Bach flowers for Children

Bach flowers for Children

Childhood is a special stage in our life, because it is in the first years of life that the foundation of all future life is laid. Many physical illnesses at this age are closely related to the emotional state of the child, for example, abdominal pain before going to school, enuresis (urinary incontinence at night) after the birth of a younger brother or sister, etc.

Until the age of seven, children are especially emotional, they want to feel good, therefore correctly and accurately selected Bach flowers act very quickly and balance the emotional state of children.

In the first years of life, as well as in later life, Bach flower therapy is used to neutralize negative emotional states (jealousy, fear, indecision, etc.) and to treat acute or prolonged illnesses (for example, asthma, allergies, etc.) .). 

Bach flower remedies are safe, non-medicinal and very mild. It is a healing power of nature that helps to restore inner peace, a feeling of happiness and good health. Happy child is healthy!

It has been observed that Bach flower therapy for children is most effective and gives faster results if the parents (one or both) are involved in the therapy, especially if the difficulties that you will use Bach flower therapy to overcome are protracted.

Bach Flower Therapy helps children, for example, in the following cases:

  • to prevent sleep disturbances,
  • to overcome fears,
  • in cases of indigestion (for infants – with colic),
  • from headaches,
  • to strengthen the immune system,
  • in case of eczema, allergies, bronchial asthma, neurodermatitis, enuresis,
  • to facilitate teething,
  • to reduce aggressiveness,
  • to get rid of ticks, stuttering,
  • to overcome learning difficulties
  • and in other cases.

Rescue Remedy

rescue remedy is the first assistant in any situation!

An indispensable helper for every day is the  Rescue Remedy  : whether it be a wasp bite or an unexpected fall, a strong fright (for example, a stranger’s dog was scared) or an unusual situation (for example, flight) – this Bach color combination for a short period of time takes care of the emotional balance of the little little man, mutes pain and mobilizes the body’s ability to heal itself. 

There is only one “recipe”: Take the Rescue Remedy Formula internally (the more acute the situation, the more often), if necessary, the  Rescue Remedy Cream is recommended externally . Keep these funds in your home medicine cabinet, purse, car.

When applying Bach flower therapy to children, it is recommended to take into account the following aspects:

Using Bach Flower Therapy for Babies:

Babies are so closely connected with their mother that they are often helped by the fact that only the mother accepts Bach flowers, and the baby receives them with mother’s milk. Always keep the 

Five Color Formula close at hand (it is advisable to choose Bach flowers in the form of granules that do not contain alcohol) – she will provide first aid in any situation full of excitement. If there were complications during childbirth, the baby can also accept Bach flowers. 

You can rub them (diluted) into the skin in the solar plexus area or moisten the baby’s lips. In case of colic, we advise the mother to take the Five Colors Formula, in turn, add this Bach color combination to the bathing water or the Five Colors Cream to massage the tummy in circular movements clockwise, starting from the navel and moving outward. 

When teething well helps Walnut ( Walnut ), which is recommended to be combined with Formula Five colors(to reduce pain and discomfort). 

To make it easier and more harmonious finish breastfeeding, both mother and child to recommend the following combination:

  • Walnut
  • Chicory
  • Red Chestnut,
  • honeysuckle

Choosing Bach Flower for your child

It is possible to choose Bach flowers successfully by observing the child’s behavior, as well as the situation in which he is, and the events that took place at a time when difficulties arose. 

Although at first it may seem difficult to choose Bach flowers for a child, observation skills can be developed, experience will also help each time to better and more accurately choose from 38 Bach flower remedies. 

When choosing Bach flowers for children, you can also use the intuitive method of choosing Bach flowers, because it is believed that children under 7 have very strong intuition. However, be careful! 

The smaller the child, the higher the likelihood that he will choose those Bach flowers that are necessary for the one who cares for him (mother), or the whole family, and not for himself. Therefore, when choosing Bach flowers by intuitive methods (for example, choosing Bach flowers, looking at pictures of plants), read the descriptions of these products and ask yourself which family member would suit the selected Bach flowers. 

It is also helpful to know that children are a reflection of the microclimate in the family. 

For the therapy to be more successful, Bach flowers are recommended to be taken not only by the child, but also by one of the family members or even the whole family. Sometimes a “family mixture” is prepared and accepted by the whole family.

Explain to the child, according to his age, that Bach flowers will help him acquire – a sweet dream, greater self-confidence, become more attentive, etc. Involve the child, as much as possible, in the process of choosing and using Bach flowers. So he will learn from childhood to take care of his good emotional well-being.

How to use Bach Flower Therapy for Children?

A child needs to take Bach flowers in the same way as an adult. 

To achieve the result, it is essential to take more often, and not more. Children are well aware of how often and whether they need Bach flowers, so trust them. 

If your child refuses to take flower remedies, do not force him to do it, take it more as a call to you, as a parent, to take part in therapy and work with yourself.

Effect of Bach Flower Therapy on Children

Carefully and precisely selected Bach flower remedies act quickly. Experts have found that in children, the first positive changes are observed within 24 hours. If the desired changes are not achieved within three weeks (about this time, there is enough mixture prepared in a 30 ml bottle), this means that

  • 1) Bach flowers were not chosen in accordance with the child’s emotional state,
  • 2) these are not problems of the child, the child is only reflects them,
  • 3) it is desirable to take part in therapy for one or, at best, both parents. 

You can always use the opportunity to contact a specialist – a person with extensive experience (read more about individual consultations here).

Although an individual Bach flower mixture is prepared taking into account the individual emotional state of each person, in certain situations it is often possible to guess in advance which flowers may be needed. 

Bach Flower for kids who don’t sleep well at night

  • Aspen  – helps to overcome fears that cannot be explained (a child, waking up at night, is not here and now; it is felt that the child is afraid of something, but he does not say what caused his fears; children can talk about ghosts, green little men and other fictional images. In such cases, the parents may feel that the child may be afraid of something.),
  • Chicory  – helps to overcome the desire to always be close to their parents (eg, the child fell asleep, he wants to keep mum by the hand next to the parents want to sleep)
  • Mimulus – helps to overcome the fear of sleeping alone, the fear of the dark (the night light must be turned on in the child’s room; the child (if he is already talking) can say that he is scared),
  • Rock Rose – helps to overcome the fear after a bad dream (a child, waking up at night, screams hysterically, scared, panic is felt),
  • Vervain – helps soothe an active mind and body (when the children were very active at night and can not calm down, for example, after the holiday, when the children were too many impressions during the day)
  • Agrimony – helps to overcome the inner restlessness (during the day the child is calm, smiling and happy, and a restless night, often crying in his sleep)
  • Walnut – will not be influenced by ambient (eg noise).

Bach Flower to get a good start at kindergarten / school:

  • Walnut – helps to successfully start a new life stage,
  • Honeysuckle – mutes the homesickness,
  • Gentian – helps to form a positive attitude towards strangers and gain confidence in the fact that the new place will be all right,
  • Mimulus – helps to overcome the fear of something new,
  • Larch – strengthens confidence in their strengths and abilities (often children compare themselves with others, believing that they are not so good and capable),
  • Holly and / or Cherry Plum – help to overcome anger and aggression that occur when returning home from kindergarten,
  • Star of Bethlehem – will help if something unpleasant and shocking has been experienced in a new place (for example, in kindergarten, parents suddenly disappeared and left the child alone),
  • Chicory  – helps if the child is as if stuck to the mother, we say “mama’s baby.”
  • In the first weeks, you can give your child the Rescue remedy  (for example, by adding a few drops of essence to a bottle of water and giving a drink when the child needs it).

Bach Flower for the first-born, when a sibling is born

  • Walnut – helps to successfully adapt to the new family system,
  • Holly – helps to overcome jealousy, anger and aggression,
  • Chicory  – helps to overcome the need for 100% attention and desire to be considered the property of their parents,
  • Agrimony  – gives inner peace and helps to overcome the inner restlessness (the child during the day seems to be joyful and happy, but at night, restless sleep, and often crying)
  • Beech – helps to take and of accepting the new situation (usually children then nothing is good)
  • Cherry Plum – helps to overcome the uncontrolled emotional outbursts and inner mental stress,
  • Larch  – strengthens the self-confidence, “I’m no worse than a brother / sister!”
  • Star of Bethlehem – helps to “heal” the wound the soul, if the fall with the “throne” was too painful.

Bach Flower Children in divorced families

  • Beech – helps to take the new situation, to see the good in it,
  • Holly – helps to overcome anger and aggression,
  • Larch – heals wounded self-awareness,
  • Mimulus – from fear of losing mother or father,
  • Pine  – helps to overcome the unjustified feelings of guilt that can appear when a child believes himself to be the reason for a divorce,
  • Star of Bethlehem – helps to “heal” a mental wound if the child experienced a divorce as an unexpected shock, and it was traumatic,
  • Walnut – helps to successfully adapt to the new situation.

Bach Flower List

1. Agrimony 2. Aspen 3. Beech
4. Centaury5. Cerato6. Cherry Plum
7. Chestnut Bud 8. Chicory9. Clematis
10. Crab Apple11. Elm12. Gentian
13. Gorse 14. Heather15. Holly
16. Honeysuckle 17. Hornbeam 18. Impatiens
19. Larch20. Mimulus21. Mustard
22. Oak23. Olive24. Pine
25. Red Chestnut26. Rock Rose27. Rock Water
28. Scleranthus29. Star Of Bethlehem30. Sweet Chestnut
31. Vervain 32. Vine 33. Walnut
34. Water Violet35. White Chestnut36. Wild Oat
37. Wild Rose38. Willow39. Rescue Remedy  

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