Cherry Plum in Bach flower therapy : properties, benefits, uses

Cherry Plum in Bach flower therapy

properties, benefits, uses

Cherry Plum ( Prunus cerasifera / Mirabolano)belongs to the Rosaceae family, it is a modest tree, common in Europe, although it is native to Asia. It does not exceed 6 m in height, the leaves are oval, it grows in gardens or fields, the flowers are simple, clear, fragile, almost white pink and has a fruit calleddrupe. 

Indicated for those who are afraid of letting go , it is also useful in cases of depression and personality disorders.

Cherry Plum : Properties and benefits

Edward Bach discovered the properties of Cherry Plum in the spring of 1935. Affected by sinusitis , he was in a state of mind with the feeling of losing his mind, so he obtained the mother tincture and took several drops; he immediately had the sensation of being more present to himself. In fact, Cherry Plum’s key word is: “ Fear of losing control over one’s actions , of going crazy”.

The Cherry Plum  type can often experience the threshold of madness, of nervous exhaustion, a deep despair; he can often appear introverted, calm and controlled, but inside himself something big is bubbling, just like the flowers of this plant that bloom out of season, going crazy, without any self-control. 

Cherry Plum is particularly suitable for those who are afraid of letting go of their impulsiveness and are not very clear about what is happening to them.

Consequently, the balancing effects that Cherry Plum brings are linked to calming and dominating one’s unconscious, one’s inner impulses, therefore oneself, chasing away negative thoughts and reconciling oneself in harmony with the external world, finding calm and control, to the aim to integrate our masculine and feminine, that is, the shadow with the light within us.

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower) : Edward Bach writes: ” Fear of having the mind overloaded, of losing reason, of doing scary and terrible things that you do not want to do because you know that they are wrong, but that despite everything comes to mind and one has the impulse to do “. Hence, fear of losing control while overworked. 

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower): self-control, lucidity.

Cherry Plum : uses

The typology of this flower is par excellence the shadow that we all have and that comes out suddenly; using it helps to combat those moments in which one feels on the verge of an inner explosion and is afraid of performing rash gestures, uncontrolled impulses and terrifying acts, which are felt as wrong, but which are driven by a strong unconscious input to perform them.

Cherry Plum is an indicated remedy that can be used as Edward Bach also suggests , under medical supervision, for people who manifest serious urges, suicidal instincts and personality disorders.

Cherry Plum is precious for those who want to develop greater clarity in the face of their impulses, control them, endure “mental storms” and be more aware of their tendency to give in to depression.

Cherry Plum Bach Flower Affirmation

  • Despite the situation, I find the energy to stay focused.
  • I manage to balance my emotions with my thoughts.
  • Before I explode I count to ten to get my control.
  • When I am aware of my lack of control, I seek my balance.

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