.

The Beech type therefore comes to have states of severe nervousness , which often vents on the other, completely lacking in self-analysis.

Beech is a precious remedy for those who, as Edward Bach writes: “… feel the need to see more goodness and beauty in everything around them and although many things may appear wrong, they are able to grasp what is good around them. … ” , Those who are unable to put themselves in the“ shoes ”of the other , develop empathy; in other words, this horticultural remedy is indicated for those who are hypercritical and intolerant towards the whole world, the work and / or the expression of being of others.

Beech Bach Flower Affirmation

  • I connect with my adaptability and tolerance.
  • I see and accept the lights and shadows of the human condition.
  • I live with my imperfections and those of others.
  • I feed the virtue without denying the defect.

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